I've done many things in the course of my 120 years as a vampire. Some of them, I am proud of, others not as much.

I was nominated to be a vampire prince. I would have been the youngest prince to date. Of course, I'm not the strongest vampire in the clan, I am more intelligent than others.

Sometimes, people do things they think is right that really isn't the best idea. They, more often than not, come to regret their decision. I did this myself.

I have wanted to bring peace between the Vampires and Vampaneze for as long as I can remember in my vampire life. I thought that my plan was going to stop the upcoming war. I was wrong. I only made things worse. That night, when I was going into the tunnels, my hopes were to form a treaty with the Vampaneze with no one else around. Against my own will, Darren and Gavner came along. I had promised that we would be alone to discuss the terms. The Vampaneze feared a surprise attack on them, so I had little choice in killing him. If I had not killed him, things would have been a thousand time worse—or more.

As I am lowered onto the stakes to be persecuted for what I've done, I can only hope that the Vampire Gods will have mercy on my soul.

I can only hope that the Vampires will forgive me for my actions. Centuries later I hope they realize that what I did was going to be for the best of us or be cursed for what I will be known forevermore known as

Kurda Smahlt, the traitor.