Hey everyone. It's been a while, gomen. Being eaten by college and what-not. Sorry this fic is a week late...i was away on holiday XD XD

Here's my fic for Fuji's -sort of- birthday. I hope it makes sense...somehow I think I over did it -sighs-

I can't wait for Fuji's official birthday, but this year it isn't. But we must still celebrate like crazy fangirls do :3 Coz it's still kind of a year....... Happy....kind of...Birthday Fuji!

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Dedicated to Fuji and Tezuka (naturally) and to all the TeFu Troop members. :D


It was late and the sleeping tensai was curled up underneath the warm covers protecting him from the winters dying days of cold, as snow melted into spring. The room was nothing but dark, the midnights hazy glow reflecting smoothly through the glass from the gaps in the curtain, casting the room in it's soft blue pallor.

For all the soft darkness that carefully filled the room, with the misty moonlight, they couldn't do much to hide the emptiness of one half of the bed, crumpled slightly from the sleeping tensai pulling on the covers. But it was always like this right?

It had been so for the past several months, it was something thing that couldn't be helped, the honey haired boy knew this. He would wait.

The plush covers were warm around his small body, shielding him from the chill, latterly shipping him off to an ocean of sleep and dreams. He had been tired for a long time, ever since the plane had left, flying off into the unknown space.

Oh of course he knew the destination of the white metallic aircraft, as he did with the passenger on board. The unknown space was something he feared, it wasn't a destination. It was a destination unknown, a voyage into the future that one, whether intended too or not, ended up blindly traversing through alone. How could you not be, when you were so many a thousand miles away from the person you need to share that journey with?

In the hush of the room, a noise disturbed the darkness, shattering the peace with one tiny click. Demolishing almost a years worth of solitude and patience and worry. Just a click.

Fuji never heard the silent sounds, ears muffled and hidden from the noises of reality, listening only to the tender voices of his dreams, of his wishes.

A heralded shadow made its path clear through the glow, a lone after image of a silhouette, the shadow of a shadow. Because its presence was unknown.

The bed barely made a creek as it dipped, the sheets creasing and shifting as they were disturbed.

Dreams of days long ago were flown of to the distance, left for another day as slowly, but surely, the world came to wake and lazy sky wrought eyes opened bleakly, looking slowly to their peripheral.

But it was alright, because he felt warm, and he felt the weight beside him, the dip and tug, the glow of heat that left the others exhausted figure. The arm now snaked and draped loosely around his waist.

Slowly, voice laced with sleep, relief and elation, the smaller spoke.

"Welcome home, Kunimitsu."

The small, contented noise beside him, resonated around the room, around his mind. Some small proof the other was indeed here, but the voice that followed next, thick with emotion, and satisfaction as he held the other closer, did more than to resonate through his mind; it touched his heart, in a place he hadn't felt in months.

"Happy birthday, Syuusuke."

So soft, so delighted and so Tezuka.

"I've missed you."

Fuji Syuusuke smiled, soft, warm and lovingly, and with the short reply he spoke, as soft as petals, each word retained their ties to the promises the two of them had long since held.

"Thank you." I love you, I've missed you too. You came home and you've stayed safe.