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Despite Booth's best intentions, they barely made it to the SUV before they were all over each other and it was entirely his fault because he just couldn't keep his lips off of his beautiful partner. Oh, it had started out innocently enough. Booth escorted her out to the SUV and she even allowed him to open her door for her and help her inside. Grinning like a fool, he went around, climbed in and turned toward her to tell her something trivial but the way she was looking at him erased every thought from his head. Every rational thought, that is. There were plenty of erotic ones floating around in there as she looked him over like he was her very favorite flavor of ice cream. He needed to kiss her and he could handle one kiss, he assured himself as his hand reached out and tangled in her hair, pulling her forward to meet his descending mouth. Apparently not, he decided as his lips met hers and the kiss instantly turned hot and openly carnal but it was completely beyond him to pull away.

Brennan moaned and opened her mouth as Booth's lips met hers, eager to pick up from where they had left off in the stairwell. In fact, if it had been up to her, they would still be there and they would be doing a lot more than kissing so she certainly had no objections to continuing in the SUV. With a sigh of longing, her arms went up to circle his neck, her nails raking through the hair at the nape of his neck and her teeth closed on his lower lip, tugging a little less than gently. Her teeth released his lip and her tongue snaked out to trace over the place that she had nipped then darted into his mouth and that was all it took to shatter the control Booth had been holding onto by his fingertips.

His big body shuddered and a low growl of need erupted from his chest to be released into her open, eager mouth. His hand slid out of her hair to grasp her waist tightly and pull her unresisting form over the console and deposit her in his lap. Her thighs parted and her knees fell on each side of his hips as she settled firmly against him with a whimper of pleasure, but they weren't nearly close enough to suit either one of them. And they both set about quickly changing that.

Booth didn't think he could ever get close enough to her to suit him but he was giving it his best shot as his hands found the hem of her dress and slowly slid up the outside of her slender thighs, pushing her skirt up as he went. His body ached with the desire he felt for this woman, his stomach tightened and his muscles quivered as her hands moved down to his chest and impatiently started undoing buttons on his shirt, not bothering to get his jacket out of the way first. If she could get him this hot and bothered with only a few kisses and touches, he couldn't even begin to imagine how good it was going to feel to actually get inside her. He groaned into her mouth and his lips became more insistent as his hands slid over the tops of thigh high stockings and onto silky, smooth, bare flesh. His fingertips softly stroked her skin as they moved higher and higher.

Brennan moaned as Booth's hands moved up her thighs. She desperately needed her skirt out of the way so she could feel his erection against her burning, aching core. Actually she needed them both naked and horizontal but she wasn't willing to wait for them to get that way. Even at the height of her hottest sexual adventures, she had never been so turned on in her life. Her breasts were swollen, her nipples hard points of need begging for Booth's touch. Her whole body was flushed and aching and the heat and wetness between her thighs made her mindless to anything other than appeasing that desire.

Despite her willingness to talk about her sex life, Brennan had always kept her sexual encounters firmly behind closed doors but she never even gave a second thought to the fact that they were in a government vehicle in the parking garage of her workplace and could be discovered at any time. She simply didn't care, this man did that to her. Made her ache with love and longing, made her forget everything except him and the way he made her feel and the only thing that mattered was satisfying the raging desire that had been building between them for so very long.

The thought of where they were briefly flitted through Booth's mind and he even knew he should do something about it, like stop and take this some place more private. And he might actually have had the strength to do that if his hands hadn't moved onto her firm, perfect backside at that moment and he stilled, his entire body going rigid. She wasn't wearing any panties and her bare flesh was hot and soft and he felt like every sliver of desire he had amassed for her over the years hit him in the gut at once. His already engorged penis grew even more painfully hard and he was lost.

"Bones, you're not wearing any panties," he panted against her mouth, still having trouble believing that despite the fact that his hands were roaming over the bare flesh they should have covered.

"I know," she pulled back far enough to give him a hot, sultry look. "I took them off right after you almost kissed me just in case I got up the nerve to drag you off into a dark corner somewhere and have my way with you," she told him honestly, bending back to his lips.

"Oh, God," he moaned into her mouth. He was toast and he knew it, hers to do with as she pleased. And she apparently pleased to have him right here in the SUV, he surmised as her nails scraped down over his distended nipples, across the hard muscles of his chest, down his quivering abs and went to work on his belt buckle. Not even trying to fight the inevitable, his fingers tightened involuntarily and he couldn't force them to stop stroking her bottom and pulling her closer, grinding her against his erection. But it didn't help, it only intensified the ache that had been building inside him for so long that he wasn't going to be satisfied with anything less than burying himself as deeply inside her as he could get. He wasn't sure even that would do it.

