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I ran down the deserted street, screaming, as Jasper chased me. Water gun in hand, I prepared myself for the onslaught of his jet stream of "professional watered down kick ass, darlin'". Although I could never get it right, the southern accent haunted me.

As expected, Jasper caught me. Pulled me tight to him, pressed the barrel of the plastic gun against my temple, and spoke in his deep, husky voice. "Now, darlin'. Are you goin' to give Jazzy your gun..? Or.. Shall we do this the hard way?" I'm not so sure that I imagined the way he ground his hips against my lower back at the mention of the word 'hard'.

"Jazzy..." I turned in his arms and gave him my best puppy dog look, one which could, apparently, never be resisted. "I'll give you my gun, if..." I trailed off, while running a hand down my side. I honestly don't know what came over me. Perhaps it was that 'bitch in heat' thing. Or maybe it's just the fact that since my play toy, Edward, has been away I haven't had a good lay. Whatever the reason, Jasper Whitlock was turning me on to no end. I mean, he's sexy and all, and yeah, I have it for him, but never like this. I've never thrown myself at him.

Jasper groaned at my words, while picking his jaw up off the floor. Other than my slutting around with Edward behind every one's back, I was pretty innocent. However, I'm assuming that Jasper quickly heard, and saw, how innocent I wasn't at the moment; clad in only a pair of tight shorts and a white tank top, which was see through from the water.

I acted quickly, as Jasper was still partly in shock from my previous comments, rubbing myself on him like some sort of cheap hooker."Fuck, Bella." I didn't want to think of my best friend as an easy lay, but it's true. I was desperate. He liked me. The thing was, with Jasper, this could go further. Maybe even a relationship. Do I want that? Have I ever-

I was cut out of my thoughts when I felt Jasper's warm hands run down my back, then over my stomach. I moaned, and arched myself into him, pushing my barely covered breasts up to him even further. It was when Jasper bent down to bite my neck that I remember we were in the middle of the road... And should go somewhere more private.

"Jasper." My voice was hoarse and low, as I spoke with Jasper's mouth roaming my neck and chest. "Jazz. Not here." He took my hint and grabbed my hands. His mischievous grin appeared, before slinging me onto his back. Even in the most sexual, sensual moments, Jasper could be such a child.

Arriving in my front porch, Jasper dropped me from my perch on his back, and took my face between his hands. "Bella? Are you sure?" I could barely register my head slowly nodding in agreement. With that, Jasper bent down and kissed me aggressively. His lips molded with mine, not at all cautious like Edward was sometimes. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tip toes to get better access. Jasper's tongue sweep across my bottom lip and I eagerly opened my mouth. There wasn't much fight for dominance, I let him take over my mouth, running over the roof of my mouth and my teeth. For once I wasn't being dominate.

I grabbed a handful of Jasper's blond, curly hair, while searching for my house key in my shorts pocket. After minutes of struggling with the deadbolt, I pushed open the door, removing clothing along the way. Jasper gave a small kick of his leg, slamming the door shut; leaving us to ourselves.

It really didn't matter about where we had sex, as long as there was sex involved; to me. Jasper, on the other hand, has this old fashioned mind set of 'sex in the bed'. Maybe after getting him comfortable with me and my house, he'll be more adventurous. Whoa, where's all this coming from? Who says there'll be more than this?!

I groaned at the pessimistic thoughts running through my head, trying instead to concentrate on this sexy, southern cowboy attached to my mouth. We slowly, but surely, made it up the stairs and into my bedroom; being a klutz in general doesn't help when you're horny as hell and making out with a guy. I ripped off Jasper's wife beater, marvelling at the tanned expanse of man in front of me. Jasper's been my best friend since... since forever. Yet, I'm only seeing him as the fucking sexy ass piece of man he is now.

Proceeding in the removal of clothes, I pulled off my tank top, revealing my light yellow scrap of lace surrounding my chest, earning a look of approval from Jasper. We were so caught up in the moment, in our bodies, I never once though twice about using him, and he never thought about being used. Because it was inevitable. I would sleep with him, get what I wanted, and move on. Or back to Edward. Hey, now! Don't blame me for being a selfless bitch.

After colliding with each other and landing in the center of my soft bed, Jasper looked down at me with something else besides lust. Was it... longing? Or... love? I hope to god he didn't love me. That would only complicate things. Speaking of complicated; I'd never in my life found a pair of shorts harder to get off of a man then Jasper's. After struggling with the button, Jasper grabbed my hands and sighed. "Bella, you seem nervous. That's not you."

