Doctor Note

L sat quietly on his couch in the base, stirring his cup of tea with another lollipop. He sighed. Light's ears pricked. This is going great, Light thought to him self.

"Another dead end on the Kira case." L said seemingly to himself but he peeked at Light to see his reaction. Light had his back to L and it seemed that he was too busy searching through the clues. L smiled mischievously. "Maybe we should get the Doctor to look at this case." L continued.

Light's head rose. "What?" He turned around and placed his elbow on the back of his chair, "what are you talking about?"

L sipped from his cup of tea, he looked at Light. "what? You don't know about the Doctor, Light?"

Matsuda and Soichiro Yagami came into the room. Matsuda first joined, "what were you talking about?"

L looked at him. "Oh, I was asking Light if he knew who the Doctor was."

Light, Matsuda and Soichiro Yagami looked at L with narrowed eyes. "what the hell are you talking about, L?" Soichiro Yagami asked L-trying to sound as calm as he could. He failed miserably. But even then, L didn't seem to notice. "Oh you know, he's a character in that really popular British television show, Doctor Who."

The trio nearly collapsed like they do in all the gag mangas that they read on Shonen Jump. "We're Japanese L. We don't watch British television shows!"

L's face cleared. "Oh, so you are, sorry. I must have forgotten." L looked everyone and noticed that all their faces were twitching. "Don't worry about it anymore, go and do what you need to do. We need to find Kira, remember?"

They all went to their respective places and L snickered, that was really funny, he thought.

A few minutes passed and the thought was out of his mind when suddenly he heard a really weird groaning noise. "AACK! SOMETHING'S APPEARING OUT OF NOWHERE!" Matsuda yelled. L sighed, Matsuda's such a baby sometimes. L hopped off his couch and walked to the hall of the hideout, scratching his head, I wonder what's happening? He thought.

He walked into the hall and froze. Impossible, L thought, but then again, I thought the Gods of Death were impossible too.

Light came and stood next to L, frozen as well. A few other police members had their guns out as well as Matsuda and Soichiro Yagami. They all couldn't believe what they saw.

"What the hell?" Light said.

"Impossible." L commented afterwards.

What they all were seeing, was a 1950s style Blue Police Box. Right in the middle of the hall.

This was originally going to be a ONE-SHOT. But I thought, it would be fun to make it a mini-series. Don't know how long it's going to be yet, but we'll see when that comes around. I mean, there's still the possibility of it only being a 2 chapter.