Author's Notes: So whatever happened between Hilde and Jeff? And what about Duo, what ever became of him? Well, you'll now find out.



The rush and bustle of the airport terminal washed over Hilde as she hurried down the hall trying to work her way through a pack of people coming from the opposite direction. A black plastic briefcase occupied one hand and a navy blue blazer occupied the other. She wore a white blouse and a short navy blue skirt, which mixed with her dark blue pumps, didn't make for the easiest trip. Her heels groaned in agony as she quickened her pace glancing nervously at one of the passing clocks.

She found the correct terminal and paused while scanning the crowd mulling before the plane entrance. A flash of golden hair caught her attention and she directed her course towards it. "Relena!" she called when she was within hearing distance.

The woman turned toward the source of her name and her worried face broke into a grin. Hilde reached out and embraced the politic smiling as well. "The flight's been delayed," Relena informed her turning back to examining the horizon of the runway. "Actually, the plane has even arrived yet."

"Well good," Hilde said and put down her briefcase unhooking the levers and brandishing a case full of camera parts. As she assembled her camera, Hilde said, "That means I have time to take a picture." She took a shot of Relena posing by the window and then produced a folder of papers from a hidden pocket on the inside of the briefcase. She handed it to Relena saying, "Here, you left these," while putting away her camera.

"Honestly, I don't know how I ever survived without you," Relena said taking the papers and tucking them away into a bag of her own.

"Yeah," Hilde said contemplatively. It had been nearly a year since she had moved in with Relena becoming the foreign ambassador's full time secretary. The pair's friendship had grown quickly and Hilde regarded Relena as nothing less than a sister. "Relena," she said frowning slightly, "Are you alright? You almost seem...content."

Relena's eyes widened and she flashed Hilde a sly look. Taking the brunette by the hand she led her away from the crowd into a secluded corner. "He talked to me," she whispered.

Hilde gaped in open shock, "Heero?! But how? When?" she asked.

"Right after Blake disappeared," Relena responded, "After the court hearing I was going out to my car and he was in the backseat! Don't ask me how, I don't have a clue, and if the police were ever even aware, they didn't bother to tell me. He just said everything would turn out alright, and that he would be fine. I guess he could tell how upset I was. He said the only thing he wanted was for me to agree to go. I don't know how he knew that I _wasn't_ going to go, but he did and he told me that I needed to be there for it to be believable."

"Well of course it would seem believable," Hilde retorted. Her wary feelings of the convicted murderer had never completely vanished. "This _is_ his _execution_ we're talking about."

"But don't you see?" Relena said. "Everything's going to be okay. He told me himself."

Hilde regarded her friend sensitively. She didn't want to disappoint Relena, but at the same time, the blonde wasn't acting entirely reasonable. "Relena," she said hesitantly, "just don't get your hopes up, okay?"

Relena gave Hilde a brilliant smile. "Don't worry about me," she said.

The speaker came on and a flight attendant announced the plane's arrival. First class passengers had to get prepared to board. Relena gathered her bags and purse. "Say Relena," Hilde started as she followed her friend in line.


"You didn't happen to ask Heero if he knew anything about Duo, did you? I mean, now that Blake's gone and everything." Hilde thought back to the strange occurrence. She dreamt one night that Duo came and visited her and explaining that Blake had gotten into trouble with his boss, and that she probably wouldn't ever see his face again. She had felt relieved. His face had in fact haunted her nightmares. The next morning was Heero's sentencing. Blake made sure to do everything in his legal power to give Heero a fast sentence, which was granted. However, when Relena arrived at the court, she didn't find Blake there. As a matter of fact, she never saw him again. He had disappeared without a trace.

"I did," Relena affirmed. "He said that because Blake was gone, and Duo had no other serious adversaries, he would be free to do as he pleases. He said that the organization he works for never holds their agents long, that it's too much of a risk for discovery. He said that even their top agents only worked a few years."

"Oh," Hilde replied. She still had her doubts that this 'organization' even existed. Relena on the other hand had no trouble whatsoever grasping the concept. Hilde sensed it rather appealed to her.

The last of the passengers left the plane and Relena got in line. "I'll call you tonight," Relena promised. She smiled. "Wish me luck!"

