Hibari Kyouya wasn't the social type but the individualistic, slightly sadistic, dominant type. However, everyone has their own dirty little secret and he has the perfect place to exercise that secret privately: the recreation room that he used as a meeting place for the Disciplinary Committee. The recreation room has a lockable door, non-transparent blinds, a couple pretty comfy sofas and a very nice chair behind a waist height desk – perfect for bending over – and to top off the entire room, no one would be dumb enough to enter without knocking and getting permission – whether it was locked, unlocked, closed or open – for risk of tonfa wielding Head of the Disciplinary Committee's wrath.

There are beliefs that those in power, especially head of a high power, like to be put into place and be dominated, controlled, forced to submit. There are also beliefs that some people who have a certain degree of respect for another gain a sort of lewd desire out of that respect toward that other.

Kyouya fit both cases; the desire to be dominated came from his training with Dino and after some internet searching one day when he had gotten bored. He was curious to know why he felt excited when he trained with the Cavallone Heir, why he found that a whip was a fascinating weapon that he had never gone up against. His search showed that getting excited about a whip was usually connected to bondage fetishes; not so much being injured but having a challenge for dominance and control was more toward Kyouya's interest, but he wouldn't mind looking into it a bit more.

Now as for the "lewd desire out of respect" had a lot to do with Sawada Tsunayoushi, after seeing how strong he was, yet out of a strange intrigue he gained from seeing how trusting and kind he can be, Tsuna unknowingly gained a secret respect from the raven-haired young man.

It was rare a most for some one like Kyouya to have respect for anyone and even more rare for him to find masturbation as a reliever for stress or even boredom, but after finding a level or two of respect for Tsuna, and gaining a tolerance from the constant engagements that involved the young brunette, he started to think he was almost cute. Well, having never been attracted to anyone he never had to judge his sexuality but it seemed that it didn't matter; certain circumstances lead him to being curious about a select few individuals – Dino and Tsuna – gave him the occasional erection that was not only pleasurable but doubled as a relief.

Though the amount of "occasions" had increased bit by bit the more he was around the young Vongola X, and being the scary, powerful young man that Kyouya was and the fact he had a room he could use with complete privacy, he had a place to relieve himself.

Today was one of those days that he was on the roof. A bright and sunny day with a nice and gentle breeze. And Tsuna was down below in gym class. Kyouya watched for a while amused at how terrible he was at soccer but how determined he was not to mention cute from falling over himself countless times and revealing parts of his stomach and even glimpses of his nipples, that got Kyouya's attention and he headed straight for the Disciplinary Committee's room.

He was in a hurry because not only did he need to get to the room before anyone noticed but the bell would be ringing soon and there was always the risk of class skippers or wanderers or teachers. However, being in such a hurry as the image of Tsuna replayed in his mind and his cock began to get hard he failed to notice that the door was slightly cracked open from being slammed in the rush and wasn't relooked to be locked.

Kyouya got comfortable on the one of the sofas. With his shoulders leaning against the armrest with his back to the cracked door he unzipped his pants and slid a hand down to tease the tip a little then paused when his ears heard the bell, then clattering and chattering all throughout the hall behind him. A few minutes later as the noise began to cease he envisioned the clumsy brunette again and his thumb went back to teasing the tip of his now throbbing cock. Starting to move his pants down some more to get a better view of his stiffened member curled his slim fingers lightly around the shaft with a bit more teasing to the tip that turned into small strokes to the head. Advancing more toward the base with each stroke began a rhythm up and down his whole length that was present.

Meanwhile, in a classroom not too far away, Tsuna and the rest of the gang that shared the current class which happened to be study hall so they were chatting, Reborn suggested a little get together at Tsuna's as usual. "Tsuna go tell Hibari."

Tsuna began to pale at the thought of facing Hibari-san alone. "B-but Reborn! Hibari-san doesn't even like get togethers…"

"No excuses, No-Good-Tsuna. Go tell Hibari."

"No worries, 10th. I'll go with you!" Gokudera-kun offered.

"No, Tsuna will go alone while the rest of use head to his house. Since it's a short day it shouldn't take long for Tsuna to make it home after seeing Hibari."

"B-but…" The scared boy stuttered at the thought of having no back up when seeing Hibari-san.

"No! Now go."

That was the end of that Tsuna got up with his bag on his shoulder and headed for the recreation room that he guessed Hibari-san would be in as the others left for his house.

Back in the recreation room, Kyouya had increased his pace but not by too much he enjoyed making it last and became quite skilled at it with every time and at this point he had unbuttoned his shirt to play with is nipples – he found during one of his more recent searches that rubbing and pinching his nipples felt even better that just stroking his cock – he was even moaning and panting, but not much louder that quieted sounds of pleasure.

Tsuna had reached the room and heard small sounds but not knowing what they were and being cautious enough without help to talk to Hibari-san carefully walked closer to the door and was about to knock when he noticed the crack and peeked inside. The lights were off, the blinds were closed, so the room was pretty dark but he noticed the figure on the sofa and recognized it to be Hibari-san maybe napping but that didn't explain the noise or the fact he saw some movement and Hibari-san was sitting up too much for it to be a comfortable sleeping position.

He started to contemplate that trying to figure the noise and everything out would most likely get him bitten to death and thought that maybe it was time to leave. Tsuna began turning away from the door and heading for the nearest exit until he heard what almost sounded like his name.

"S-sa-wa-da… ha… ugh.. Sawada..." Kyouya moaned as he stroked himself even more as his tip began to drip glistening drops of precum. Pinching and pulling at his nipple and stroking even faster he moaned louder, panting out, "Sawada", over and over between the moans and pants.

Tsuna couldn't look away when he started to figure out exactly what was going on and found a better angle to see all the more clearly what Hibari-san was doing. Hearing his name said so lustily made his own cock begin to twitch a bit not really harden just yet but it was headed for the half way with every calling of his name.

Kyouya's fingers started to get coaxed with his cum and even more so when he rubbed the tip before rapidly stroking his length and almost screaming Tsuna's name as he climaxed all over his refined stomach and even a few drops up to his nipples.

With that Tsuna unconsciously moved forward and bumped the door, which opened it even more not only making noisy but made him fall from the door he had been leaning on.

Kyouya turned in surprise to see that he had been caught, not only caught by anyone but the very person he had been masturbating to; the very person he had been calling out by name to; the very person he envisioned and climaxed to. As a conditioned reaction to being startled he stood up to face peeper, and his pepper got a full frontal view of the cold and cruel Hibari Kyouya, covered in his own semen with his shirt undone and messy, pants open and revealing a softening cock. Both boys were stunned still, speechless, embarrassed and unsure of what would happen next.