Omake by Aealket

The following omake comes from Aealket, FFN user 1271272, who wanted one particular character to live through the "troubles" in my story. You might want to check out his work. I particularly like "When Is It a Contract" because it has a concept I've never seen elsewhere.


"Excuse me, Harry. May I sit here?"

The girl appeared to be one of the few remaining at Hogwarts what with all of my prospective brides all dying.

"And you are?"

"Luna Lovegood."

"If you must, are you a pure-blood and are looking to marry me?"

"Pure-blooded, yes. Looking to marry you? No way, I would like to live to see my next birthday!"

"Are you saying I killed all those girls?"

"I'm saying that the girls all died after they got put on your list of prospective brides."

Well what do you know a witch that can actually think some?

"What can I do for you Miss Lovegood?"

"Daddy has managed to keep my name off of your list ever since the idiots first created it, but it is getting harder, and I would like to ask a favor of you."

"You don't think I owe it to magical Britain to marry a pure-blood and re-populate the country?"

"What I think doesn't matter. Now about my favor?"

"Go ahead, Miss Lovegood."

"All I ask is if you ever find my name on your list, you give me enough warning to get out of the country, I don't want to die, and the way the darn law is written, if I'm betrothed to someone else I can remove myself from your list. The problem is that I can't sign those betrothal papers myself for another two years. I can, however, get myself out of the country and avoid any Aurors until I am old enough to sign those papers."

"Can't your dad sign the betrothal papers for you?"

"As I said, it is getting harder to keep my name of the list. When Daddy approached the marriage office to file some on my behalf, he was turned away."

"So you don't want the Potter money?"

"Oh please, as if I care about a vault of two. I'm the heiress to the Ravenclaw vault, and I don't want you to have access to it any more than you want me to have access to the Potter vaults."

I actually had to sit back at look at this girl a bit more closely.

"How would I have access to Ravenclaw vault? The way this Societal Reconstruction Act was written, you would control my vault as you are the pure-blood…"

"Do you think you are the only person the Wizengamot has tried to get control of? One week after my birth, when it became known that my mother would be unable to produce any more children, the Wizengamot passed a law that said that any heir to a magical family would gain full control of my vault on my marriage. They weren't as concerned with the heir being pure-blooded as you were under a Fidelius at the time, and I think they forgot you existed.

"I have spent nearly my entire time here at Hogwarts trying to appear like a fool so no family would want me. But the idiots are likely going to try to add a rider to the Societal Reconstruction Act that says if your bride is insane they get both your vault and mine."

"Hmm, Miss Lovegood, I think I see a way were we can help each other. Have you ever heard of pre-nuptial?"

"No, it sounds messy though."

"I swear an unbreakable oath to never try to control the Ravenclaw vault; you swear an unbreakable oath to never try to control the Potter vault. We agree to become betrothed and then we disappear, you go one way, and I go another. By the time the Wizengamot figures out we are out of their control, we can have transferred our money out of England, and made them a laughing stock…"