Chapter one: The return from China

Disclaimer: I do not own Alice in Wonderland to be honest I'm not sure who does what I do own is a top hat (it's a fabulous hat really) an odd sense of humor and the knowledge that all my friends think I'm more than a little bit mad

"You could stay" Bright green eyes called out with desperation coloring their edges red to her, as she faded away. Alice came awake with a start, a loud rapping noise at her cabin door.

"One moment" she called out throwing back her covers and rushing to get dressed. She crossed her cabin to her wardrobe chest. As she ruffled through her clothing she ran acrossed her old blue party dress. Smiling softly she ran her fingers crosses the fabric of the dress remembering all that had transpired that fateful day. With a gleam in her eyes she pulled it out and dressed. Exiting her cabin she headed to the mess hall hoping to find a cup of tea and a scone. On her way she passed, Jefferson, a member of the crew who treated her as a sister.

"England is within sight, Miss Alice!" The crewman called out her.

"Oh, wonderful!" She exclaimed rushing out the door, up to the deck, and straight to the railing. It had been a long 4 years since the Frabjous Day and every night. for the first year, Alice dreamed of Tarrant the Mad Hatter until the dreams faded away and the only thing Alice had to remind her of the truth of Underland were the scars given to her by the Bandersnatch.

Then, roughly four months ago, she dreamed of Tarrant again. He was asking her to stay in each dream however, each time he slowly faded in color and volume until he has gone. Alice, frighten for the man she had never admitted she loved, ended her trip early. Having completed what she had come to accomplish, and England now was in sight, she would return home to her family for a few hours, and then she would go to the home of her heart.

Where ever he might be.

Four years is a horrible long time in a land where time has yet to show up.

In a place where every time is tea time, a tea party sits abandoned where a March Hare named Thackery Earwicket, a Dormouse named Mallymkun, and a Mad Hatter named Tarrant Hightopp used to sit every day and enjoy a lovely cup of tea. It used to be a happy place were the tea flowed freely and food fights were not a maybe, but rather a when. However as time pasted on and there was no sign of Alice returning, Tarrant fell in to more and more of is mad spells until one day he just never came out of it leaving all of Underland weary of him, and hoping Alice would return and restore their wonderful friend to his former mad self.

And so Time returned to ticking, counting down how long the madman had left.

A/N Well it's a start, I think I know where I am going but sometimes the characters inform me that we are going to travel a different path, so we shall see where we end up. All reviews are welcome of course and shall be rewarded with a lovely tea party. This is my first story so please be brutal tell me what I need to fix and what I should have done differently. On the other hand if you liked it then that is wonderful to here as well. Now to you all have a very merry unbirthday. (Unless of course it is your birthday and then have a very merry birthday)