Carlisle released me from the hospital two days later. Since I was no longer pregnant, I told Edward that I wanted to wait on getting married. I could tell he was a little hurt about it, but he said he would wait. We sit the date to August the thirteenth. It would be a month before my nineteen birthday. I was hoping that after we were married, I could get Edward to change me.

The school broad heard about what happen. They had called Charlie and told him that they would let come to graduation. It was a few days away, at first I was not going. Alice talked me into it.

Tyler broke his bail by coming to my house. His lawyer could not get him out this time. He was to stay in jail until the trial and sentence. The lawyer that Jasper knew, Jason Scott, was able to get the court date moved up. It was a week after graduation. After the miscarriage, they had the DNA that they needed. Five years was how many years Tyler received; however, he could get parole after two.

There had been no sign of Victoria for about five days after the trial. I was at Edward house working on the invitations with Alice when she had a vision. Edward ran into the room and yelled for Carlisle. Everybody met in the dinning room. The vision Alice had, was of Victoria. She was behind the newborns in Seattle. To clean things up, the Volturi sent their guards, Alec, Jane, Demetri, and Felix. They knew that the leader of the newborns was too young to form so many. He would not tell them who changed him. Aro said to kept the boy alive until he arrived. After Aro did, he touched and read the leader's thoughts. That was when they saw Victoria was the true leader of the newborns. Aro order Demetri to kill the boy and they went to find Victoria.

It took a few days for them to catch her. When they did, Aro read her mind and saw me. A human that knows about vampires. They came to Carlisle house after they killed Victoria. This was an hour after Alice's vision. Edward wanted to take me away, as far as he could. Carlisle told him no, that it is best to wait for Aro.

When they did, Carlisle greeted them, and welcomed them on in. There was one more with them. Edward said her name was Renata, Aro's personal guard. We told Aro everything, but he wanted more. He wanted to know if Edward had planed on changing me. Edward would not say anything. Aro took that as a no and said that Carlisle knew what was to happen next. Aro made a motion to Demetri and he started to walk to Edward and me. Edward stood in front of me when Alice jumped up and said wait. She told Aro that she had a vision of me as one of them. Aro smiled at that and asked to see. Alice let Aro do so. Jasper and Edward was not too happy about that. Aro took Alice hand, closed his eyes, and smiled. He was happy at what he was seeing. He looked at me and asked if he could. He wanted to read my mind. I started to step to him to let him when Edward tried to stop me. I said if you are not able to, Aro might not be able to also. Aro smiled at this. I reached my hand to him. He took it the same way he did Alice and closed his eyes once more. Aro did not smile, however he did laugh a little. When he opened his eyes, he asked Jane to try. She smiled and looked at me. Edward jumped in front of me and hit the ground crying out in pain. Aro said stop and she did. She looked at me, and smiled again. After a few seconds, the smiled left her face. Aro laughter filled the house. That was when he said that they would leave now, but they would be back to make sure that I had been changed.

Everybody was quiet when the Volturi did. Edward finally spoke up after about ten minutes. Aro wanted Edward, Alice, and I to join them. I wonder why Aro did not ask anything about Jacob and the pack. Edward said it was because I was the only one that had seen the pack in their wolves form. Since Aro could not see my mind, he did not pay that much attention to them.

That I asked the one question that Edward did not want to hear. I asked when he would change me. He was still against it, even after Aro said that they would be back. I asked to have a vote. Carlisle and Esme both said yes, they said Edward came alive after he met me. Alice and Emmett were more then ready for me to be their sister. Jasper smiled at me and said it would be nice to not be the weakest one, and having me as sister would be great.

Rosalie said no, she wanted me to have what she could not have and what she knew I wanted now, a baby. I could not say no, I did want to have a baby now, but I wanted to have Edwards baby. Since that was not going to happen, I just wanted to be with Edward forever. Rosalie adding that she would take me as a sister since that vote was going in my favor. We all know the way Edward voted.

Carlisle said he would change me after we came home from our honeymoon.

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