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Strawberry Guardian: Part Three/The End

Ichigo stirred in the arms that were wrapped around him and groaned a little at the soreness he felt all over. Kenpachi was still lying behind him without an inch in between them. Ichigo groaned and was about to wiggle away when he noticed something. His chest was… flat. He blinked and stared down at his muscular pecs and then slowly lifted the blanket to check his dick. It was there.

"THANK GOD!!!" Ichigo yelled and leaped out of bed to do his happy dance. Unfortunately for Ichigo, Kenpachi had been awake for awhile now and his happy dance consisted of a lot of booty-shaking that made the captain salivate.

"Ichigo…" Kenpachi growled, and that was all the warning Ichigo got before Kenpachi yanked him back down onto the bed to ravish his mouth. Conveniently, they were both still naked. Conveniently, Kenpachi was already hard enough to pound nails. Conveniently, Ichigo's body decided that it likes rough treatment. Inconveniently, Ichigo disagreed.

"I think I like you like this better," Kenpachi said as he palmed Ichigo's cock and sucked on his neck. "I don't have to be as careful with you and I know where to touch to make you feel good." Ichigo threw his head back with a gasp when Kenpachi began to pump his erection.

"Oh, God, Kenpachi!" Ichigo cried out and for some reason his heart began to beat a little faster with the knowledge that Kenpachi liked him as a male as well. Did that mean his gender wasn't what attracted Kenpachi to him?

"Be as loud as you want," Kenpachi growled as he jerked Ichigo off. "My rooms are sound proof and no one would dare bother me when I'm sleeping."

Ichigo panted and reached up to grab the sheets above his head, clenching them tightly as his pleasure grew. "No, stop!" Ichigo whimpered and tried to clamp his legs together. "I'm gonna come!"

"Heh, we can't have that," Kenpachi said and pulled away to eye the pretty picture Ichigo made. Although he liked the way Ichigo's full breasts had felt in his hand and his mouth (not to mention around his cock), he liked Ichigo's firm pecs and the angular muscles of his stomach that stood out more.

Since they were both undressed already, Kenpachi went straight for the lube he had ended up not using the night before when taking Ichigo up the ass. He wondered briefly if Ichigo was sore, but dismissed that in favor of getting his fingers wet.

Ichigo trembled as he parted his legs, feeling wanton and slutty for his strong desire. Kenpachi pushed two fingers inside of him and he cried out loudly, thankful for the soundproof room although his fluctuating reiatsu was probably confusing some of the shinigami. He was slightly achy from being taken for the first time last night, but the lube covering Kenpachi's fingers helped ease the penetration greatly.

"I could never get tired of fucking you," Kenpachi said as he practically salivated at the image Ichigo made, spread out on the bed before him and moving against his fingers. "I'm going to keep you here or go back to the human world with you; I won't ever let you go."

"Kenpachi- ungh," Ichigo grunted as his prostate that Kenpachi promised to introduce him to was rubbed against. "That's impossible! You have your captain duties here and I need to go back for my family…" His voice was strained as he said this and Kenpachi didn't slow his preparation despite the serious look on his face.

"You didn't say anything about not wanting me," Kenpachi said in a low tone and leaned over Ichigo, bracing his forearm beside his head. "We can figure out away, so don't give me some chicken-shit excuses."

"I'm not giving you excuses!" Ichigo said in exasperation and twitched when Kenpachi added a third finger. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," he chanted and pushed back against the fingers. "Please just fuck me already, Kenpachi!"

"Heh," Kenpachi chuckled as he slipped his fingers out and left Ichigo gasping. "You were fucking made for my cock to be buried inside of you."

"Kenpachi!" Ichigo exclaimed in shock and embarrassment. "You- you can't just say stuff like that!"

"Can't I?" Kenpachi raised an eyebrow and lifted one Ichigo's legs up to settle in the crook of his elbow. He guided the head of his cock to Ichigo's pink little hole and leaned down even further to brush his nose against Ichigo's hair. "It's the truth." He pressed his hips forward and Ichigo had to bite his lip to keep himself from crying out. It was so intense, not to mention painful despite his pleasure and need.

