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Just a cute, humor drabble:) Also sorry if there's any errors, the spellchecker and Doc. Manager is still acting up for me:(!

"Pepper what are you doing for lunch today?" Tony asked his assistant. They were currently in his kitchen.

"Nothing Mr. Stark. If you need me to do something--"

"No I mean do you want to have lunch with me?" He ask with a smirk. Pepper blushed a little but cleared her throat and tried to remain calm.

"Mr. Stark--"

"Tony. Pepper, call me Tony."

"Tony I have to much to do that I need to work through lunch today." Pepper said.

"Well, as your boss I'm asking you to have lunch with me...please?" He said the last word sincerely enough that Pepper's defenses went down.

"Okay Tony. Where would you like to go?" Pepper asked as she automatically got her blackberry out as if to make a reservation or something.

"I was thinking a picnic at the park." He said with a huge smile as Pepper stared at him.

"You want to go eat at the park?" She asked confused.

"Yes. Come on, we'll grab some food and go there to eat." Tony said as he was already partly out the door.

Ten minutes later Pepper and Tony arrived at a hill top near Malibu. They started eating and talking when something caught Tony's eye. He picked it up...

"Hey Pepper? Do you like butter?" Tony asked as he held a little yellow dandelion under her chin.

"Tony tha--"

"It looks like you do." He said with a chuckle as he saw yellow light up under her chin.

"Tony you know that means nothing." Pepper said as she jokingly swatted his hand away. He grinned and looked at the dandelion between his fingers as if he was studying it.

"My mom used to do that to me. When I was six, in this very park." Tony said calmly. Pepper froze, that was the first time in years that he's mentioned something about his mom.

"She used to put it under my chin and ask me the same thing. I believed for quite a while that you could actually tell if a person liked butter because of a dandelion." Tony said as he rested the little weed in his palm.

"...My dad did that to me too. I was around the same age and..he use to joke about it all the time." Pepper said with a smile as she remembered those memories.

"We both have crazy pasts huh?" Tony said.

"Well, I wouldn't call it crazy, not that I still believe it but they just tried to make us laugh. I miss that." Pepper said.

"Yeah, I miss her." Tony said quietly. After a minute Tony felt something soft flutter under his chin. He opened his eyes and saw Pepper a little closer to him, holding a dandelion under his chin.

"I still have to test you." Pepper said with a smile. Tony laughed and held her hand under his chin with the weed. A yellow light popped up under his chin and Pepper grinned.

"Well it's official Tony. You like butter." Pepper said with a laugh.

"Good, because I could use some for this mashed potato." Tony said as he gestured to his half eaten potato,

"Very funny Tony." Pepper said as she leaned away, only to be caught by Tony's wrist still connected with hers.

"Sorry..." He said as he released it. She gave him a smile and a peck on the cheek for whatever reason. It just seemed right to Pepper. Tony blushed a little and threw away his trash and they both headed for the car.

The next morning Tony woke up to an unusual smell. He went down stairs to find Pepper in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.

"Good morning Ms. Potts."

"Good morning Mr. Stark." Pepper said as she handed him his coffee.

"What's with all of this?" He asked and gestured to the table full of pancakes and toast, along with two tubes of butter.

"Breakfast. I hope you like butter on your pancakes."

Just a really funny drabble:) My grandfather used to always do that to me. I don't know if any of you ever heard of it, it's pretty old but I'm positive that Tony Stark has heard of it:):):)

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