A/N: This fic was requested by LawOrderFan01. I'm attempting it. Lemme know what you think, because it's going to be a long AU fic. Set during the summer before Elliot joins the police academy, before Olivia's senior year in high school. (they're a few years apart in this one. lol If you can't figure out what she requested, I tell you in my end-note.)

"This is gonna blow," Olivia said, popping a gum-bubble from the passenger seat of her mother's blue car.

"Olivia!" Serena yelled. "You will watch your language. You will not embarrass me at the club this summer, do you understand?"

Olivia scoffed. "You're worried about me embarrassing you? Nice one," she said, under her breath.

Serena looked over and barked, "Do you understand?"

"Yeah. I got it," Olivia said, smirking. "I will be a perfect angel."

"That'll be a first," Serena spat, taking a swig from a silver flask.

Olivia chuckled. "Hasn't anyone told you that you shouldn't drink and drive?"

"You shouldn't have your rapist's baby either, but I did that," Serena said with a laugh. She pulled into the parking space, closed her flask, and looked at Olivia. "Remember. As of right now..."

"We're happy, I know. Happy little family, so you can meet my new daddy," Olivia said, rolling her eyes and getting out of the car. "At least you let me bring a friend this year."

Alex Cabot got out of the backseat, feeling like she'd been ignored most of the ride up to the Catskill resort, and yawned. "Man, you and your mother fight like...no...you fight worse than cats and dogs. How the hell are you going to convince people you get along?"

"By staying far the fuck away from each other," Olivia said. "Come on. Let's go see what boring-ass activities my mother signed us up for. Last year I played Polo until my arm went numb and I smelled like horses for a month."

Olivia and Alex walked off, leaving Serena to flirt, relentlessly, with the young man helping her with her luggage. They pushed through the doors of the recreation center and strolled up to the counter. "Hi," Olivia said. "Checking in? Benson? Olivia Benson," she told the receptionist. The redhead, speaking into a phone at the same time, thumbed through a stack of files, found Olivia's and handed it to her with a smile and a nod. Olivia opened it and gasped. "Mother of God, ballroom dancing? Jesus Christ!"

"That sounds like fun," Alex said. "I like dancing."

"No, I'm dancing. You have to take golf lessons with some guy named Berkowitz," Olivia said, hitting her in the arm. "Ballroom dancing? My mother was obviously drunk when she did this. Instructor's probably either some old woman with blue hair, or some fat, bald, man who's gonna hit on me every five minutes."

"Wait," Alex said, taking the file. "Your mom signed us up for different activities?"

"Yeah, every day from four to six," Olivia said. They were startled by a shout from the dining hall, and turned their heads. "What the hell?" Olivia asked, stepping back to take a peek. Her eyes widened when she saw what was going on.

"You are skating on thin ice, here, Stabler," a fat, bald man yelled.

A very young, very hot man shouted back, "You don't pay me to skate, Sellerman, you pay me to dance. And I'm not dancing to this old shit!" He threw sheet music at the old man and said, "I pick the music, I pick the dances, or you can kiss my..."

The fat man boomed, "You wanna keep this job, Elliot?"

The young man sighed. Then nodded. "Whatever," he whispered, then bolted toward the door, almost knocking over Olivia. "Sorry," he spat, not even looking over his shoulder. He took a breath. Her scent had wafted toward him and he stopped and looked at her, really looked at her, and smiled. "Actually, I'm not sorry. Not at all." He winked at her and walked out of the rec hall.

"Uh, there's your dance instructor, Benson. He's not an old woman with blue hair," Alex said, stunned.

"He's not fat and bald either," Olivia said, "But I hope to God he hits on me every five minutes."

"Olivia!" a familiar voice yelled from behind her.

Both girls turned around and Olivia smiled. "Hey, Brian," she said, giving the guy a hug. "Brian, this is my friend Alex Cabot. Al, this is Brian Cassidy. Everyone around here calls him 'Buddy.' I've know him for years."

"Baby-Girl's been coming up here every summer since she was, what, seven?" Brian asked. "Oh, hey! Fin's the security guy at The Grove now!"

"Wow," Olivia said, her eyes widening. "He's the last person..."

"Fin?" Alex asked, interrupting. "Who's Fin?"

Olivia chuckled. "Oh, um, he's the one who gave me the nickname they all use around here. Because I was the only girl they let hang around, and I was always so young. I wasn't much for parties and dances, or making friends with other girls, so I played pool, poker, and stuff with the guys."

"But you're dancing this summer, huh?" Alex asked, nudging Olivia.

Brian looked at her quizzically. "Ballroom dancing? With Elliot?"

Olivia nodded and rolled her eyes. "Is that his name? What's the story with the dance guy? He seems very...tense. Hot, but tense."

"Elliot's a hot-head. A very good dancer, and yes he's hot. All the ladies love him so they all pay through the nose to take his classes, but he's got a wicked temper," Brain "Buddy" Cassidy said. "Good luck with him, Baby-Girl. Oh, since your morphing into an actual girl this summer, there's a party at The Grove tonight. You two should come! Fin will find a way to let you in, Baby-Girl."

