I do not own any ideas from Yours Mine and ours. But mostly these are my ideas inspired by the movie, plus I got sick of only finding stories about the older siblings falling in love. So here's a story where they don't fall in love (with each other).

Chapter One

Kate's POV

Kate, Maddie, Allison, Callie, Brianna, Olivia, Eve, Gracie, Victoria… l Peter, Gentry, Jacob, Nathan, James, Cameron, Mark, Troy, Jason, Josh, and Grady.

That's my family, I know what you're thinking, 21 kids?!?!? Well that thick line up there in between boys and girls mark where my family ends and my Dad's family begins. I remember that night perfectly, back when it was just me and my little sisters. My mom had gone out for a girls night out, something she was doing a lot more since the crisp fall day when she got the news that my dad's plane had gone down and he was never coming home. I guess mom found comfort in being with her friends where she was not constantly reminded of her husband's death.

My mom had left 2 hours ago. During those 2 hours I had managed to give each of my 8 sister's a complete spa makeover and now there were 7 pairs of fuzzy slippers resting on the coffee table and one pair in mid air and one pair on my lap. We were watching our 2nd movie and eating our 5th bag of popcorn. When suddenly my mother came flitting in to the room and danced to the couch swinging baby Victoria off my lap and skipping around the room singing. I stared hard at her, this was the happiest I'd seen her since October… Then I saw the glint of a Diamond on her finger. "Mom! Your finger!"

"I know! Isn't it wonderful? I am married to my high school sweetheart!"

"What? Mom, how?" I stammered, while plowing my way through my younger sisters who were all under the age of ten and I being the eldest at age fourteen the only one who really understood what married meant.

"Oh, honey I was dying to tell you! I meant Robert 2 weeks ago, we used to be totally in love and well we went our separate ways and well oh, honey it all just worked out! We just got married!" My mom twittered.

"Wait, hold on! You just went and married this guy? Does he know you have 9 girls? Even one who's only one year old?" I screamed, on the verge of hysteria.

"Oh, dear, of course he knew!"

"Does he have any kids?" A terrible idea creeping into my mind from the movie we just watched. "Does he have 9 kids?" I did the mental math that would be 18 just like in the movie!

"No… he has… 12!" My mom laughed. I felt my eyes bulge… 12 kids plus 9 would equal 21 kids! I clutched the sofa, I stared at the screen of our TV. Where the menu for the movie Yours Mine and Ours shone. The little arrow flashed next to the play button. I let out a deep breathe and mentally pushed the play button on my life.

"Okay mom, I can handle this…" My brain started to hyper ventilate at all the things left to plan and the major one caught in my throat. "Where are we goanna live?" My brain flashed back to the light house at which the kids in the movie had to move to.

"I already found a place!"

"Where?" I held my breathe waiting for the answer.

"A mansion on Lake Sammamish!"

"We can not afford that!"

"Oh, but my husband can! His Late Mother left him her house in her will! Isn't that exciting darling?"

"Wonderful!" With that I turned around grabbed Gracie's chubby hand and hauled her up the stairs to bed with the troop following at my heels. In the littlest girls bedroom we all met for a meeting.

"If mommy's married will I have a new family?" Brianna asked.

"Yes dear, we'll meet them tomorrow," Suddenly I was too tired for a meeting and with out further ado sent the girls to bed. 15 minutes later I was fast asleep.

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