It wasn't. But I needed this... Release.

My hooded eyes flickered to his, and then to the button that kept on stubbornly catching on the waist of his shorts. Jasper's skilled hands popped the button, freeing himself for me. After the appreciative smile I gave him, he laid back down and let me carry on my journey to the bulge between his legs. I yanked on the silky boxers that now contained him, greeting a springing Jasper Junior with a smile.

"Jazz-" I looked up and down Jasper's now naked form and got choked up. He was pure. Jasper was the kindest person I'd ever known... I pushed those thoughts aside, I could feel bad for all this later. I kissed right below his belly button, hearing his shaky breath dragging in and out of his lungs. Kissing a line up his stomach and chest, I reached his face and planted my lips to his. Jasper grasped my hips, seeking purchase on the waistband of my shorts. As we got more into the kiss, Jasper slid my shorts down my long legs, leaving them at my ankles for me to kick off. I felt his cock rub against the soft lace of my panties, reminding me that I still had on a little clothing.

As if he could read my mind, Jasper ran his hand from my neck to my bra, effectively slipping the catch and releasing my breasts from their lace prison. Jasper backed his face away from mine for just a second to get a small glimpse of my chest, sighing my name and returning his attention to my mouth. The friction between my legs was driving me crazy, leading me to break the kiss and slide down Jasper's body.

I giggled when I saw Jasper's cock twitch slightly as I sat upright on his thighs. Running the tips of my fingers along the head, Jasper's well endowed dick twitched some more, and he groaned. I liked the sounds coming out of Jasper; it was a side I never saw of him. He's usually the dominant, tough one. I grasped the full length of him and began jerking my hand up and down, slowly. Jasper squirmed in under me, and moaned loudly. "Bella, please. Just... Just stop the torture." And he sounded so cute when he begged.

Wanting my own pleasure, I stood up off the bed and pulled down my yellow panties. I remained standing, running a finger over my very sensitive clit. Jasper sat, wide-eyed, leaning against the headboard. I continued running my fingers along my slit, not quite entering myself for now. I took some pleasure in watching Jasper watch me.

Jasper took a hold of his cock and began to rub the head. Not wanting to have to do this myself, I snaked up the bed and straddled Jasper's stomach. "Fuck me."

Jasper growled, holding onto my hips. He looked up into my face, asking permission. He must have gotten what he needed, because he lifted me up slowly, and, with me guiding his cock, slid me down over him. He stretched me, like no one ever had. Filled me, even. I almost cried at what I'd been missing for all these years. After a minute or two for me to adjust to his size, Jasper proceeded to lift my body and drop me, continuously. He was panting in a matter of a minutes, mostly from the lifting, I'd guess.

Jasper dropped his arms to his sides for a second, and I took my chance. I began to rock my hips forward, causing the most delicious friction between my clit and him. The new angle at which Jasper was penetrating me must have been something, because Jasper groaned even louder and growled even more. I rode him furiously, bouncing up and down on his cock, probing blood vessels to burst, probably earning some bruising on my thighs and pelvic area.

My stomach coiled and tightened, as I felt Jasper swell and bulge inside me. With one hand on my breast and the other reaching down to rub my clit, Jasper brought me to one of the most amazing orgasms I'd ever had. I rode out my waves of ecstasy, as my pussy clenching sent Jasper over the edge. I milked him until we were both spent, and I collapsed on his chest.

I don't know how long we lid there, in a tight embrace, but it was nice. Nice to have someone there after the sex.

My phone rang off in the distance, startling both me and Jasper. I slowly got up out of Jasper's arms and off the bed. I walked down the stairs to grab my phone that had been cast off from our earlier activities. Looking at the caller ID, I got excited all over again. It was Edward.

"Hey baby" I answered sweetly.

"Bella, babe. I'm coming home-" I cut him off with a squeal, causing Jasper to come running down the stairs.

At that, I heard the doorbell ring. Realizing my state of undress, I pulled a long t-shirt out of the nearest laundry basket, thinking that it couldn't be anyone important, and I could just send them off.

Approaching the door, I didn't bother to look out the peephole, I unlocked the deadbolt and opened it slowly. There stood Edward, in all his business-like glory. Mouth gaping open, I almost shut the door on him again. Jasper whispered a "who is it?", to which I just looked at the man in my doorway. Edward had long ago noticed Jasper standing there naked. However, he didn't get mad.

Maybe even more strangely; a crooked, curious, mischievous grin graced his beautiful face...

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