Chapter Four Kaleidoscope eyes

A/N: Hey guys, I am so sorry about the wait, but here the thing I was in a horrible car wreck, and all the facts say I should not have survived at all. So really the fact that I am still alive is a miracle. Healing is slow going and I can't focus on anything for very long at a time. Then that same night one of my little brother's friends got shot and he died it's been a really hard time for my family. So updates will be slow in coming for a while. Hope you can forgive me

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Flipping through the air Alice fell past bookshelves and bedpost, pianos and more. Until at last she hit the ceiling with a sickening thud, quickly before the room righted it's self she jumped and flipped herself landing on her feet. Looking around the small room she quickly picked up the key and looked for the bottle labeled drink me. Spotting it she took a small swallow and watched the world grow around her. Taking a small crumb of the cake to make her grow she unlocked the small door and dragged her dress out behind her. She then ate the crumb and when she had finished growing slipped her dress back on. Alice headed towards the woods remembering that the tea party was just beyond them when McTwisp ran up to her.

"Alice, you're back. Wonderful you must come with me. I will take you to the White Queen" he said looking around in fright as if the jabberwocky might come down upon them.

"That's all right Nivens, I'm heading to Thackery's. That's where the tea party is right?" Alice smiled at him. "I was so ecstatic to see you in Otherland. I was planning on looking for the rabbit hole so I could come back, but following you was much faster I'm sure. I just can't wait to see Tarrant." Having said that Alice sighed and a twinkle shone in her eyes as she continued to speak. "So how has he been it took me much longer than I had planned to come back I hope he doesn't think I forgot him"

"This is a conversation better left to you and the Queen, Alice, I 'm sorry but the tea party has ended. You must come with me to the castle; the White Queen shall inform you of the events that transpired during your absence. I'm afraid that Underland is no longer the happy place you left us with."

"So how long will it take to get to the palace," Alice inquired worry coloring her voice. as she brought her fingers to her mouth and let of an ear splitting whistle. Nivens covered his ears and looked at Alice as if she had lost her mind. He opened his mouth to speak but then closed it as a rumble shook the garden floor as the bandersnatch came galumphing up to Alice. He rubbed his head against her arm and patted his shoulder. "I need to get to the White Queen will you take us to her"

The bandersnatch nodded his head and Alice pulled herself and Nivens up on his back. Nivens held on to Alice clinging to her terrified for his life. As the bandersnatch took off full speed. With a very determined alice on his back.