The Legend of Zelda

The Clan Wars: Rise of Dethl

Epilogue: Realm of the Vampires

3,000 BIW, Darkholme

The ruins of Grand Farrow Castle stood ominous over the landscape. Dark clouds filled the air, creating a form of twilight over the land. Not a single blade of grass grew, and only clouds of fine dust seemed to make up the weather in this place. Such was the land of Darkholme, as it had been for the past 500 years.

Two silent figures in fine clothes walked through the landscape. They kicked aside the old pieces of stone rubble, their boots pushing through the dust like silent wraiths. They continued their way through the darkness and towards the ancient castle, where they began to look about for a way inside.

"If the legend is correct, this castle should be full of ancient treasures and artifacts," one of the intruders said.

"Yes, indeed," the second replied, "And just think…with them at our side, the wars beyond will be won by the hands of our people, not by the foolish grip of the Hylian race! That legendary blade that everyone keeps saying is here would be very useful to our cause."

"Blade of Evil's Bane…phaw!" the first one said, "As if! If anything, it is a blade that is of great power, and in the hands of one who knows how to use it, it can have even greater potential!"

"Which is why a vampire should use it instead of a Hylian," the second one said with a flashy smile.

The two of them chuckled as they continued looking for a way in. As the darkness began to change from twilight to nightfall, the two vampires lurked in the shadows in an attempt to find the right door without being seen. As they both circled, none could find a way into the castle; only rubble and solid rock walls blocked their way in.

They were about to give up when one gave a shout and stared into the gloom. A mist had formed over the dust plains to the west. The darkness seemed to invite them in, and not even the two vampires could see what lay beyond, regardless of their means of seeing in the dark. As the two of them approached, they felt cold and clammy to the point that it had grown to a discomfort for them. Such a thing was frightful for their kind, for they were vampires and were used to this kind of feeling.

As they continued, they both suddenly stopped. There, standing before them, was a white egg covered in wavy, sky-blue stripes. Though dirt, rock, and solid earth covered the bottom, it did not hide the large, black tentacle-like roots that dug deep into the ground. A mighty sword with a blue-purple hilt and a silvery blade, completely untarnished over time, stood silently as its blade held its ground in the depths of the egg.

"This is it!" one of the vampires shouted, "This is it! The Master Sword…and now, it's ours for the taking!"

"I think we should leave," the second one whispered, "Dark is this place. I don't like it."

"You are a vampire, and you are afraid of the dark?!" the first one laughed, "Come on! Help me out with this thing!"

He leapt up with incredible strength and landed on top of the egg, his back facing the west. He reached down in an attempt to pull the Master Sword out of the object. As he did, he reached down with one of his hands and attempted to grab the blade for better balance.


"AAAAHH!!" The vampire fell over backwards, clutching his hand in pain. As he did, he fell down flat on the ground, though his thud wasn't like that of landing on dirt…but that of landing on something else.

"What in the…Are you alright?!" the other vampire shouted.

The companion of the first vampire circled the egg and stared in shock at his comrade. The vampire was holding his hand tightly, and powerful burns as well as a clean cut had formed on his clawed appendage. However, that did not stop him from looking down…and gasping.

The vampires gazed in shock at the fact that the first one had landed upon a pile of bleached, decayed bones. The bones belonged to that of many races; some Hylian, some Human, some even of the Goron or Lizalfos variety. However, some of the most common of them all were bones that happened to have very big wings, claws on the hands and feet, and sharp, jagged fangs.

Fellow vampires.

There was a sound that was much like a whisper. The two vampires listened carefully. It was almost as if it was coming from within the egg itself. They both turned towards the white and blue object, which stood like a dead sentinel that seemed to gaze over the western horizon. The whispers became clearer, and they seemed to be coming from an evil far older and more terrifying than they could ever imagine!

Draw…the blade…Draw the sword…Release me…set me free…RELEASE THE NIGHTMARE!!!

A spear suddenly flew up over the egg and landed straight in the bone pile, barely missing the first vampire by inches. The two of them shouted out in terror, and wasted no time in retreating. With a terrible cry of fear, they opened up their powerful wings and took off, leaving the evil egg and returning east; never to return.

A ghostly figure covered in the armor of a king approached the egg from the castle, having had hidden himself in an unseen entrance. He had been watching the beasts for some time now, and knew how to deal with their kind. Knowing that they would be back, he walked over to the egg and pulled his spear from within the wreckage of bones. As he did, the whispers came into his own ears from within the egg.

Release…me…Draw the—

"Oh, shut up!" the king growled.

The egg was silent once more, but not for long. The king knew that others would be drawn to the whispers of the monster known as Dethl, and he knew that only he alone could keep the beast at bay.

I don't have much longer, the king thought. Already, my body has become little more than a shadow, and all that keeps me physical anymore is this armor. Of course, Dethl knows this. I must resist entering the afterlife. I can, and I will. I will continue my vigil until I know in truth that the land will be free from this beast forevermore!

The king gazed up at the castle ruin. A tower had recently fallen the day before, and he had watched as the vampires had come to collect the stones. He sighed. How, when, and why they managed to get to Darkholme, he could not say. However, he did know this much…if Dethl was to remain within his prison, the king must never leave his post.

It's going to be another long millennium, the king thought. I just know it.

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