Title: This, That, and the Other Thing (Take Two)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were. Never will be. :(
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Kelly Clarkson
"All I Ever Wanted"

Wilson sat on the bench at the edge of the water, watched the frozen surface of the pond glistening in the water. There was a forlorn duck on the other side, looking at his (or her) reflection in the glassy surface, likely wondering where his brethren were. Wilson felt a little like him – lost, missing his best friend, wondering if everyone else was somewhere else, somewhere he was supposed to be. But maybe he had just missed the memo. The duck flew away and left Wilson to continue thinking. Maybe the duck finally realized where his brothers were and had decided to join them in their long journey to the heat of the south. Wilson, however, still felt lost.

That morning he and House had had another argument, over a girl. It had been approximately ten years and eight months since Wilson had realized he was in love with House, but he had kept up the charade of liking women to keep his friendship with the man he so passionately cared for. After they bought the condo together, Wilson hoped maybe things would change, maybe he would see something in House that was a message for him, a message to let encourage more than friendship.

The message Wilson was longing for still hadn't come, but he started trying to send his own. The proposal to House had been a little over the top, for Wilson at least, and he liked to think that maybe this had been a hint for House. But it didn't seem that House had taken the hint the way he was supposed to. Maybe his hints needed to be more obvious. He turned and looked at the person looking next to him; House, too, was staring out at the pond, frowning.

"What's on your mind?" Wilson asked quietly.

"Nothing," House told him, keeping his face stoic.

Wilson glanced back at the pond and then found a tree in the distance that was shaking slightly with the pressure of the wind. He focused on the quivering leaves and whispered, every so quietly, "I'm ready now."

"What?" House asked, looking at his pensive friend.

"I said, I'm ready now."

"For what?"


"Return to Sender"

Dear Stacy-
I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry.


Please forgive me.


Wilson told House it was okay. He burned the envelopes. He didn't offer to drive House to Stacy. He didn't offer to call her. He just held House while he cried. Who needed her anyways?

Billy Joel

The piano wakes you. You roll over in bed to feel his side – it's still warm. Pushing yourself up from the covers, you don't bother to put any pyjamas on, because your condo is up high enough that no one will see in the windows. The floorboards squeak a little as you walk out to him, wrap your arms around his shoulders and kiss the top of his head lightly. "What woke you?" you ask him, swaying with his body.

He doesn't answer for a moment, as he continues to play the slow, sad melody on the keys. But he gets to the easy part, the part you both have memorised, because it never changes and he tells you, "Nightmare."

"What about?" You breathe softly on the soft skin of his neck while his head bends over the keys.

He looks back up to answer you. "Amber." The song picks up speed. It's fiercer now – gripping at your heart, pulling your stomach down towards your feet. Or maybe that's just her name. "The bus," he adds, but that's not necessary. You both know. The song slows again and your body relaxes. You let his head lean against your torso and sigh.

"It'll be okay."

"I hope so." He keeps playing, and you go back to bed.