Alex smiled. "Thank God! Actual fun!"

"No, Alex, Grove parties are not fun," Olivia said, rolling her eyes. "Unless you're..."

"Either on drugs or sex-crazed," Buddy said, finishing. "But uh, Elliot's gonna be there," he said, wagging his eyebrows.

Olivia smacked him. Then looked at him. Then said, "Fine. We'll go."

Alex and Olivia walked back to the cabin they were sharing with Serena, and they weren't surprised to see her drinking and giggling with the luggage guy. Olivia rolled her eyes and pulled Alex into the bedroom to get ready. "All the money we have and she drinks like a camel and acts a like a cheap hooker," Olivia said, shaking her head. "I'm surprised she raised a perfect little lady. At least, as far as everyone here at the fabulous Sellerman's Catskill Resort is concerned!" she yelled with a laugh.

Alex chuckled. She raised an eyebrow and in feigned-slurred speech she said, "She's tryin' to find you a rich dad, and forget about your real one. An' you're goin' to be the perfect daughter so's she can."

The girls gabbed and joked as they got dressed, in actual dresses, and left the cabin, heading up to The Grove. Buddy met them on the hill and, out of breath, he threw the twenty-four pack of beer he'd been carrying into Olivia's arms. She caught it with a grunt and a harsh glare.

"Nice catch, Baby-Girl," he said, laughing.

"I'm technically not allowed to hold this, Buddy," Olivia said, raising an eyebrow.

Buddy chuckled. "Shut up and carry it. It's the only way Fin can get you into The Grove without causing any problems."

They walked into to the resort's night club, Olivia greeted Fin with a big hug, and Olivia and Alex looked around at the erotic dancing going on. They, then, noticed the lack of clothing on the people doing the dancing. "I don't think we're old enough to be in here, Benson," Alex said, grabbing Olivia's arm.

"Why do you think Buddy made me carry the beer?" Olivia asked, nodding. She put the box on the bar and suddenly, her attention was drawn to the center of the dance floor. She went white and her pulse raced as she watched him move. He made her want to be the girl he was dancing with, but he also terrified her at the same time.

"Holy shit," Alex said, looking at what had made Olivia speechless. "Would you look at him move, Benson? Who's that blonde he's with?"

Buddy had heard her and said, "That's Kathy, his dance partner. She works with the guys who take the classes here at the resort."

"Are they, like, a thing?" Olivia asked, noticing the way they were grinding into each other. It made her sick. Not sick. Jealous. If they were naked they'd almost be having sex, right there on the dance floor.

"Elliot and Kathy? No way," Buddy said, laughing. "She's not his type, at all. Not for lack of trying though. She keeps trying. He keeps turning her down."

"They certainly do look friendly, though," Olivia spat.

"They're just dancing, Baby-Girl," Buddy said, shrugging.

Olivia raised an eyebrow and tilted her head. "Is that what you kids are calling it these days?"

"Same old Olivia," Buddy said, chuckling. He caught Elliot's eye when the song finished and waved him over.

Elliot immediately unwrapped Kathy from his waist, pushed her away, roughly, and walked toward Olivia, Alex and Buddy.

Olivia's eyes widened when she noticed him walking through the crowd toward her. "Why did you do that, Cassidy?" she yelled, trying to find a way to run, or hide.

Buddy huffed, "Because, I wanna introduce you to him. I kind of told him about you. I mean, he's twenty-one, but he's very..."

"What?" Olivia yelled. "What did you say to him?"

Buddy's eyes grew wide and he raised his hands defensively. "Only good things, Baby-Girl, I swear!"

Elliot strode up to them, grabbed a beer out of the box, popped it open and slapped Brian on the back as he took the first, foamy sip. "Buddy, man, what's up?"

"Elliot, this is the girl I was telling you about," Buddy said, returning the smack to Elliot's shoulder.

"You're Olivia Benson?" Elliot asked, raising an eyebrow and smiling. "Baby-Girl?"

Olivia couldn't speak. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. She just nodded, and swallowed. "I carried the beer," she finally said. Then she squeezed her eyes shut. That was the stupidest thing she could have said. She turned and looked at Alex, mortified. "I carried the beer?"

Alex shrugged.

Elliot laughed, raised the can to her in a mock-toast, and said, "Thanks for that, Baby-Girl." He chugged back half the beer and slammed it down on the table. He looked at her and raised an eyebrow again. "How old are you?"

"Seventeen," she said. "But I guarantee I'm more mature than half the dolts in this room. Especially this one." She slapped Buddy upside the head and glared at him.

Elliot chuckled. "I'm sure you are," he said. He looked around, looked at Kathy who was standing, arms folded, right where he left her, and he smirked. He turned back to Olivia, crooked his finger at her, and said, "Come dance with me, Baby-Girl."

Olivia's eyes widened. She went completely numb. She didn't even feel Alex push her forward, and she was even more oblivious to her feet, moving on their own, following Elliot onto the dance floor.

A/N: Yes, LawOrderFan01 asked for a Dirty Dancing-Esque fic, and I'm trying to work it out. Lemme know what you think so far. I promise, I have ideas on how to make it good.