How J'adore

Have you ever contemplated falling?

Falling into oblivion with me?

It's not that I'm afraid to fall

Jus afraid to leap without you.

It tears you up inside,

I've witnessed a man eaten from within

Consuming fire dies so easily

And ice is left in its wake.

I want to fall with you, but I'm afraid if I do

I'll be that ruined and wrecked

When your wings open and I continue to tumble

Through the air

You wings will beat

And I will fall at your feet

But too far for you to notice

As you ascend to Olympus

And I plummet to Hades

Burnt up before I reach there

Nothing but ashes raining from the sky

Shall you shed a tear then, up so high?

I've contemplated falling

Into oblivion with you

But I know you will never fall

And I could never ask you to.

A/N: Meant to be ChAir but could also be SeDan. Please review = )