Her lips released his and he felt a moment of panicked loss until she kissed her way across his jaw to his ear, her teeth nipping at his earlobe and her tongue swirling inside. And the erotically graphic things she was whispering in his ear made his mouth water and his cock twitch. He had wanted their first time to be romantic and perfect but he didn't even consider trying to stop her now. It was obvious that long and slow was out of the question at the moment. They were both simply too far gone to call a halt to what they were doing despite where they were. It might not be romantic but he had no doubt that it would be perfect. Between the two of them, how could it be anything else?

Completely letting go of his control, Booth reached down and hit the seat lever, scooting it back as far as it would go from the steering wheel and tilting the seat back slightly at the same time. His hands found the zipper on her dress and lowered it just as she released his cocky belt buckle, her fingers swiftly lowering the zipper of his pants, brushing across his straining hard on in the process. Booth moaned as he peeled her bodice down and got his first glimpse of her naked breasts. He had known they were magnificent but he was speechless at the utter perfection of lush, firm, milky globes topped by hard red nipples. They reminded him of a rounded bowl of vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top and he couldn't wait to taste them. Wasting no time, he leaned forward and his tongue rasped over a hard nipple just as her hand worked its way under his boxers and wrapped around his erection. His eyes slammed shut and a low, animal growl exploded from deep in his throat as she began to stroke him intimately.

Brennan whimpered deep in her throat as Booth's tongue teased her hard nipple, arching her back and pushing her breast closer to his mouth, wanting him to use his teeth and lips on her. Her hands were shaking so badly with the desire coursing through her body that she was stiff and clumsy with his belt buckle and it seemed like it took forever to get it undone. But finally it gave way and seconds later her hand closed around his hardness. She had seen him naked before and had been impressed with more than his lack of Puritan modesty but impressed didn't even begin to cover how she felt now. Her fingers wouldn't reach around him and he felt like a satin over steel, his girth and rigidity increasing with each firm stroke of her hand. His growl sent a shudder racing down her spine and another rush of moisture between her thighs. Her breath caught in her throat as his lips closed over her right nipple and sucked it deeply into his mouth. God, she was so hot that if he didn't get inside of her soon, she was going to come without him and she didn't want that. She wanted them to be together, partners all the way on this.

Booth was having similar thoughts, only his concern was that if she didn't stop stroking him like that, he wasn't going to last long enough to even get inside of her but he couldn't find the willpower to make her stop. He'd had his fair share of sexual encounters but nothing had ever prepared him for how being close to this woman made him feel. His aching body screamed for the relief that release would give him. At the same time, he wanted her to keep touching him like that and never stop, to extend this mind numbing pleasure forever.

"Slow down, baby," he panted with that thought in mind.

"I can't," she whimpered, her open mouth on his neck. Raising his head from her breast, he urged hers away from his neck and tilted it toward him. He was hit with a fresh surge of lust and tenderness when he looked into her face. Her eyes were dark blue and glazed, the pupils dilated with not just desire but desperate need. Her face was flushed and damp with perspiration, her hair clinging to her neck. She looked wild and wanton and was by far the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.

"Come here," he whispered drawing her face toward his until their lips met.

Booth was intimately familiar with the kind of need that he had read on her face and actually seeing that she wanted him that badly only increased his own ardor. His lips closed over hers and a deep, wet, tongue thrusting kiss that made both of their hearts race, one of his hands going to the back of her head to pull her even closer. His other hand moved from her hip to slide between her spread thighs to find only soft, bare skin, not the springy curls he was expecting but he could be surprised about that later. The world faded even further away and all he could think about was getting inside her as his fingers glided even lower and found her so hot and wet that his whole body tightened. His fingertip ghosted over her distended clit and she shuddered and gasped against his demanding mouth, her hand increasing the tempo on his needy flesh. His hand left the back of her head and covered hers on his erection, forcing her to stop so he didn't come when his fingers drifted even lower and smoothed over her dripping, hot folds. Shuddering and moaning against her mouth, he couldn't resist slipping a single finger inside her. She was hot and wet and clutched so tightly around a single finger that he thought he was going to lose his mind.

Brennan almost screamed with pleasure as Booth gently inserted one finger into her tight channel, she was so close to the edge that it wouldn't take much more than that to send her over. She couldn't stop her hips from surging forward as her hands went to Booth's waist to push at his pants insistently. Removing his hand from around hers, he lifted his hips and helped her push his pants and underwear down far enough to free his erection, never faltering in his rhythmic stroking of her body. On the next stroke, he inserted another finger and his thumb brushed over her clit. Brennan buried her mouth against Booth's hard shoulder and bit down to stifle a scream as she felt the beginning flutters of her orgasm in her belly. Booth felt those flutters and the tightening of her walls around his fingers and knew that the time for waiting was over, they had both waited for this long enough. Nudging the hand that was, once again, moving on his erection aside, he reluctantly pulled his fingers from inside her and guided himself to her entrance. Whimpering, she lifted her head from his shoulder and held his eyes as she slowly lowered herself onto his throbbing cock, inch by agonizing inch.

