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At first, Hinata hadn't understood when her father insisted she wasn't ready to face the Hyuga council.

"You cannot take your place as heir yet," he had told her, "You're still not ready."

At first, she hadn't understood. Then she got angry.

Not ready? She had spent her entire life training to be perfect, she was strong, she had mastered all the families jutsus and katas, not to mention she knew the entire history backwards! How could she had not proven herself worthy already? How could her father tell her she wasn't ready?

"Father!" she had begun to protest, but he had held up his wide palm, silencing her.

"But you will be," he informed her, "come to my office this time in two days, and I will make you a real leader!"

If she was confused before, this statement had her brain in re-set for the rest of the day.

So in two days, there she was, walking awkwardly beside her father in silence towards the shopping district of Konoha.

"Ano…" she chanced to ask him, "Where are we going, father?"

He was silent for a moment, eyes set and face hard. Then he answered her:

"Cloud nine."

She nearly fell over. Cloud…nine? Had he really just said that?

Suddenly her eyes grew wide, they weren't going on a shopping spree were they?

In a panic, she ruffled through everything she knew to pick up something- anything that her father could have meant. Any phrase, any passing in conversation, anything that sounded similar to the words that she swore she heard come from his lips.

She only found one. She frowned at a memory of Sakura and Ino talking about it.

Cloud nine…'Cloud-9'?

She stared at her father. She knew that place.


"Yes, Hinata?"

"Y…You don't mean the…the shop 'Cloud-9'?"

"Yes, Hinata."

She almost choked.

"B…But, I don't understand, Father, how will going to a beauty parlour improve my training?"

He was silent for another moment.


This time she really did choke. As she was hacking, he continued;

"Eyebrows, Hinata. It's all in the eyebrows. You'll never intimidate anyone with arches like that. Even Nejis' are higher."


"It's the Hyuga way, Hinata. Arched eyebrows are part of the Hyuga way! I refuse to have an heir with meek little slopes like yours. I won't have it."

They were silent, Hinata trying desperately to process this newfound information her father had delivered so passionately.

"…And we really must do something about that pallor of yours."

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