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Bittersweet Love Story

"She's like a bittersweet fruit that he can't pick until it has ripened…"

Chapter One

Meeting You Again

The sky is painted with a mix of orange and violet colors, a sign that the sun is almost setting some stars are already visible and the full moon shines faintly. Though it's already getting dark, there are still a lot of people especially young kids playing in the playground as well as teenage couples having their date in a certain park in Kanagawa.

"I can't believe that we skip tennis practice just because of this ice cream," Miyabe muttered and rolled her eyes heavenward.

"I didn't ask you to come with me, did I?" Hikari said with a glare and started eating her favorite cone ice cream.

"I'm just curious about why you habitually skip practice just to eat this ice cream," Miyabe also licked her ice cream. "And there is nothing special about this. This just tastes ordinary. To think that we come here in Kanagawa just for this, it's unbelievable."

A certain ice cream store stands in the middle of that park. It was quite famous ever since Hikari was a child. She did not mind if she has to go there to eat her favorite ice cream. The store owner knew her since she was a kid since they used to live near that park. Though Hikari is under a strict diet because she's a chubby girl when she was younger, she still find time to eat that ice cream.

Miyabe is right, there's nothing extraordinary about that ice cream. Actually, it's not really about the ice cream but about her happy childhood memory in that park. When they still live in Kanagawa her family used to spend time there especially when her father was still alive. She felt that everytime she go there and eat that ordinary ice cream, she felt nostalgic and remember the time that she spent with her deceased father.

"Will you please stop nagging and just finish eating your ice cream?" Hikari pleaded to her friend.

"Yeah, yeah."

Hikari and Miyabe are both Senior High School student in Hyoutei Gakuen. They are both member of the girls' tennis club. They are doubles partner and bestfriend since their first year in middle school.

"We still have two weeks before the national tournament, so I think it's alright to skip practice," Hikari reminded her best friend.

"As if you don't know Cassie, for sure we will be running 50 laps tomorrow," Miyabe threatened her. Cassie is their close friend and captain. "You know how scary she can be. No friends if we slack off."

"I know. You don't have to threaten me." She looked around, looking for a place to sit but she haven't seen any. "Come on girl, let's find a place to sit."

They walked around the park when suddenly…

"Ah!" Hikari shrieked.

A tennis ball had hit her hand from the back making her lose her grip on her precious ice cream. The poor ice cream fell on the ground, and all she did was to stare down at it, clenching her fists as her blood boil anguishly. She picked the ball that had hit her. "Who threw this on me!" she screamed and turned to her back.

"Gomen nasai," a red haired guy said while chewing a gum.

Her chocolate brown orbs went wide as recognition flooded her system. It can be seen in his face that he too recognize her.

The guy smiled. "Hikari-chan, it's been a while, it's so nice to see you here," he said as he stares at her with those glinting violet eyes.

"Marui Bunta, it's not so nice to see you." she almost hiss as she glared at him and remembered something from their past, which happened in that same place almost eight years ago.

"Come on, Bun-chan, hurry up!" the young Hikari told Bunta. She gripped his wrist and dragged him towards the ice cream store. "Choose any flavor you want, it's my treat," she said with a huge grin on her slightly puffy cheeks.

"Wow! Thanks Hikari-chan," the young Marui Bunta's eyes twinkled. He chose five different flavors. The vendor scooped and piled it in one cone while she only picked one flavor, her favorite strawberry flavor.

They sat on a vacant bench and started to eat their ice cream enthusiastically.

"What have you eaten to treat me today huh?" Bunta asked her and eventually continued licking his ice cream.

Hikari stopped eating and shifted on her seat to face her friend who was seating beside her."You forgot?"

"I forgot what?"

She widened her eyes at him. "Today is my 10th birthday! This is the first time that you forgot my birthday."

Suddenly her eyes were teary. She was really hurt that her best friend for more than five years forgot her birthday. They were neighbors. Bunta's family bought the house beside theirs five years ago. They became playmates and they were very close. He was like her brother and yet he forgot her special day.

"Of course not! How could I forget your birthday?" he put his arms around her shoulders.

"Liar," she pouted childishly.

"It's true. I'm just teasing you."

She rolled her eyes.

"In fact, I have a present for you."

She looked at him with twinkle in her eyes. "Really? What is it? What is it?" she asked gleefully.

He removed his arms around her and get on his feet. He stood down and grin at her. "Close your eyes first," he said.

She nodded. "Okay." A wide smile form her lips and tightly closed her eyes anticipating for whatever his present was.

All of a sudden something soft touched her lips. She opened her eyes and was terrified when she noticed what it was. Bunta's lips! She dropped her ice cream. He just kissed her! Is that his present? She pushed him away. She stood up and punched him which he dodged effortlessly. "Yuck!" she wiped her lips." Is that your present? It's disgusting!" she screamed. Thankfully there are not much of people in the park. No one saw what happened.

He laughed. "Didn't you like it?"

"No! I will definitely not like it!" she run away from him with tears continuously streaming down her cheeks.

"Hey where are you going?"

"I'm going home."

"Wait for me." He run after her.