"I love you, Bones," he moaned, fighting to keep his eyes open and maintain his sanity as she slowly admitted him into her body. He had known it would be a tight fit but, God, her inner walls clenched him so tightly that the slightest movement caused them to drag at his sensitive flesh, sending pleasure radiating out from his penis to every cell of his body. Despite his experience with women, he'd had no idea pleasure like this existed and his hands fisted beside him on the seat to keep from reaching out, grabbing her hips and forcing her to ride him hard and fast.

Brennan stilled instantly, her eyes widening as Booth's words registered. She was thrilled to hear him say that he loved her, it warmed her heart and soul and she truly wanted to take lots of time to reflect on that but her entire being was focused on the place where they were joined. She had neither the will nor the ability to even think about anything else at the moment. She slid downward another inch and shuddered at the way his hardness was stretching and filling her aching core almost to the point of discomfort. Her eyes slammed shut and her head fell back, exposing the slender arch of her neck and Booth completely lost it at the look of sheer ecstasy on her face and the way her body tightened even further around his.

"Please, Baby," he pleaded, his hands going to her hips and urging them downward, "I need you to move." Brennan managed to force her eyes open and looked down to see the very real need shining from normally warm, brown eyes gone almost black with desire. Holding his eyes, Brennan relaxed her thighs and slid downward, seating him as deeply inside her as possible, moaning long and low as the throbbing in her core increased to an almost unbearable level.

Booth couldn't believe how good it felt to finally be buried inside his partner and not just sexually. Yes, the pure pleasure factor was off the scales but more than that, this felt right and natural and like they should have been doing it for years. They would definitely be doing it every chance they got from here on out if he had anything to say about. His hand lifted and buried itself in her hair, drawing her down for a deep, wet kiss just as her thighs tightened and she raised herself almost off of him then came back down hard and fast. Booth groaned into her open mouth and the hand still resting on her hip tightened as his hips thrust up to meet her next downward movement. God, he was on fire, the knot in his gut was almost painful, his cock throbbed and his entire body was taut and tight with tension that increased with each pleasurable movement of her hips.

Brennan was almost out of her mind with the need to find some relief from the throbbing tension holding her body in its tight grip and she could tell from the tension in Booth's big body that they both needed that relief now. Kissing Booth voraciously as her hips rolled against his in a circular pattern, she finally found the will to pull away from his lips and raise herself back into a sitting position with her hands braced on his chest. Their eyes met and she began to move, rapidly raising and lowering herself on him, their moans and groans echoing in the SUV.

Shuddering and knowing he wasn't going to last long, Booth's hands went to her hips as he met each downward thrust with an upward thrust of his own, their movements in perfect synch as if they had been doing this forever. He wanted to make this good for her but he was so caught up in the pleasure his body was feeling that he had lost the ability to think. Fortunately, he retained his instincts and one hand slid from her hip to find its way back down to where they were joined, his fingers quickly finding her clit and stroking it firmly.

"Booth, I'm…," she gasped short minutes later, unable to finish the sentence as her orgasm slammed into her body with the force of a tsunami, taking away her breath and her ability to speak. Her eyes slammed shut and her head fell back, her mouth opening in a silent scream as lights exploded behind her eyelids and she was thrown into an endless abyss of pleasure. Her body went rigid and her brain completely shut down as sensation after sensation bombarded her body.

Booth watched his partner, now his lover, and the love of his life's face as she came apart above him and he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. Just knowing that he could draw that kind of a response from this woman made him feel like more of a man than he had ever felt before. He wanted to take this moment and freeze it in time, to be like this with her forever but his starving body was making demands that he couldn't ignore as her inner muscles tightened and released around him and her hips jerked against him as she rode out her orgasm. He tried to ease her down and wait until she was finished before finding his own satisfaction but he was so close to the edge that his body refused to wait. Hands gripping her hips, he thrust upward hard and fast and, to his astonishment, the pulsing of her inner muscles got stronger as she cried out his name as if she was dying. And that was all it took to send him plummeting over the edge of the same abyss that Brennan had found, his pleasure so intense and profound that it had no resemblance whatsoever to anything he had ever felt before. It seemed to go on forever and he thought he might actually have lost consciousness. When he once again became aware of his surroundings, every cell of his body was saturated with fulfillment and the knowledge that they had finally found their way to each other and had this to look forward to for the rest of their lives.

