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For the first time in years, Hyuga Hinata was scared.

The moment had broken a long record. She was an assassin of a hidden village; she had faced deadly foes and mass murderers; killed weapon dealers usually only seen in the bingo book; taken on twelve chuunins without anyone covering her and managed to take down four until reinforcements arrived; found herself stranded and injured in the Suna desert with minimal supplies- she had even experienced a kunai at her throat and a threat hissed in her ear- but never, in all those times had she been more scared shitless than she was at this very moment.

Her father was putting her down for an entire makeover.

Not only would the minimal amount of daring, unordered hairs on her brow be ripped out- oh no, but she was down for a facial mask, a massage, a mud bath, stone therapy, and acupuncture for goodness sake!

Speaking for the 'sake' of things, if someone turned up with a bottle she wouldn't exactly say no to a swig. She suspected her father was edging his way to mention a wax to the assistant too, and didn't feel she was in the state of mind to overhear it just yet.

Sitting in the plastic chair across from the counter and wringing her hands, she desperately tried to ignore her fathers' voice- "No, a pedicure should just be fine for her… Oh, me? No, I don't think- well… but… oh alright then."

Hinata had never really considered taking her suicide pills before.


Hinata opened eyes she hadn't realised were clenched closed. Turning, she saw a familiar face as the girl made to sit down beside her.

"I-Ino-san!" she had never been more happy to see her before (not even that time she had a ruptured spleen and Ino was coming to heal her).

"What are you doing here?" Ino looped a lock oh hair behind her ear, "I never took you to be the 'spa day' type."

"I'm not," Hinata had been about to say, when she suddenly caught some of her fathers words which almost cracked her sanity straight through the middle. Never in her life had Hinata even considered raising her voice above a murmur towards her father.

"NO FAKE TAN!" she practically screamed at him. Somehow she had the feeling that it was going to be a very long day.

Please, please, please, excuse the 'sake' pun.
(Imagine Hinata with a fake tan though, kukuku. My imagination almost can't stretch that far.)

So dear readers (and thankyou very much for all your reviews) please feel free to suggest anything you would like to see in this story, because it's not like I have a giant plot or anything. Anything I might err away from is making this a romance though, because I didn't advertise it like that when I first wrote it and I want people who like all pairings to feel like they can read it.