The Legend of Zelda

The Clan Wars: Rise of Dethl

Prologue: Creation of Hyrule

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Darkness. That was all that there was in the beginning. Nothing but an endless void. Creation did not exist. Life did not exist. Nothing existed, and yet everything at the same time. Timeless, yet ancient. Dead, and yet living. Alive, and yet dying. Dark…an everlasting twilight. This was the void that was chaos.

And then, something happened. Something happened that had never happened before. At first, it was a single speck in a distant horizon; a speck that soon formed into three specks of gold. For the first time, light descended upon chaos…and it first experienced hatred.

In the darkness of the great void, the passage between paradise and this strange plane of existence, three great lights appeared. These lights began to take form, and steadily these forms grew bigger. They each began to take on definite shape, their bodies covered in a golden light. These golden beings steadily rocketed towards the shape that was chaos, and each trailed different colored lights of all the shades of three definite colors; red, blue, and green.

These were Din, Nayru, and Farore…the Golden Goddesses. And they had come to bring Chaos to its knees.

Chaos reacted to defend itself. Like a primordial beast, it attacked with all the fury of the ancient powers, never once attempting to give quarter as it struck. However, the Golden Goddesses were immune to its powers, and fought back with the strength of divinity, righteousness, and willpower. Power, Wisdom, and Courage combined as they attacked the primordial being.

Blow after blow was spent as the two forces fought for control. For what seemed like an eternity, chaos struck back as best as it could. Tendrils of its own mass launched through the air and enveloped themselves around the Goddesses; constricting them and threatening to consume their divine powers. But the Goddesses were too strong for the beast. Every tendril that wrapped around the Goddesses clung for but a moment before it dissipated from their divine might. The three Goddesses struck back using their weapons of divine might; Din's flaming trident, Nayru's torrential bow, and Farore's glowing sword.

Soon, chaos finally weakened. The Goddesses could not completely destroy it at the moment, and instead proceeded to trap the beast. Chaos fought back as best as it could as Din proceeded to encase it within the powerful might that was the land of the world. It broke through each piece that was thrown against it, but too much kept coming. Its own tendrils were trapped within the confines of the earth, and soon the darkness began to dissipate as the Goddesses proceeded with the next phase of their divine plan.

It was in the final moment of defiance for chaos that Nayru struck. When the land was nigh completion, she launched upon the world her divine law. It was through her law that order would remain upon the world; an order where chaos could not exist. The law took physical form…the sky, the sun, and all that could be seen in the heavens. In that one blow, the chaos entrapped within the world collapsed, and its matter dissipated under the strength of the divine might. As it did, Din converted the bleeding remains of chaos into the core of the earth, and sealed the last of the land together in a mighty burst of energy, leaving behind only the deep chasms and the tremendous mountains as proof of the great battle that had ensued there.

Farore's duty came last, but it was likely the most important. With her own divine powers, she created life upon the world; two of each creature, with seed creatures to ensure the creation of lesser animals and plants. She created them for one purpose: To uphold the law that was Nayru's Law; to live and to die according to the will that was created, and to someday take up their souls and return to the paradise that the Goddesses had planned. With the help of her two sisters, Farore created the Spirits; mighty, immortal and incarnate beings that could watch over the world and help guide the races and creatures there with their wisdom and intelligence.

The last thing Farore did on this world was create the races. Two of many races was made by her hands; Hylians, Gorons, Bokoblins, Ooccas, Dekus, and many others; while other races were birthed by the Spirits themselves: The Forest Folk, who would eventually become the Kokiri and Skull Kids; the Zoras and Zolas, who were both races akin to one another and yet completely different at the same time; Humans and Sheikah, born of Hylian ancestry and both the natives of distant lands; and even the Lizalfos, who were birthed of the mountains and native to the mountains from whence they came.

When all was done, the Goddesses did one final act upon this world. Leaving it to its fate, they ascended into the sky from whence they came. The place where they passed through from the mortal plane to the next was created into a realm of destiny as in the energy they used to return was converted into a powerful object that they left behind; a relic of sacred destiny. This was the Triforce, the ultimate power, the Relic of the Gods. The Triforce had one purpose; to grant the wish of the one who touched its golden edge. If that person had a soul that was equal in power, wisdom, and courage, the land of Hyrule and the Sacred Realm beyond it would last an age of prosperity and love. But if one who was not in balance touched it, or if someone who had an evil heart tried to grasp the edges, the Triforce would split and embed itself into those selected by destiny, and the Sacred Realm would become a dark mirror of the land, forever a reflection of the dark heart that first touched the Golden Power.