"You're going to make your lip bleed," Kenpachi said huskily and rubbed his thumb over Ichigo's lip with fire burning in his golden eyes. Ichigo swallowed at the passionate look and threw his head back in shock when Kenpachi rammed into him the rest of the way.

"Ah-a!" Ichigo wailed and dug his nails into Kenpachi's chest while his body tried to frantically adjust to the abrupt and hurtful intrusion. "Fu-fuck!"

"That's what we're doing," Kenpachi said and Ichigo was a little smug to hear the lilt in his voice. "Come on, Ichi, loosen up for me before I lose it and injure this sweet little ass of yours."

"I'm trying!" Ichigo said in exasperation and shifted around, wincing in discomfort as it jarred his ass. "It's kind of hard to do when you push into me so roughly! Give me time to adjust next time, asshole."

"Sure, whatever," Kenpachi said a little breathlessly and Ichigo knew that his words probably didn't even register in Kenpachi's mind… or he thought they didn't until Kenpachi blinked and backtracked. "But I'll hold you to that."

"Hold me to what?" Ichigo said and inhaled sharply as Kenpachi pulled out of him, albeit slowly.

"Next time," Kenpachi flicked his tongue against Ichigo's ear as Ichigo turned red at what he just said while at the same time Kenpachi pushed back into him.

"Wh-fuck!!!" Ichigo turned his head to the side and bite into the pillow as Kenpachi slid in and out of Ichigo violently with their skin slapping together loudly.

"Let me hear you," Kenpachi said with a grunt as Ichigo clamped down on him. He reached down and turned Ichigo's head to the side and then kissed his lips. He devoured his mouth and nipping lightly at him as well as exploring with his tongue. Ichigo moaned and wrapped his arms around Kenpachi's neck to pull their bodies closer together. Kenpachi kissed him deeply and pressed his other leg up, too, in order to sink even deeper inside of him.

"Tell me you love me," Kenpachi said when they broke apart and he stared down at Ichigo. Ichigo squirmed underneath him and moaned as he tried to comprehend Kenpachi's words.

"Wh-what?" He asked and gasped as Kenpachi thrust hard against his prostate.

"Tell me you love me and don't make it a lie," Kenpachi said again and narrowed his eyes when Ichigo gaped at him without doing as he asked immediately. "Tell me!!!" He shoved Ichigo's legs up to his chest and began to slam into him, pulling out completely and shoving back in with enough force to make the bed creak in warning. Ichigo wailed in response and scratched Kenpachi's back at the pain/pleasure.

His reiatsu began to rise steadily and he couldn't control it. It burst out from underneath his skin and flared with energy as his desire sky-rocketed. Kenpachi's own reiatsu enveloped his and for a second it felt like he was suffocating before they intertwined and a new sense of pleasure was awaked within him.

"Ha! Ha!" Ichigo panted a little bit frantically, almost on the side of hyperventilation while he dug his nails deeper into Kenpachi's back. "Kenpachi, I can't take it anymore!" He yelled and arched his back to encourage his lover even more. "Please let me come!"

"Tell me how you feel about me," Kenpachi demanded and his thrusts became erratic as he neared his climax.

"I-I," Ichigo stuttered and turned red. "I l-love you!"

It felt like Kenpachi's reiatsu burst into a thousand different colors and pleasurable emotions as he showered Ichigo's face with kisses and pumped his cock.

"Fuck, I love you Ichigo," Kenpachi growled huskily and nuzzled his neck before pressing the same butterfly kisses along his throat as well. "I love you so fucking much."

"Ungh…" Ichigo groaned and lost his ability to form coherent words as pleasure shook him. His hips jerked upwards and he came in between them, somehow managing to scream Kenpachi's name despite his melted brain cells.

