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Final Fantasy

Considering there was only one Rosso and four of us, you would think it'd be a one sided fight for the larger team. That wasn't the case, as Rosso was beyond what could be termed as 'fast'. She rushed Lightning in a blink of an eye, knocking her flat onto her back with a hard thud.
She then turned her attention to me. I went wide-eyed with fear as she charged, the strange fantasy-sword held out behind her. I wasn't a fighter and I most definitely did not have a weapon, I was about as useful as a pocket knife in a gun fight.

"Hey!" Tidus called, "catch!"

Rosso looked over, I guess she was curious. She turned just in time for a soccer-ball sized piece of rubble to shoot towards her at a ridiculous pace. She tried to block it, swinging the blade in an elegant fashion that resembled a sort of dance. But that did absolutely nothing, the chunk shot through her defense and crashed into her chest.
Rosso roared as she went careening backwards, turning it into a sort of hop and flip to right herself. The crazed woman smiled at Tidus.

"Brave of you, but foolish." She twirled the double-sword again before running at him.

That was a fatal mistake, in her anger (and probable insanity); she hadn't entered Lightning into the equation. I watched her rush in from behind, nearly getting a hit in before Rosso blocked again and went on the defensive. Her speed was nearly matched by the warrior-woman, both of them turning into blurs of pointy-edged objects as they tried to kill one another.
I backed up, watching sparks and light fly as the two weapons slammed into each other. It reminded me of a lightsaber duel from the STARWARS movies, a beautiful dance of death and agility.

Vivi gulped and rushed over to me, ducking behind. "M-Miss, are you o-ok?"
"Think so," I nodded to him. "Are you?"
"We're floating h-higher…" He pointed to the massive thing Rosso had called Sin. "I-I don't want to t-think about what h-happens when we reach t-the top.."
"Neither do I…" I admitted, feeling utterly useless.

"Argh!" Rosso had been hit while I wasn't looking; she staggered back from Lightning, glaring daggers. "Bitch…"

Lightning didn't reply, she just stood ready.

Blood flowed freely from the hit she had on her arm, and that seemed to give all of us a bit of hope. If she bled, which clearly she did, she could die. The challenge was she seemed difficult to kill, she forced Lightning back, managing to kick the pink-haired woman in the stomach before delivering a powerful uppercut.
She went sprawling backwards, landing on her back with a dazed groaned; her weapon flinging out of her hand. It landed a mere foot away from me.

Rosso chuckled darkly. "I'll be the end…" She glared at Tidus. "Of both of you…"

From her hand shot a black orb, in the time span of seconds I watched it make the light and air around it bend, waver and warp to its own contorted energies before smashing into Tidus. He let out a helpless cry, being knocked clean over the edge. He just managed to grasp the ledge.

"Tidus!" I cried, about to run to where I could see him desperately holding onto the edge before I heard a grunt.

Rosso had delivered a kick to Lightning's head; she slowly lifted the woman up by the throat. Her eyes quickly looking-over the nearly unconscious warrior with a demented smile.

"He told me to bring you back…" She cooed, as Lightning weakly brought her hands up to grasp Rosso's. "But, you're far more trouble than your worth…"

I looked at Vivi. "Help Tidus!" I ordered, grabbing the fancy sword off the ground.

"W-what are you going to do?" He questioned helplessly.

"I'm…" My eyes went to the blade, looking at it with hesitation.

I had never fought before, not even in dreams. I wasn't much into violence, I had only watched movies and even then I had never in my wildest dreams thought about doing anything remotely close to that. Well, that was, until now. Dream or not, this felt far too real to just be 'Oh no, there goes Lightning'.

"I'm going to fight." I narrowed my eyes and charged, ignoring the feeble calls from Vivi.

Rosso looked as if she was whispering something to Lightning when I reached her. I swung the sword above my head and with as much force as my tired limbs could muster, brought it crashing down.

There was a thump and an odd feeling as the blade hit Rosso's back, it sliced clean through her clothing and into her flesh. I guess I hit her bone, because the sword stopped suddenly for a reason I couldn't really grasp. The Crimson roared in anguished, dropping her intended victim and stumbling forward.

I stared at her blankly, before I looked at the bloodied weapon that was tightly in my grasp. Rosso pivoted around, enraged. Her eyes seemed alight with fire and brimstone as she tightened her hold on her own weapon and approached me.

"You…" She hissed, though then began to laugh. "You don't even belong here, and you dare challenge me?!" Rosso broke into hysterical laughter.

"W-what…?" I blinked, wavering. "What do you mean?"

"Doesn't matter…" Rosso grinned. "In seconds you'll be dead."

Something about that chilled me to the bone. I got the feeling I wouldn't wake up if I let her dice me.

"S-switch…." The groggy, half-hearted voice from Lightning came from her limp body. Her eyes began to roll back into her skull.. "… Switch…"

I blinked, taking my eyes off of Rosso I looked at the side of the weapon.

A switch…

How convenient…

As Rosso came at me, and I flicked it. The weapon bent and collapsed the blade flipping inwards. Gears spun to life and there was a faint 'click' as the rifle formed. I didn't have time to think or say anything really intelligible, I just aimed and fired.


I told you I didn't say anything brilliant. I just screamed whatever wanted to come out of my mouth. Apparently a terrified, teenaged war cry was what my vocal-cords found appropriate.

Her eyes went wide as I fired, the recoil on this thing was ridiculous but the spray went into The Crimson. The woman shrieked; staggering back in horror as her weapon faded away into the air. I fell ungracefully onto my ass, clinging to the rifle like a life line.

"You bitc-"

Tidus cut her off with a tackle; smashing his left-side into her. Rosso screamed, flying off the platform before slamming into some floating debris. Her body went limp, and she slipped off the piece she hit and into the darkness below.

Thank God.

The platform shook, and quickly began to crumble as I rushed to Lightning's side. She was unconscious, blood leaking from the wound on the side of her head. Tidus and Vivi moved towards us, careful to avoid the developing cracks. Vivi approached quickly, looking up in surprise.

"The water!"

I looked up, awestruck as the water rippled and pushed away. It revealed a massive swirling grey and pale-skinned orb. Over us was a bright, manhole sized entrance that the pieces of the city were crumbling and flying into.

"Christ…" I murmured, grabbing a hold of Lightning and clutching the gun. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained…" I tried to sound assuring.

Tidus took several steps back, not wanting to face the light.

Lightning's eyes opened a tad, she looked at me confused. Gently she grasped my arm.


I looked at her, lost on what to say. W-who?

The light consumed me, I watched as Lightning faded away and the world soon after. I was lost, it felt like I was in some chaotic mess, being pushed and shoved in every direction. Almost like riding the back of a bus with some crazed driver going over every pothole and bump he could afford while swerving around corners.

For a minute I thought I felt ground beneath me, and in the distance I could hear Rosso's mad laughter. I wanted to open my eyes, but something told me not too. I wasn't ready to see what was around me, so instead I kept them firmly shut. Waiting for something to happen…

It did, I was thrown into that horrible mess again and then I hit what could've only been the ground.


It was moist and soft, while the air was damp. My mind reeled from whatever happened, so instead of getting up, my body lay still. My conscious thoughts drifted farther and farther away until I was dreaming.

Don't I only dream if I've fallen asleep?

A horrible realization dawned on me.

Have I been awake this entire time?

If I wasn't sleeping, then I had to be going insane right? Had I fallen into a random comatose state back home?
More importantly, how do I get home?