She stopped on her tracks and spun to face him. "Don't ever come near me. I hate you Bunta! I hate you!' she screamed out loud and run as fast as she can.

After that incident, Hikari did not talk to him anymore. She was really angry at him. He was like a brother to her and yet he did that. Two years after, Hikari's family left the neighborhood and lived in an exclusive subdivision in Tokyo when their family business, a bakeshop, became one famous chain of bakeshop in the country. There are instances that they see each other in tennis tournaments but they haven't talked for a long time.

"How are you?" He asked her.

She just ignored his question. "Are you the one who threw this on me?" She asked while holding the ball.

"Actually I did not mean to hit you. I was aiming for that brat," he said and pointed at boy. She assumed that he was around 10 years old. A guy with a silver hair had his arms around the shoulder of the kid, he is Niou Masaharu, the trickster and Marui's bestfriend. "That kid snatched my wallet, so tried to stop him using my tennis skill, but that kid dodged it." He explained.

"I am not asking the reason why you had hit me; I am just asking if you are the one who hit me. No need to explain. You just have to say yes or no." Her eyes were still in fury.

"Yes I did. Gomen nasai. " He bowed his head.

Her eyebrow rose and she cross her arms against her chest "What will I do with your apology; will it return my wasted ice cream? How about my effort to come here all the way from Tokyo? How about my effort to fall in line just to buy that ice cream?" she pointed at the melting ice cream on the ground. "And how about Sumi-chan's effort to serve me that, huh? Will your 'sorry' can return all what were wasted?"

"No, but I can buy you a new one," Marui answered.

"I don't need you to buy me a new one," she answered.

"Then what are you nagging about? You've become crankier as the years past."

"I wanted you to be careful and be sure with all your acts. You call yourself as genius right? Then act like one!" Then she turned to the boy."And you kiddo, stop stealing." She turned away. "Let's go Miyabe."

Miyabe pressed her hand together and mouthed an apology before she followed her bestfriend.

All Marui Bunta did was watch her back as her long and wavy auburn hair swayed with her every move until she disappeared from his sight.

"Oi Marui, she's one cranky girl. You two were childhood friends right?"Niou asked Marui. He already told him about her before.

"Yeah," he said, still looking at the direction that Hikari walked.

"Then why is she so ill-tempered to you? Or is she always like that?" Niou asked him curiously.

"She's really a cranky girl since we were kids but she is kind," Marui told him with a smile on his lips.

"Kind? You call that girl, kind?" the boy butt in.

"Hey, kiddo. Don't butt in to the conversations of the people older than you," Marui mussed the boy's hair.

"What will we do to this boy? Shall we bring him to the police station?"Niou asked him while tightening his arm around boy looked at him, pleading.

"I think there's no need. Just promise us you won't do that again, okay?"Marui look down at the young boy.

The boy nodded vigorously. "Promise. I am just hungry, nii-san. I haven't eaten since yesterday. I left our house because my father is beating me and my mother, I can't stand it." The boy's eyes were teary and soon enough he sobs.

He seemed to be telling the truth. Somehow, he knew what the boy feels...he sympathize him.

"Don't cry kiddo, you should go back home now. Maybe one day, your father will realize that what he was doing is wrong. Don't lose hope." Marui patted the boy's head. "Your nii-sans will treat you for snack, right Niou?"

Niou smirked. "He will treat us." The trickster pointed at the self-proclaim tensai. "Don't cry, kiddo."

Marui glare at his friend. "I will treat the kid, not you Niou. Because of you kid, I had a chance to talk to Hikari again." He said with a smile.

"Man! You call that a 'talk'." Niou widened his eyes at him.

Marui shrugged. "Well yes, at least even she's mad. Unlike before, just cold stare."

"You're pathetic," Niou muttered.

Marui locked Niou's head with his arms making the trickster choked. The boy laughed at them heartily.

"Really? Marui did that before?" Miyabe almost screamed out when Hikari told her the reason for her hatred towards the Rikkai's tensai. The red-haired girl didn't left Hikari's room until the brunette surrendered to tell her all the details. She was right that there was a certain 'something' between them. She just know that Hikari hate the red-haired boy but whenever she ask her about what had cause it, she refused to say. "Meaning, you two are childhood sweethearts?" Miyabe asked with a teasing smile

"Hell no! I was really mad at him because I treated him as a brother and yet he took advantage of me. I know that he just wanted to make fun of me that time."

"I think you should not be mad at him."

"Why should I not be mad at hum huh?"

"It's just a kiss! For heaven's sake!" Miyabe's cerulean eyes were wide as she looks at her incredulously.

"It's not just a kiss. I was still so young and innocent at that time. For me kissing is precious... You don't know how scared I was back then."

"Why were you scared?" Miyabe asked her with a frown on her forehead.

"My okaa-sama said that a kiss is for married couples only. For the person you love, and that I should not do that or else…" she paused.

"Or else what?"

"Or else I will get pregnant."

Miyabe laughed loudly and rolled over the bed. She threw a pillow on her face, but Miyabe did not stop laughing. "I can't believe that you believed that." She said between her laughs.

She glared at her. "I was so young back then, that's what I believed in."

Miyabe just laughed out loud.