Kenpachi grunted as Ichigo clamped down on him and managed a few more thrusts before he shot his come inside of Ichigo, filling him up and claiming him as his own. His teeth found Ichigo's neck and he bit down sharply to make a mark that everyone would see. Ichigo gasped at pain the now familiar feeling of stickiness inside of him. He tightened his hold around Kenpachi while his body came down slowly from its high.

The shinigami captain didn't roll off of his lover immediately. He stayed on top of him and merely let his legs down when Ichigo complained about the soreness. He stroked Ichigo's orange hair and lapped at the wound he made on Ichigo's throat while admiring the way blood filled the indents he left.

"I'm not going to sleep with someone else, you know," Ichigo said sleepily and nuzzled Kenpachi's cheek. "You don't have to mark me."

"I know, but others don't." Renji, to be specific. That weakling would jump at the chance to screw Ichigo and Kenpachi wanted to keep him from doing so when Kenpachi wasn't around to kick his ass.

"Are you saying that I can't defend myself? Or that you don't trust me not to just fuck anybody who wants me?" Ichigo asked, feeling slightly annoyed now and disappointed that his euphoria didn't last long.

"No," Kenpachi said reluctantly. "I just want to…brag that you're mine." He said somewhat honestly. "I want to prove to everyone that you're my partner and I'm yours."

"Partner?" Ichigo asked, relaxing and feeling better again. "Is that what you would call us?"

"Sure, what else?" Kenpachi rolled both of them over so they were on their side and Kenpachi was still inside of Ichigo. Ichigo winced slightly, but didn't say anything or make a move to change their position.

"I like partner," Ichigo said after a moment of thought. "It sounds better than 'boyfriend'."

"I'll be whatever you want me to be," Kenpachi said in a tone that made Ichigo look up at him and search his eyes.

Whatever he saw made him smile- a rare treat that made Kenpachi feel funny inside.

"I love you," Ichigo mumbled, still feeling self-conscious when he said it. "I'm not lying."

"Good," Kenpachi said gruffly. "I love you, too. Ever since we first met and we ended up in a draw… You pierced me with your sword and took my heart with you when you left."

Ichigo stared at Kenpachi with his mouth slightly open, wondering how Kenpachi could say that so confidently.

"Kenpachi…" Ichigo trailed off, but he never got to finish what he was going to say because the door burst open. Both of them were startled as Rukia stomped into the room to glare at the both of them. "Rukia!" Ichigo cried out in surprised, then yelped in discomfort when Kenpachi suddenly pulled out of him.

"What the fuck, Ichigo!?" Rukia said, glaring at the two. "Why the hell are you sleeping with Kenpachi!?"

"Oh, th-that," Ichigo stuttered and tried to hide his naked body with his hands. Kenpachi snorted and threw the sheet around both of them, pulling Ichigo into his lap so they were both covered.

Rukia continued to shoot daggers at them with her hands on her hips so Ichigo uncertainly continued.

"We're lovers now," Ichigo said, feeling anxious about Rukia hating him for this. "It happened when…"

"Mayuri turned you into a girl. Yeah, Renji told me," Rukia frowned. "I'd get why you might want to try out sex with a different gender, but why did you do it with captain Zaraki of all people, and when you were a male again, as well!?"

"Do you have something against gays?" Ichigo asked, trying not to feel hurt.

"No, of course not," Rukia said stiffly. "I've known that Renji's gay for decades and never had a problem with it."

Ichigo felt a little relieved, but confused. "Then why…"

"Because you fucked Zaraki! Or rather, let him fuck you. Why the hell would you do that when it is so obvious Renji has actual feelings for you? Unlike that barbarian!"

"Renji has feelings for me?" Ichigo asked in surprise and Kenpachi growled in response, tightening his hold on Ichigo. "Fuck, I didn't know… I'm sorry Rukia, but I don't like Renji that way."

Rukia gave Ichigo an incredulous look and Ichigo winced at the malice in it. "But you have feelings for him?" She spat and Ichigo flinched.

"Yes, I do," Ichigo said, this time with assertion burning in his eyes. "I love him and I could never love Renji."

