Okay so I am a little random and may end up switching the characters names so if you get confused go look at the first page… (at the top)

Chapter Two

Jacob's POV

My alarm started ringing at 6:30 AM… I slammed my fist down hard immediately the buzzing noise stopped. Another noise then filtered into my darkened room. The sound of a movie! I crept out of my bed and stealthily moved to the door careful not to wake my bro Gentry. I slipped out into the hall way and made my way to Mason and James' room. Where they had their TV on. "Hey Dudes whatcha watching?"

"We're watching some totally crazy movie called Yours Mine and Ours! Wanna watch it?" Mason mumbled.

"Sure why not?" With in the next 30 minutes 7 of my brothers and I sat huddled around the TV as the sun rose out side our windows. It was then that my Dad came in and announced his married. I wasn't too surprised I mean mom had died a year ago and it was understandable that Dad would get married , but a with out telling us was a little extreme… but I won't bore you with the details of the next thirty minutes. I mean it got a little monotonous with 8 boys yelling at their dad. Yet, I was suddenly way more interested in the day when Dad wouldn't tell us how many kids his new wife had. All he would say was we were going to be moving to my Grandma's super awesome mansion with Jet skies and a trampoline in the water…

"Okay boys we leave at 9:00!" That was the last thing I heard as I ran to pack up all my stuff in the last hour and a half before we left.

Maddie's POV

After a crazy morning of do this do that, hurry, hurry, hurry, pack this pack that, no yes no my family finally made it out the door to our new fully furnished mansion. I would have died if I had been given one more order. So by the time we arrived at our new home the other family was already there… I was super scared while walking up to the big double doors of our new house and I thought I was going to run away when I saw the line of 12 big boys in the front entry hall.

Nathan's POV

Girls. All girls! Seriously how boring can this get? I mean I don't mind girls but come on 9 girls? At least this house is huge… And maybe those little girls might be fun to tease and play pranks on! I eyed my new "mom" she was tall with long light brown hair with golden streaks. Her eyes were deep blue and she was slender and fit. She also looked like some one you would love to have on your side not against you. The eldest girl looked exactly like a younger version of her mom, if you haven't figured it out yet I am the observant one.

Mark's POV

I've seen girls before and often they're wimpy. In all my ten years I've never seen a girl who can stay on a Jet ski while I am driving.

"Hey, I've got a challenge! Which one of you girls wants to see if you can stay on a Jet ski while I am driving?" I looked the girls up and down the only one other then the oldest whom I thought might stay on was Allison. "You think you could do it Allison?"

"How'd you know my name?" Allison glared.

"Yah, my Dad made me memorize them!"

"Fine. I can and will stay on the Jet ski while you drive!"

With that Allison and I were about to run out side when Peter stopped me. "Shouldn't you ask us all to join you little buddy?"

"Okay, but stay out of my way!" I snarled and chased after Allison down to the water.

Kate's POV

I ran down to the water. I'd already gotten my sisters dressed in their swimming suits. It seems the plan all along had been for the kids to go swimming. I stopped at the edge of the water glad that Olivia, Eve, Gracie, and Victoria preferred playing dolls then swimming. It gave me much more freedom. One of the taller older boys gave me a shove and I went plunging into the water. I broke the surface only to dive back under as I saw the wrestling match of boys fighting to see who would go in the water first. Boys. Why of why did they all have to be stupid boys? I swam as fast as I could toward the trampoline when suddenly a Jet Ski went flying by in front of me.

Allison's POV

Mark handed me a life jacket and then we were off. I must state here and now that Mark is THE WORST driver EVER!!!!!!