The next day Tsuna went to school as if the weekend hadn't been any different from any other weekend. And so far his day was normal. Tsuna watched the clock or looked outside not sure if he felt relieved the weekend ended and seemed like that was the furthest it would have gone or if he wished there would be a sign that Kyouya was interested in him.

As half of the day came and went rather uneventfully, Tsuna thought it would either continue like it was or something bad was bound to happen and soon. Lunch bells began to chime and proved exactly what Tsuna had feared. Feared? That doesn't seem like the right word. He thought as he was summoned to the disciplinary committee office.

The rest of the students simply watched wondering what he did to attract the prefect's attention. Hayato heard all of the random murmurs around the classroom as the students went to enjoy their lunch. Worries about what might happen to the 10th began piling up in his head as Tsuna left the room.

Upon arriving at the dark and usually scary room Tsuna cautiously entered unsure of what awaited him. "Tsunayoshi…" Kyouya growled using his first name. "Lock the door and change into that." He ordered pointing to the female uniform set out on the sofa neatly.

Tsuna just blushed and walked to the sofa and picked up the short skirt, examining it before stripping and putting it on. He even has frilly girls' undies with this uniform. Tsuna thought as he dressed himself out of fear and arousal. However in doing so innocent little bunny hadn't quite followed all of the given orders and forgot to close, let alone, lock the door all the way.

Gokudera sat with the usual Vongola group of people, wondering and worrying, as to what was taking the 10th so long. "I'm gonna go and check on the 10th." He said getting up from the desks they had grouped together for lunch. That damn Hibari must be up to something. He keeps taking the 10th away and must be trying to become his right hand man. As he got closer he could hear gasps from the disciplinary room. The silver haired boy noticed the small crack, space between the door and the frame. Without a second thought as he noticed the harsh violation of some tiny outfit with a skirt thanks to Hibari, Gokudera burst into the disciplinary room to rescue his boss and friend.

As the door burst inward Kyouya and the pleasure stunned Tsuna watched in shock as the grey haired boy entered without permission. Tsuna could only try to close his legs and hide his embarrassment under the skirt he was talked into wearing.

"I don't know what kind of lies or blackmail or threats you have on the 10th but you're going to let him go!" The grey haired boy said. "And you're certainly aren't going to be his right hand man!" He yelled grabbing for a couple sticks of dynamite.

Kyouya smirked inwardly. He had seen enough of how their little "family" acted around each other and knew how to make things even more fun and interesting. "Hmm? You think you can be his right hand man? You can't even keep track of his whereabouts or take care of his needs." He said plucking at the silver haired boys' strings, further taunting and pissing him off. "I, on the other hand, can. And quite frankly in the middle of performing some of what I believe are the duties such a title entails."

Gokudera's control and pride cracked with each insulting word out of the tonfa wielding deviant. However, he couldn't deny what was said in regards to taking care of Tsuna. "10th!" He said looking from Hibari to the cross dressed boy. "How do I become a better right hand man? How can I satisfy you as your right hand man?" he asked almost begging for approval regardless of what tasks and duties would be expected as a right hand man to the Vongola family boss-to-be.

Between the embarrassments of his outfit, the shock of Kyouya invoking such devilish trouble and implying certain "duties" towards Gokudera along with the fact the silver haired boy was desperate enough to fall for it. Tsuna was utterly speechless. Especially when he felt a hot, wet mouth surrounded his throbbing member. Looking down with eyes widened Tsuna watched as one of his dear friends began sucking him off without a word.

Grinning at the action taking place as a result of his taunting, Kyouya reached for his little black bag and its contents.

As waves of pleasure began to consume him, Tsuna placed his hands on the grey haired boys' shoulders as he continued to be pleasured by his mouth and tongue. With his body leaned forward towards Gokudera and away from the desk, Kyouya snuck behind him and began rubbing a lubed up vibrator around the well stretched puckered hole, before thrusting it in causing the herbivore boss to suddenly cum, filling the kneeling boys mouth.