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~ 26 minutes and 33 seconds later ~

Katie yawned and sauntered up to the front of the room, handed Noah her paper and then took a seat next to Courtney and Heather, "Hey"

"Are you're seriously finished already? That was 296 questions of up to Level 8 knowledge about espionage." Noah stared in disbelief.

Katie nodded, "Yea and most of it was on last year's finals. They think I'm traumatized, not amnesic," Like I said, Katie had been here since she was six and is entirely too smart for her own good, we all are. Though, between her cutesy pigtails and sparkly attitude, the unsuspecting person would never guess, "They say if I can pass all their tests that I can move out of the hospital and back into my dorm,"

"Yea why did they have you quarantined with Sadie when you came back?" Courtney asked curiously.

Katie sighed, "They thought we picked up some disease from Nepal, It was nice in the hospital though, I could talk to Sadie whenever, now I have to follow visiting hours. But at least I get to sleep in a room that's not starch white. How is my room? Did Izzy destroy my stuff? I haven't been gone that long."

Heather shifts, "No, she did try to paint the walls this horrid color of orange, but I convinced her against it. Though we are getting a new roommate, since they don't think Sadie is going to be coming back soon,"

"Vultures! She's only broken a few bones and they're already pawning off her room, it's unbelievable,"

A loud screech of a blow horn fills the air and everyone immediately covers their ears to block out the awful noise, "TIMES UP!" Chris yells through a megaphone, "PASS UP YOUR PAPERS AND GET READY TO TOUR THE BUILDING!"

"Chris!" Heather yells angrily, "We can hear you just fine, get rid of the megaphone!"

"Oh and you grade the tests," Noah shoves the papers at him and said dryly, "Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I'll do your dirty work,"

"You guys are no fun," Chris frowns and sits down with a red pen.

Courtney snickers at his misfortune, "K guys, like I said I'm Courtney, and that's Chris, he's sort of the Director of Student Activities, and this is Katie, she's been a student here for quite some time, she'll be accompanying us for the tour. Hey Noah, heads up," She throws a clipboard at him, which he gloweringly picks up off the group, "You can take role, and everyone else, follow me, first stop: Uniform Storage,"

Café 34

Café 34 is the little coffee shop on the first floor of IAE. Sitting at table 13 was Bridgette and Stella sipping their hot beverages. Stella smiles and twirls her hair and in a sing-songy type of voice asks, "So… You and Geoff, how's that working out for ya?

Bridgette blushes, "Good, he's such a sweetie, he took me on the most romantic date last weekend, we went exploring in the forest, we even found snow that was untouched and just spent hours having fun in the middle of nowhere, even if my nose felt like it was going to fall off,"

"Glad you liked it, Babe," Geoff slide in next to her and kissed her on the cheek. James took a seat next to Stella and Duncan took an empty chair from a nearby table and pulled it up to them.

"Hi sweetie," Stella and James gave each other a chaste kiss, and Duncan cleared his voice abruptly.

"Yea Red, Malibu, can you guys save the cutesy crap for when you're alone? Has anyone seen Princess, I haven't had the displeasure of her presence all day,"

Bridgette exchanged glances between James and Stella, "She's being a guide today. And I know you like her, but I would avoid annoying her because she's this close to murdering you in a slow, painful, and undetectable way,"

Duncan rolled his eyes, "I don't like her; it's just too easy to get under her skin,"

"Yea… sure, that's why there's always bantering going on around the two of you," James snorts.

"Anyways, so I was thinking dudes. Party on Saturday, we haven't had one in forever bro, and I just got some great new tunes,"

"Saturdays tomorrow,"

"Yes, I know which is why I need your help guys. Bridge and Stell if you guys could go get the word out to anyone and everyone, tell them, Room 27 on Floor 6 at 8. Chris will be on patrol and therefore asleep. James, Duncan, go clean the room, it's a mess, and I'll get the food," The group looked bemused and nods excited, "Ready, Break!"

Uniform Storage Area

Amidst the flurry of teens pushing and pulling for clothes was a bemused Katie and Noah, a bored Heather, and a distressed Courtney, "Everyone just STOP!" Courtney shouted.

Heather gets up, "Let me handle this one. Ok Listen Up! We've got guys clothing that way and girls on the opposite wall; near the far end are children's sizes and adult/teen sizes closer to us. Everyone gets five everyday dress shirts, jackets and skirts/pants. You also get 2 of everything else like the survival simulation outfits, sweats, leisure clothes, gym uniforms etc; the basics are covered by the people funding the school, any extras you have to buy yourself. Now we're going to be quiet while Noah calls out names of the people who are supposed to be here, don't say anything unless you've got a question, alright?"

Noah sighs, "Allionia Corrotile? Leon Gerard? Arielle Mieca-Corrotile?" The respective people responded to their names being called.

Courtney gives her a small applauding, "Nice work, I think I was nearly ready to rip someone's head off,"

"Dena Lynette? Ramón Cortinez? Lucille Roberts?"

"Well the trick is authority with a little of intimidation," Heather pulled out a nail and starts shaping her nails.

"Jacob Recchia? Mitchell Taylorson?"

"Oh by the way girls, tonight Bridge, Stella and I are gonna have movie night, you should stop by,"

Katie smiled, "Oooo, sounds like fun!"

"Tierra Wuanti? Josh Franchalla? Yolanda Chi-Johanson?"

When all of the kids we're accounted for, Courtney started to lead everyone the dorms, "Well, the main building is 15 floors, plus many sublevel floors like we're on right now. The first floor is the cafeteria, gyms, fitness rooms, the pool, etc. Floors 2-4 is general classrooms, 5-8 are dorms, 9-11 are specialized classes. The rest you really don't need to know now, we have tennis courts, stables, a stadium, an auditorium, firing range (indoor and outdoor), a large section of forest on our property to the west, just to name a few things the school offers,"

As the group headed from the sublevel floor to the 5th floor, Katie and Noah lingered in the storage room. "So, I'm going to go see Sadie after we're done with the tour, you should come, I mean you guys knew each other, right?" Katie asked demurely.

Noah smiled, "Sure, I'd love to, I mean I've know you two since I got here, you're like family to me," 'Crap!', he thought, 'family? I don't want to think of me as her brother!', "I just mean, we've all known each other, and yea, I'd like to go,"

As they caught up to the group and ran into the elevator, Heather smirked at them and tsked at them, "Come on, everyone, don't wanna get lost from the group would we? 5th and 6th floors are for guys, and 7th and 8th are for girls, you room by age. Noah can you read off the rooms for the guys since that's our first stop,"

"Sure," As Noah listed off the kids' names and room numbers, he handed them their room keys.

"Don't forget, "Courtney called after them, "You can explore for a few hours, dinner's at 6 and try to stick with someone who knows the campus, and don't get lost. By the way, meet us after dinner in the same by the flagpole at 6:30, for just a little more instructions"

As each of the kids got off the their respective floors, the four teens and Dena, Arielle, and Tierra got off with them on the 8th floor, Courtney looked at the clipboard, "Ok, well Dena you in room 16 with Katie and Heather here, Tierra you'll be rooming with Lindsey and Gwen. Though right now only with Lindsey because Gwen is on a mission, play nice, she may seem dumb, but it's just a ploy she does, and she's nice girl. And Arielle, you're with me, in room 13, follow me."

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