2. Death

It's better to know the truth then to live with the lie

My mother had died from a gun shot wound. So I decided that for one, I was going to find out who killed my mother? And for two I was going to let her rest in peace and have a funeral for her. Although me and my mother wasn't close after the divorce, but we still loved each other. My mother was a pretty and a nice person too. She show off to my friends and to other people, but she had lots of friends who wouldn't want to kill her.

At the funeral there were a lot of people wearing black. My uncle was there with his two kids, and my brother was there with his farther.

"Hey, Cassie." He said as he walks toward me.

"Hey, Uncle Brandon."

"Hey kid you know you can come home with us, if you want?" he asks.

"No. That's ok; I have someone else I'm staying with." I said looking over at Pete.

Pete was the one who healed the injures I had from the car accident. I decided that I was going to stay with him for awhile. He said it was ok as long as I was good.

"Oh…um listen, I'm sorry about your mom and everything." Brandon said looking at the ground.

"That's ok. It's not your fault." I said trying to look into his eyes.

My brother Scott kept looking at me during the service like he was guilty of something. I wave Scott over to me but he stayed away from me, then after the service was over, finally I got tired of him avoiding me so I walk up to him.

"Hey?" I said.

"Hey sis." Scott said as he mumbled the words.