The Goddesses then left the world. So marked the end of the reign of Chaos…

Or had chaos really ended?

-Valley of Stone, Golden Age

In a valley, far to the west of Hyrule, herds of powerful creatures roamed freely in what could only be described as a jungle paradise. Helmasaurs, Dodongos, and hundreds of other reptilian creatures roamed the land alongside their ancient brethren. Dragons, such as Gleeoks, soared through the skies alongside Kargoroks and gigantic moths, which ate either the carrion of the ground or the fruits and saps of trees depending upon the diet which each species took. Deep within the ground, Lanmolas dug deep within the earth, and giant insects roamed about and fed upon the plants of the jungle, or each other. Such was the paradise of this strange and ancient land.

Paradise had a strange habit of collapsing upon those who dwelled in it.

High in the sky, a great meteor suddenly began to fly towards the valley. Though the meteor was large, it was roughly the size of a large cottage or a mansion. Either way, it wasn't big enough to cause extinction upon a global scale. However, such a massive object could only cause terror and destruction to a smaller area, where population was dense and the creatures were too large to find substantial cover.

The meteor hit the ground in the western fringe of the jungle. The explosion rippled across the valley, sending the creatures native to the land flying across the expanse of the jungle. The trees shattered and burnt to the ground, and entire mountains were quickly leveled in the path of the explosion. A sonic boom shot out throughout all corners of the planet in wake of the devastation caused upon the valley.

When the dust cleared, it was not the meteor that caused the devastation.

The crust of the earth had broken, and great cracks had formed in the center of the crater made by the meteor. However, no lava or any of the earth's body fluids poured from the center of the crater. Instead, a great, black tar formed across the surface like a tremendous, black bubble. The bones and exoskeletons of the creatures that died covered the surface of the bubble, their bones appearing not as if they were charred, but more like drained of life.

A single Helmasaur was the only thing alive. It roared in fright and in distress as it tried to struggle out of the center of the dark pool. Before it could get free, purple strands of gross, disgusting matter extended from deep within the pool and pulled the screaming creature down, deep within the darkness of the tar.

Silence. Fatal, mind-breaking silence. And then, a sudden rumbling within the depths of the earth. From the center of the pool, a great, purple tendril like a spike rose into the sky. Some of it began to disintegrate the moment it rose into the air, but the strange matter, absorbed from the dead creatures in its depths, that clung tightly to it allowed it to create an exoskeleton, which protected it from the deadly rays of the sun and the sky. Other tree-like growths began to grow in sync, until an entire forest had formed around the depths of the great pool of tar. The forest rose until it was high into the sky, and then all growth seemed to cease at last.

Nothing save for the jungles at the fringes of the mountains grew in the valley. Life had almost completely ceased to exist. All that did exist was the giant forest of purple, black, and sickly, vomit-like green that grew on the western fringes of the world. As the earth seemed to grow silent in honor of the fallen, the strange tar bubbled and danced as the dark force compelling it sat in its eternal slumber…and waited…

-Valley of Stone, Age of Change

Tracks in the snow led far from the village. The blizzard had been going on for almost a straight hour, and the one that had left needed to return for the night. A single Human wandered from the village, following the tracks as they made their way off westward. Covering his eyes from the harsh, unforgiving snow, he continued following until the tracks ceased in the snow.

The big human took in a deep breath. "Akache Raul!!" he shouted towards the snow.

Not a sound hung in the wind. The human waited a few more minutes before shouting once again. When his call went unanswered, he turned in sad defeat.

"Gaouga! Gaouga! Eggackache Keridar!"

A lone voice shouted out from beyond the ever-growing cloud of white. The man turned in surprise. Wordlessly, he quickly followed the sound of the voice as fast as he could. The man kept going, following the panicked voice as best as he could, until he finally came to a stop.


At the man's feet was another Human, his lower body trapped in a crack in the ice. Dark, black bile covered him up to his chest, and the stuff seemed to bubble out of the ice like a magma vent. Steam rose into the air around the cracks in the ice, enough so that it kept the stuff exposed from the snowy blizzard above.

"Keridar!" the trapped man shouted, "Gaouga, Keridar! Indigir!"

The first man turned behind him and gave a loud shout into the wind. Within a few moments, at least a dozen other Humans quickly joined the first. The group of them began to clamber around their fallen comrade under orders of the first one.