Brennan felt Booth moving underneath her and thought she might die from the way his thrusts extended her orgasm, her body following his lead as the throbbing in her core became stronger and stronger, leading her helplessly toward something she didn't understand and almost feared. She felt him swell and lengthen inside her and heard him call out her name as he emptied himself inside her and her entire body clenched as she was hit with another wave of release so strong that all she could do was ride it out and hope she survived. What could have been minutes or hours later, her shuddering, over stimulated body collapsed against Booth's damp chest.

Booth gathered her tightly against him, his arms closing protectively around her as she collapsed against his chest panting for breath. "Are you okay?" he asked having some trouble catching his own breath. Growing concerned when he didn't receive an answer, he gently tipped up her chin and watched as her eyelids flickered open over sleepy, sated, blue eyes. "Are you okay?" He repeated, gently smoothing back the hair from her damp face and neck.

"Umm hmm, I'm great. And so are you, Seeley Booth," she purred with a smile that women have been giving men since the beginning of time for a job well done.

"Thank you, maam," Booth told her, his chest swelling with pride at the way she was looking at him. He couldn't resist tilting her chin a little higher and bending down to kiss her tenderly. Finally finding the willpower to pull away from her lips, he rested his damp forehead against hers. "I don't think it was you or me, Bones, I think it was us together." He told her knowing she had been just as blown away by their lovemaking as he had been.

"I would have to agree that is a possibility, Booth, but to be absolutely certain we would have to do an experiment," she teased, safe, secure and content in his arms, knowing that she never wanted to be anywhere else.

"An experiment, huh?" He teased right back, loving the way she was snuggling against him and never wanting to move from this spot. "What kind of experiment did you have in mind, Bones?" his hand combed through the silky strands of her hair.

"The only way to be certain that you and I are the determining factors in the equation is to change all of the other variables and evaluate the outcome of the experiment," she raised her head and rested her chin atop her crossed hands on his chest.

"I don't know what that means," he admitted sheepishly. She grinned playfully and he, incredibly, felt himself growing hard where he was still inside her. She felt it too and her smile became sultry as she started to nibble on his chin and her hips began to rock against him.

"It means that you and I will have to make love as often and in as many different situations as possible to make sure we don't get different results," she explained patiently and Booth felt a moment of panic that she didn't truly understand how special things were between them until he saw the teasing glint in her eyes. She was playing with him and he loved it.

"Well, Bones, since I know how important your science is to you, I guess I could help you out with this experiment," he told her, trying to keep the laughter out of his voice.

"Thank you, Booth," she answered solemnly, "but I have to warn you that it could take a very, very long time to gather the data and determine the results."

"How long are we talking about here, Bones?" he gasped as her hips suddenly moved sharply against his and he lost his train of thought.

"Years and years," she groaned as his hand found her breast and his fingers began to play with her hardening nipple. "I'm thinking the rest of our lives."

"The rest of our lives, huh?" Booth didn't even try to contain the joy those words brought him. He looked into her eyes with it shining brightly from his face and saw the same expression mirrored on hers. "I'm very, very good with that. I love you, Bones," he managed, even though his emotions were almost overwhelming. His hand went to the back of her head to pull her closer for a kiss that curled both of their toes and had them panting for breath when they pulled away from each other.

"I know," she assured him meeting his eyes evenly, "I love you, too, Booth." Booth felt his heart warm and swell at the words. He would never tire of hearing them just as he would never tire of knowing they were true. She moved against him again and his heart wasn't the only thing swelling and he knew they should get out of here before things got out of control.

"We should go," he suggested even though he very much wanted to continue what they were doing.

"Not yet," Brennan vetoed his suggestion, suddenly getting aggressive and biting at his lips, her hips rolling against him in a way that drug a low growl from deep within his chest. "First we have to verify our results by repeating the experiment exactly."

"Yeah?" he murmured against her lips, knowing he didn't have the desire or the willpower to tell her no.

"Umm hmm, verifying your results is the first rule of scientific inquiry," she assured him, levering herself up slightly with her hands pressed against his chest and they both gasped at the increased depth of his penetration.

"Who am I to stand in the way of scientific inquiry?" Booth groaned, his hands moving to her hips and urging her to increase her movements, the same sensations he remembered from earlier already building in his body until holding his train of thought was difficult. Brennan gave him a beautiful smile of approval then immersed herself in the pleasure only this man could bring her, the act of making love for only the second time in her life and tonight more than just physical.

Their conversation might have been playful and bantering but, as they lost themselves in each other, they each understood exactly what the other had been saying. They were both in this thing all the way and forever. Each knew that they would have problems along the way and that maintaining a personal relationship would take work and compromise from both quarters but it would always be worth it. You just didn't find love like they felt for each other every day and they both planned to hang onto it with both hands for the rest of their lives.