30. Outro Part 2: Fin

Everything swirled around him, a lot of scenes that he was part of appeared before his eyes. "This feels like I'm dying." The Doctor murmured.

He saw the group watching their respective TV shows – and they were all having a great time, he smiled at that.

He saw the time he tried to understand the mechanics of the Japanese toilet. He laughed at that.

But when he saw that he was going to die really soon according to the TV show, he stayed silent. According to the Master, they would not remember any of this when they get back to their respective universes. But he doesn't want to forget that he's going to die.

He spun around and realised that there was nothing around him. He wasn't even on the TARDIS. "How am I going to do this?"

The Doctor grabbed his psychic paper out of his jacket and wrote on it, "I'm sorry my dear, but this is an emergency."

If I could remember what will happen according to the TV show, I might be able to avoid dying, he thought.

Then the Master's voice boomed around him, "ah, ah, ah! When I said no one will remember, I meant it. As soon as you get back, every trace of the muddled universe will disappear."

"But I don't want to die." The Doctor yelled into nowhere, "I don't want to go like that – all alone."

"I'm sorry Doctor, you won't remember. Just enjoy the memories while you still can." The Master said quietly.

"But – there must be –" the Doctor gave up as he saw a montage of his time in the muddled universe.

The Doctor sighed, "I guess no one will ever remember the time where three universes collided together."

Then it was over.

A bit too serious and sad, but I was always going for abrupt chapters with no point. And I know that in the second half, there was a point, but I came back to sudden and abrupt for the ending. Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry it took this long for me to actually update it.