Beauty and the Beast-kylix

Belle: hehehe you guys know who! Green
Beast: Sapphire
Maurice(Belle's dad) : Ruby
Enchantress: Platina
Gaston(He wants to marry Belle no matter what) : Pearl
LeFou( Gaston's sidekick) : Diamond
Lumiére(candelabra, the candle guy) : Gold(yeah ladies man)
Mrs. Potts( teapot lady) : Crystal
Chip( teacup kid) : Emerald
Cogsworth(clock guy) : Red
Fifi(feather duster, Lumiére's lover) :Blue
Armoire( wardrobe lady ) : Yellow
D'Arque(the man that helps Gaston blackmail belle) : Silver
Script: Blue

Before rehearsal

Red: Calm down Green people love you as the damsel in distress
Gold: Yeah besides I didn't write the script this time
Green: Then who did?
Blue: I did!
Gold: *big grin* You know OUR role on the play right?*wink*
Crystal: *in her mind*(Ignore him! Ignore him!)
Blue: Curse I do That's why I wrote it, I learned a valuable lesson when YOU little PUNK made the wrong move back when we defeated the Mask of Ice man
Gold: *disappointed*
Silver: *he doesn't show it but is kinda pleased*
Sapphire: Why do I have to be the beast?!
Ruby: Because of your oh so special fiery temper....duh
Sapphire:*punches ruby* Shut it! Maybe that'll help you remember some things!!
Blue: Ugh not here you guys!


Narrator( Blue) : Long ago there was a prince who was not kind but super hawt!!! (Crystal: Blue!!!)( Blue: *giggle*). One night an ugly beggar lady knocked on his door and asked to spend the night in his castle.
Platina: Pardon me sir, but would you let me spend the night here out of the rain?
Sapphire: No way you stink ( Ruby: looks who's talking *rolls eyes*) and the script says I'm not supposed to let you in anyways
Platina : Sir, don't let appearences fool you, thus true beauty lies within
Sapphire: Nah, no-can-do, I already told you no and the script says to say no when you ask again so seeya
Narrator : At that very moment the Old ugly and apparently stincky beggar lady transformed into a beautiful enchantress and put a spell on the prince
Platina: You have an unkind heart therefore you must learn to appreciate others * puts spell on Sapphire*
Sapphire: NOOOOO WAAAAAA please forgive me waaaahaaahaaa
Narrator: Since that night, the prince and his servants were doomed to ramain the same until somebody fell in love with the beast, but who would love a monster?

Ruby: ( so I start right?) Um.. Ok....Beast Please spare me! I mean no harm!
Sapphire: Arrrgggg!
Ruby: (you're a beast not a pirate!.)
Sapphire: (oops sorry) ROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!!!
Ruby: B-b-b-b-ut I only wanted a place to stay for the night
Blue: (Greeen! it's your turn)
Green: Beast. ...Instead.
Sapphire: Very well then
Green: ...It. (I hope it kills me once we get there)
Sapphire: "IT"?
Blue: (Keep to script!!! _')

Pearl: I will marry Belle no matter what!
Dia: *eating hot cheetos* yeah *munch* you go Gastrodon! *munch*
Pearl: *smacks Dia* It's GASTON!!!
Dia: you didn't have to hit me so hard....*munch*
Pearl: Stop eating that!!! XO
Silver: What is it you want?
Pearl: I need to find a way to get belle for my self!!
Dia: *nods*
Silver: *sigh* First, we need to get her dad on a mental institution then you treathen her to marry you or her dad gets it.....
Pearl and Dia: Master Mind!!!

Second Act

Gold: Aww man, Blue why did you have to change the script?
Red: this costume is confortable
Blue: I already told you
Yellow: I know right, look at all the space I have!
Crystal: * shots a "look" at Gold*
Gold: Eh...hehe...(creep me out!)
Emerald: mommy do I have to sleep in the kitchen drawer again?
Red: I wonder what they're made of?
Crystal: Yes sweetie remember you're a teacup
Yellow: Umm....I don't know but it's so soft *smiles*
Gold: Don't worry you'll definetly fit *pats Emerald back*
Red: It sure is *smiles back*
Emerald: *crying*
Yellow : * blushes*
Crystal: Don't make him cry!!!
Sapphire: Belle, you came back....for me...
*Everyone is suprised at Sapphire's gentle tone*
Green: Yeah yeah I came back and now Gaston wants you head on display in his house so just go and beat the C**p outa him already......
Sapphire: Okay!!
Peal: EEEEEEEEP!!!! *trows Dia in sapphires direction* you deal with her!!
Sapphire: ROOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!! Belle is mine!!!!
Blue: ( Pearl, you're supposed to stab the beast so that Belle can say she loves it)
Pearl: . ?
Sapphire: O.o?
Pearl: Waaaaaaa!!!!* Pokes Sapphire with a stick* ( Did I poke you too hard?)
Sapphire: ( I didn't EVEN feel it!!!) Erm..I mean, OW OWOW THE PAIN , THE HORROR!!* collapses on foor*
Green: . Beast. I. I-I-I (What now?! I might have dressed like a goody princess twice, I might have agreed to kiss Red(( Why do I keep saying that?!)) I might have been the dam evil witch and dressed like a 10-year-old girl with blonde hair, bu I will NOT say "I love you Beast"!!!!)
Platina: The spell has been broken and you all will be turned to humans again
Green: *eye twich*
Everyone : Yay!!!! Hurray for Belle!!!
Green: I WANT AN APPLE!!!!