She looked surprised at Ichigo's confession and for a moment she just gaped at him before turning around abruptly. She paused at the door and threw one last thing over her shoulder. "You better hope that what you're feeling is love and not just lust because you've just broken my best friend's heart… something that I don't know if I can forgive."

She shut the door quietly behind her, a parody of her entrance and left Ichigo to his pain. "Wh-why?" Ichigo said, not quite crying by feeling hurt and betrayed by Rukia's reaction. He and Rukia had a bond and he thought of her as family.

"Sh, don't worry about her," Kenpachi said in a rough tone and pressed a kiss to Ichigo's head. "She doesn't know what she's talking about."

"You don't think Renji likes me?"

Kenpachi hesitated before deciding to answer truthfully. "No, he does like you. I meant what she said about our feelings for each other. It's not just lust."

"You say that so confidently," Ichigo muttered and turned in Kenpachi's arms so he was facing him and straddling his lap. "I know in my gut that what I feel for you is not just lust, but how can you be so certain?"

"I don't need to be certain, I just know," Kenpachi muttered and tilted Ichigo's chin up kiss him languidly. Ichigo sighed into the kiss and returned it softly. Both of their cocks hardened once more and this time they kept the position they were in and Ichigo rode Kenpachi's thick organ like that.

It was a different sensation and by the end of it he had a gleam of sweat covering him. It was worth it though and he made a mental note to do it again sometime. Which they did, a lot. Usually their spars turned into a wrestling match which turned into sex.

Kenpachi seemed to like it when Ichigo got rough and fought for the top, sometimes leaving Ichigo tying Kenpachi's hands above his head and straddling his waist to control their pace. Most of the time Kenpachi ended up breaking the bonds and screwing Ichigo into the mattress, but Ichigo liked the brief amount of control he had. He liked it even more when Kenpachi didn't hold back and fucked him hard enough to make the bed scream in protest (as well as him too, sometimes).

Things were awkward with Renji and Rukia. Renji was clearly upset that Ichigo and Kenpachi had "hooked up" and avoided Ichigo completely. Rukia didn't talk to him for awhile until Ichigo and the shinigami captain had dated for almost a year. Only then did she accept their relationship and convinced Renji to become friends with Ichigo again.

Yamamoto decided to "allow" their relationship to continue, most likely because Kenpachi was more interested in seeing Ichigo than causing a lot of fights (although he still did that). With the help of Urahara and some of the shinigami who wanted to keep Kenpachi happy, they made a gate from the eleventh division directly outside of Ichigo's house.

Usually all travel between the gates had to be logged and every time it was used it notified Yamamoto, however they were allowed an exception once again. A happy Kenpachi obsessed with just Ichigo was a lot easier to deal with than a grumpy Kenpachi looking to slice something up.

Their relationships still had their ups and downs. There was one time when Ichigo was angry Kenpachi that for an entire month once and wouldn't have sex with him. It happened when Ichigo heard that Renji got really drunk and approached captain Kenpachi, demanding that he give Ichigo to him and that Kenpachi didn't deserve his "tight ass." Needless to say, Renji ended up in the fourth division and Ichigo refused to even see Kenpachi until he was better again.

It was the worst month of the entire population of Seireitei's life. Rukia ended up dragging Ichigo into Seireitei and proving Renji was healed again. Then she sat him down for a heart-to-heart chat over tea. Ichigo wasn't even the least bit suspicious his tea was drugged until he started feeling light headed and Rukia grinned mischievously.

She dragged him to Kenpachi's room and threw him at the captain before promptly leaving. Kenpachi stared down at his lover who was currently whimpering and burying his heat into Kenpachi's chest.

"The damn bitch drugged me," Ichigo whined and stifled a sob when Kenpachi reached into his hakama to stroke him. "Ngh, wait Kenpachi, not now!" Ichigo protested and ended up on the bed with his clothes ripped off of him and Kenpachi hovering above him.

"You can't expect me to stop when you're so obviously hurting from being like this," he squeezed Ichigo's erection. "And I am like this," he undid his hakama and took out throbbing cock, taking Ichigo's hand and rubbing it against his dripping cock. "It's been a month and there is no way I can stop now."