"Indigir! Ashake no kalkor Raul!"

The blizzard quickly increased its powerful might, bringing visibility nigh close to zero. As it did, there was silence across the land, with only the wind breaking through the barrier of absolute zero of deadly calmness.

The silence was suddenly broken by the sound of 14 crying, horrified, and dying Humans. The sound of over a dozen splashes could be heard in the dark, and the struggled moaning and yelps of each of the villagers who tried to save their friend as some unknown beast brought them all to a terrible fate. Suddenly, the silence returned as swiftly as it disappeared, and the shadow of death seemed to cover the entire valley.

A huge, black spike, like a tree, began to suddenly grow from out of the ice. The hardened carapace seemed to squirm at first, as if there was something inside trying to escape, before it suddenly ceased moving altogether. It stood like a deadly sentinel of dark and terrible design, and was like a monument of the death that seemed to grip the valley's icy stones like a monstrous hand. The snow swiftly began to cover the tracks where the Humans had once treaded, and all was silent once more.

-Valley of Green, Colonist Age

It was the year 7,042 BIW. A small town known as Farrowville stood in the middle of a great, green valley. Mountains covered it on all sides, protecting it from all forms of invasion or evil. The town was a colony; a colony of a much larger kingdom that spread far and wide beyond the lands. This kingdom was called Hylia, and it was ruled by the people of the Gods; the Hylians.

Evidence had claimed that the elusive Human race once lived here, though they had either died out or disappeared long before the Hylians had arrived. It was also a mystery, seeing as this land had few predators and plenty of resources, including very beautiful soil that guaranteed the good growth of a grand harvest. Why the Humans left, or even died out, was a question that even the wisest of scholars could not answer.

The Hylians did not bother with such questions. They were content to continue to grow their good harvests and build their great houses and halls to their leisure. The land was theirs by right. As the chosen people of the Gods, they had the firm belief that they were the tenders of the world, and could live at their leisure. There had been no evils since the dark times of the Age of Change, and they were at peace.

One farmer wiped the sweat from his brow as he looked upon his field. He lived just a little ways from the town itself, and was content to be a bit away from the common folk so that he could grow as much as his heart desired. Content that his corn was growing properly, he picked up a hoe and went over to a strip of land he had yet to till. Taking the hoe, he walked over and began to dig.

He found that the soil was no better than rock. It was strange, seeing as the soil nearby was very well done and could be toiled perfectly. He noticed that the dirt nearby was bare and had no life, and that, for some reason, it seemed to stretch far beyond, at least to the other side of the nearby crag. The farmer, nor anyone else, had ever gone that far before, and few ever did. It was a dark place, and many villagers who did wander off never returned.

The farmer sighed and took his hoe with him back to his hut. Deciding to hire one of the other farmers, one with a more stable plow, to come over to help him in the morning, he chose to turn in early. Putting his hoe away, he went into his small hut and closed the door, where his wife was ready to prepare his meal for him.

Little did the farmer know that he was about to have trespassers.

Two young ones; a boy and a girl in their late teens; had fallen under the spell of one of the many emotions gifted by Nayru…love. The two of them had been frolicking around in the village for a while, and the natural urges of humanoid desire was touching them quickly. The two of them decided that the corn field was the perfect place for their courtship to extend to the next level, and their love began to increase tenfold as they kissed and touched under the afternoon sun.

The farmer, who had heard the commotion, opened the door to his hut to see what the matter was. Before they could be spotted, the two quickly left the cornfield and decided to take their business elsewhere; perhaps past the crag of rock that rose up high and separated the civilized land from the wilds beyond. Perhaps there they could be at peace to continue their love at their leisure.

As the two of them passed the crags, giggling and hugging all the while, they both came to a stop. Eyes wide in fright, the two of them could only stand their in a sort of half-embrace as they stared at the darkness beyond.

A forest of black rose above a dark and desolate plain of dust, rock, and charred ash. Cracks and crevasses in the rock expanded for miles on end, and from within the depths of some of the dark, black openings was a strange, bubbling liquid like black tar. Though the nearest crack was quite some distance away, the sight of the dark place full of emptiness was a frightening thing to see indeed.

"Tai?" the girl said, "Let…let's go back. I-I-I'm afraid."

"Shh," the boy whispered calmly, "We can't go yet, Selvan. Let's figure out what that dark forest is…we could be the first to ever view it in the whole village!"

