Jung-Woo was a boy of simple pleasures. Well, he was a boy of peculiar pleasures. Sure not all boys have an infatuation with puppies and cross dressing, but it wasn't weird or anything. It was more like, a little on the abnormal side. But weird, of course not!

His cousin was really to blame for the cross-dressing hobby, but that was another story. Currently, Jung-Woo was hovering outside of a certain hat shop. It wasn't any certain hat shop either. It was the certain hat shop that had the certain hat which Jung-Woo couldn't take his eyes off. The hat was displayed through the shop's front window, and shone in its perfect glory.

Not only was it a girls hat, but it had a little stuffed puppy sitting on top of it! The brown wool looked absolutely warm and comfy, and the white puppy looked just like Jung-Woo's doggie. The overall cuteness scale of the hat was alluring.

With the puppy hat, Jung-Woo could both cross-dress and express his love for puppies. He really needed that hat.

The only problem was, he was a bit wary of entering the hat shop. He'd never actually went into a girls shop and bought something. If Jung-Woo ever needed any girl wear, he took it from his cousin. This wouldn't be that easy though. He'd have to go in, ask the shopkeeper for the hat out of the display, and then buy it. Knowing shopkeepers, the man would ask a million questions like, "So is this for your little sister," or "Do you wear girl's clothes often?"

Jung-Woo didn't want to bother with weird looks or questioning stares. Not that it bothered him, but it was allot of trouble just for a silly hat.

"Honey, look! Isn't that adorable?" a voice chirped.

Jung-Woo looked to the side of him and saw a happy couple admiring the cute hat. The blond teenage girl was clinging to her beau's arm fondly, and the black haired thug frowned to hide his uprising blush.

"I guess so, you should go try it on." His gruff voice replied.

The girl giggled in delight and pulled her love into the swinging shop door.

The puppy hat was pulled out of the display window as Jung-Woo stared on. Through the window he saw a smiling girl slip it onto her head, and she looked marvelous in it. Her golden locks flowed out from the woolen hat, cascading down her shoulders and to her lower back. A girl really pulled off the hat perfectly.

Jung-Woo didn't have long flowing hair, a curvy cute body, or breast. He had a flat chest, a lanky body, and a male organ. His face could be as pretty as any girl's, probably prettier than most in fact, but that didn't change the truth; Jung-Woo was a boy. He wasn't supposed to be pretty. Boys didn't like puppies or girl's clothes. They were supposed to be masculine.

Something wrong had to have happened when he was born. As Jung-Woo turned away from the hat shop, he couldn't help but furrow his brow in unwanted realization; he should have been born a girl. It wasn't the first time he had thought this, and he knew it wouldn't be the last.

"Girls sure are lucky," murmured the crestfallen boy, as he walked down the unfamiliar sidewalk, " They get to wear really cute hats." And with those words Jung-Woo began to search for his home.