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Kagome knew being married to anyone would be an adjustment, but being married to an inuyoukai, a daiyoukai at that, posed its own problems. Sure, she had lived at home with her mother, brother and grandfather, but living with Sesshoumaru was completely different.

Now, living with her grandfather should have prepared her for just about anything, and certainly her experience with Inuyasha should have gained her some insight, but they were both at least half human, whereas Sesshoumaru is as un-human as anyone can get.

Kagome sighed as she removed a load of clothes from the dryer. Take for example his inflexibility on some very basic things. He refused to wear boxers or briefs, favoring the fundoshi he had worn since she met him during Japan's Sengoku period. It wasn't that unusual for Japanese men to still wear them, but most had moved on to more recent styles of undergarments. Kagome thought her demon looked damn sexy in them but on laundry day she was the one left washing, drying and folding the five foot lengths of cloth. Modern day underwear would be much faster and easier!

She nudged the dryer door shut with her foot and proceeded to fold the contents of the toasty warm pile. She loaded the stacks of clothes into the plastic laundry basket and started up the basement steps.

Well, she thought as she passed through the kitchen with the basket on her hip, at least I don't have to worry about him complaining about my cooking. She had it easy and could make whatever she liked to eat, since he didn't eat human food. She had no idea WHAT he ate, actually… She had asked him once before, but he had refused to answer, saying his needs were different than hers and when he needed to feed he would provide for himself. How was she going to argue with that? Un-human, yes, but they were saving money on food, right?

In the month they'd been married, he hadn't eaten anything she knew of, and had gone out "hunting" for the first time just last night. He was gone for hours but when he returned, he was tired, happy and full. There had been an extremely strong, unfamiliar odor about him when he came back and thankfully he'd gone to shower right away.

As she moved down the hallway, she heard the toilet flush. The door to the bathroom opened and her handsome male emerged, newspaper in hand. They maneuvered around each other in the narrow space as she continued on towards the bedroom and he moved out toward the family room. The plumbing in the bathroom was making uncomfortable gurgling noises, like it was having difficulties swallowing a huge load and an odiferous cloud from his purging wafted from the bathroom. Kagome's eyes burned and immediately began to water. Her eyebrows, lashes and nasal hair smoked slightly as they became singed.

"Holy shit, Sesshoumaru!!! What the HELL did you EAT?!?"

She dropped the basket, spilling the folded clothes all over the floor. Slapping a hand over her nose and mouth, she braved the small enclosure and blindly dove for the can of air freshener located under the bathroom sink.

He gave no indication of having heard her loud vocalizations or her frantic scramblings, he simply continued on his way. She had the distinct impression he was quite proud of himself.

"Next time light a match or take it outside…" she muttered under her breath as she held the button down atop the can, frantically waving it about over her head. The artificial pine scent valiantly tried to mask the foul odor spreading down the hallway… but it was no contest.

Kagome watched in dismay as the paint in the hallway began to bubble-up, blister and peel in places. She knew their youkai-miko marriage was going to test her patience and resolve, but if she was going to have to paint every time her mate used the bathroom, she wasn't sure she was up to the challenge.