I like to write, and I am on here just to have fun. I am not trying to be a pro at this. This is just fan faction, what we think would have happen or what we would have like to see happen. I'm sorry if the little miss spelled words or wrong words or grammar bothers you. I am not meaning to sound mean, but if those thing bother you so much, than please don't read my story. Because like I said, I am not trying to be a pro. I am here to just have fun. I do not want to lose any of my reader. I just ask this one thing, please do not leave anything in your reviews about grammar and miss spelled words. I know you mean will, but I am not worried about those things. The only thing I am worried about is having fun.


I picked the phone up to call my family. A month had past since the last time I called to see how everybody was doing. I almost put the phone back down. Every time I called my family, I knew I was hurting them. They asked me to come home, and go back to Fork, back to Bella. Nevertheless, every time, I would tell them no, that Bella was better off with out me.

Before the phone-rung one, Alice picked up, "Hi Edward." she answered.

"Alice, is Carlisle around?" I asked as I looked out the window.

"No, he and Esme are hunting." Alice said.

"Is Emmett with him?"

"No, Rosalie took him off to Europe for another honeymoon. They have gone for about two months, they will be home soon." Alice said, knowing she was rolling her eyes; I could not help but laugh a little at that.

"How are you and Jasper?" I asked just trying to make small talk.

"Good, Edward, I can't see you that well. What are you thinking about doing?"

I did not know what to tell Alice, because I did not know what I was going to do myself. One minute I would think about going back to Bella. Would I just check in on her or would I go to her. Then I would think about still trying to find Victoria. I followed Victoria the best I could, but the trail went died. She laid down a false trail.

I was getting ready to say something to Alice went I heard Jasper in the background calling Alice name. Not a call to get your attentions, it was a worry call. A call when she was having a vision. "Alice, what are you seeing? Why aren't you breathing?" I could hear Jasper ask.

"Alice?" I asked, then I heard Jasper voice come over the phone.

"Edward, Alice won't say anything," Jasper was saying to me. That was when I know it had something to do with. . .

"Bella," Jasper and I both heard Alice whisper. "Oh, god. Bella, no."

I felt my cold heart drop in my chest. If I still had a heartbeat, I know it would have just stopped. "What? What is it? What is Alice seeing?" I asked, not able to stop myself. I held my breath while I waited for an answer. It felt like hours before someone said anything.

"Edward, Bella . . . She needs you. Something has happen to her. I can't see what it is, but she is thinking about killing herself. She knows. . ." I crushed the phone in my hand when Alice said that Bella was thinking about killing herself. What happen to Bella to make her feel like that? Make her think about taking her life. I could not let that happen, I will not let her do that. I just hope I will get to her in time.


"Jasper, call Carlisle and tell them what is going on. I'll call Rosalie; Edward is already on his way." I said as I dialed the number. "Rose?"

"What is it, Alice?" Rosalie asked a little mad.

"Something is going on with Bella; Edward is alright heading back to Forks. Jasper is telling Carlisle what is going on. Meet us back at the house." I said as fast as I could.

"Why, why should I be worried about her? Edward is the one that wanted us to leave. He hurt her, let him fix it." Rosalie said even madder.

"Bella? What is going on with her?" I could hear Emmett ask in the background.

"I don't know?" Rosalie answered Emmett.

"Well, what are we waiting for, let's go." I could hear Emmet say to her. "Alice we will be there as so as we get a flight." Emmett said to me, he must have taken the phone from Rosalie.