He pounced and in no time he was balls-deep inside of that ass he missed so much. Luckily Ichigo was so drugged he didn't have the will to protest any longer and simply let out a low keen at being taken so roughly. Soon it didn't matter though, although he would curse Kenpachi in the morning and punish him with a week without sex. The drug Rukia used was potent and it didn't run out until even Kenpachi started to feel tired.

Ichigo couldn't walk for days afterwards and he refused to look at Rukia when she came to check up on him.

"I guess it worked then," she said and chuckled uneasily. Ichigo buried his face into the pillow of the couch. Lying face down was one of the few positions he was comfortable in at the moment. "I should have expected Kenpachi wouldn't go easy on you, but he's been hell this last month. I'm pretty sure he was days away from just killing everyone."

"I hate you," Ichigo muttered and Rukia only laughed.

"But I brought you a nice pot pain-relieving tea," Rukia said and presented him with the steaming pot. "All for you."

Ichigo looked at it warily and Rukia gave him a sheepish smile. "I promise nothing is in it this time, I kind of feel bad for that."

Ichigo reluctantly sat up, wincing and sending Rukia a look when he did so. The first sip of tea was like heaven and it made his entire body relax and the pain dull. He hastily gulped that cup down and went to go pour another when it hit him.

"Rukia, you bitch," Ichigo whined as he clutched his waist and Rukia blinked at him in surprise.

"Oh my, I didn't know that would happen," she said honestly. "It's a side-affect of the tea, but rarely does it actually happen to anybody…" She trailed off as Ichigo glared at her. "Hehe, I'll just be going then…" She flash-stepped away as quickly as she could, leaving Ichigo to his lustful misery.

Luckily, or unluckily as far as Ichigo was concerned, Kenpachi showed up almost immediately because he felt Ichigo's reiatsu fluctuate. He looked Ichigo up and down with his burning gaze and took in his trembling form and erect cock pressing against his hakama. He scooped Ichigo into his arms and carried him into the bedroom while Ichigo shook in his arms.

"If you don't prepare me first this time, you bastard, I'm going to someone else," Ichigo said through gritted teeth. Kenpachi narrowed his eyes at the threat, but nonetheless complied with it. However, he ended up fucking Ichigo hard enough to actually break the bed and crack the wall in retaliation.

Ichigo never drank tea from Rukia again and decided that not having sex with Kenpachi for any length of time was much more dangerous than sex with him.

When Ichigo was 22 he died from poisoning, of all things, from a gang member who just barely scratched him with the tip of his knife. Death was instantaneous, and unfortunately his death was a matter of public record so he wasn't able to simply get a gigai and continue with his life.

It was kind of sad, but Ichigo had been in the process of moving out of his dad's place anyway. Of course he wasn't planning on the extreme of death, but at least he wasn't totally dead and his family understood about shinigami enough so that he could visit them.

Kenpachi was not-so-secretly thrilled with it. Not the death part, but being able to have Ichigo live with him made him happy. Ichigo ended up as captain Ukitake's vice captain, despite Kenpachi's desire for Ichigo to be in his division. But Ichigo thought, and everyone agreed, that dating and sleeping with your captain would not be very professional.

Mayuri got the chance to "improve" him again when Ichigo went to go deliver some paperwork (and cookies) to the mad scientist. Ichigo had taken one look at his breasts which he never wanted to see again and flash stepped as far away from Seireitei as possible. Needless to say, Kenpachi found him anyway. Despite not being able to find his way out of a paper bag, the captain always was able to sense and find Ichigo. Yachiru called it his 'Ichi-sense.'

That was when Ichigo decided that running away from Kenpachi was almost as bad as not having sex with him. They didn't return to Seireitei for two weeks even though the "improvements" only lasted for three days.

As much as Ichigo struggled sometimes with his relationship with Kenpachi, he knew that it would be even worse without him. He loved the bastard for some unexplainable reason, and Kenpachi loved his Strawberry Guardian.


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