"Are you mad? This is a dark place…the Gods do not smile here. I want to go back, please!"

"We can't go now!" Tai protested, "The village needs to know about this! Maybe the people who disappeared are in there. Let's at least take a closer look!"

After much arguing and protesting by both, the girl finally relented. The two of them quickly approached the closest crack in the ground, though as they got closer they steadily began to slow their pace. Both clung to each other almost for dear life, as if each were afraid that something would burst from the dark forest and drag the other into the depths, leaving them alone and afraid in the darkness. Black clouds seemed to keep the sun from shining in all but the very center of the forest, and the rocks of the dead land poked at their feet and drew blood.

The boy finally let go of the girl and came closer to the crack in the ground. The girl trembled as she stood away from the crack. The boy crouched low and came closer, gazing deeply into the black tar as it bubbled and churned deep within the depths of the stone.

"Tai?" the girl said anxiously, "We've seen enough. Let's go, hurry!"

"It feels warm," the boy said as he waved a hand over the tar. As quick as he dared, he stuck a finger on the surface and pulled it back up. "And it's sticky," he said, as his finger pulled a bit of the stuff out.

"Tai! Let's go, now! It's evil…we must warn everybody!"

The boy looked into the crack and could only gaze at the tar. The stuff kept bubbling, and seemed to reflect the light from above like a black mirror. The boy didn't know why, but he could almost swear that a white, lifeless eye was gazing back at him from beneath the black pool.


Too late did the boy move. While neither of them noticed, the cracks had steadily begun to increase in a circle around the two of them. In the blink of an eye, the rock parted beneath the boy's body, and he was swallowed into the tar. The girl barely managed to jump away in time, but was quick to reach the side as she gazed frightfully at her lover.

"TAI!" she screamed, "NO!"

The boy struggled as the tar began to slowly swallow him up. He tried to get out with all of his might, but the sides of the rock were too far away for him to grab. As he was slowly swallowed up in the depths, his eyes gazed one last time upon his lover as his vision slowly began to fade away.

"Selvan…run…go warn…the…othe-"


The boy disappeared into the murk. The girl gazed, broken by despair, at the blank, calm, bubbling pool where the boy's body once was. She wept, clinging to her dusty face as she sat at the place where her lover once was alive. She cursed cruel fate for taking the one she loved away, right at the heart of their passion.

Fate seemed to laugh at her as the rocks suddenly began to groan all around her. Quickly, she ran away like a frightened deer, getting as far away from the evil, black forest as she could. Gazing back, she saw to her upmost horror that a lonely, black tree had started to grow in the center of the black pool of despair where she once stood.

Her lover's hand poked out of the tree once, as if warding her away, before it was swallowed back up by the dark, deadly growth. When she was at a sufficient distance, she cried as any lover would cry when the one who would otherwise be her husband and dearest love had been taken away cruelly from her.

It was a dark day indeed upon the cursed lands beyond the Valley of Green…

To be continued…

Kerian: The prologue of The Clan Wars...there is a part that I'm planning on having in The Clan Wars that can't exactly be added into the story without a bunch of confusion. I had watched the Birth of Evil a little while ago in my life, and I've got to say that it's pretty epic. It helped inspire this particular story, and the plot to follow. If you've read Legacy of the Sages, you'll recognize how I've added Chaos in the whole story. You'll soon figure out quite a bit about it in this short prologue.

Alright, there are three things you can expect, or can't expect, in this fanfic that differs from my other stories. As you can see, none of my OCs have popped up to annoy me to death and bring humor to the author's notes. Don't expect that for the other chapters either, seeing as I'm officially keeping them out of the author notes for at least this story. My shield can only last for so long though, so hopefully I'll be able to keep them out before they manage to barge in. lol. The next thing you shouldn't expect is an uber-long story that is full of dungeons n' stuff. This is only going to be a grand total of 5 chapters long, either including or not including the prologue and the epilogue. It's going to be short and sweet, and also introduces an important event (or two) in the history of Hyrule that is important to the whole of the Clan Wars. The final thing you must know is this; I am guaranteeing that this will be my first complete fanfic that isn't a oneshot...I know. Shocked, are we? Is Kerian finally finishing something for once? Not to say that I haven't been trying to finish Legacy of the Sages n' stuff. It's still being worked on, and probably will be for a while...put it this way, for those of you who are curious about Legacy of the Sages should know that the next boss fight is going to be the grand official halfway point in the whole story...God willing anyway...

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