"Good luck," Hilde called back and then maneuvered to a spot by the window where she waited while all the other passengers boarded and then as the plane slowly backed up, turned around, followed a strip of runway, turn, and finally take off. The process took a good forty-five minutes, but Hilde didn't mind waiting.

When at last the glittering spark of the plane was too swallowed in the blue of the sky to discern, Hilde got up from her perch by the window and turned to leave. She nearly collided into the figure of a man behind her. He was clothed completely in black with black shades and Hilde felt her heart momentarily leap into her throat. "Excuse me," she muttered and began to walk away wanting to put distance between herself and the strange man.

"No problem," the man replied and grinned from below his shades. Reaching up, he pulled them down and revealed two cobalt orbs. "Hey there Hildey, long time no see."

"Duo?" Hilde whispered in utter loss. She blinked and examined him again. "Duo!" she cried and launched herself at him, much to both of their surprise.

"Woah now, you've been taking lessons from Steve?" Duo asked automatically taking her briefcase and coat from her. "What's all this? You get yourself a new line of occupation or something?" he asked.

"I became Relena's secretary," Hilde informed him waving a nonchalant hand in the air. "And I'm now a bon a fide photographer."

"Well, I must admit, I'm impressed."

"What about you?" Hilde asked. "What did _you_ do after you left?"

"I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you," Duo answered.

Hilde rolled her eyes. "Well, will you ever tell me?" she asked.

"Maybe someday..." was his elusive reply and then the matter was closed.

"I moved in with Relena," Hilde informed him. "Steve loves it. There's a park right behind the complex."

"I know," he responded and Hilde regarded him curiously.

"Duo," she said, "did you...that night a few months ago...I could've sworn I was just dreaming, but you were there, weren't you?"

He merely shrugged and grinned.

They continued walking in silence for a few moments more when Hilde abruptly grabbed the sleeve of his jacket and pivoted him so that he was facing her. "Duo, why did you come back?" she asked.

"Well I _do_ need a place to stay."

"Duo, I'm serious this time," her features grew grave. "I've already had my heart broken too many times. I don't need another upset from the only guy whose ever earned respect from me."

Duo considered her a second before carefully setting down her briefcase and lying her coat on top of that. Standing back up he took her face in his hands. "I will _never_ hurt you," he said.

The truth of his words sliced through her heart surer than any knife. She thought back to Jeff-the first time she thought about him in months. That night he had shown up in her living room. He seemed so different. He seemed changed, more sincere and loving than he had ever been in their entire relationship.

"You're too late, Jeff," she had explained. "I understand that you want to do things the right way now, and you have my utmost support, but I'm afraid that there is no more 'us.' Jeff, we died long before this. I would never be completely happy with you. Not anymore. And not only would that not be fair to me, but it also wouldn't be fair to _you_. You would sense that I was unhappy and would eventually be unhappy yourself. I used to worship you Jeff, but I've had to abandon that reverence. I can't simply go back and get it. I'm sorry Jeff, but we have to part ways now."

But Jeff's word was incomparable to Duo's. Even after his transformation, that doubt lingering off who Jeff once was tarnished whatever honest thing he had to say afterward. Hilde cupped Duo's face in her own hands as she mused this. Donning a smile, she whispered, "I know."

Duo grinned in return and leaned in pulling her face close to his. A feeling of déjà vu swept over her senses as she recalled that night on the beach nearly a year ago. However, Steve was now at home and had no way to interfere. Nothing could ruin the moment. Except...

"What if you have to leave?" Hilde asked before their lips could touch.

Duo gently traced the curve of her cheek with his thumb. "I'll come back," he answered. "I'll always come back."

This time there was nothing to block the inevitable union of their souls. They kissed without heeding the people passing around them, and the people didn't want to disturb the couple who obviously had been parted for a great amount of time only to be reunited at last.


Author's FINAL Notes: Wow, it's finally done! Well, I've certainly enjoyed writing this little piece (which almost took me two years to write!) But now it's finally completed. As you can tell, there are a few loose ends that I left open which include Relena and Heero and their whole plight. However, as to whether I will actually take the time to write a spin off and go into details...well...I wouldn't hold my breath. But let me know what you think about the idea, I appreciate all input. And speaking of input, I would especially appreciate it if you would tell me what you thought of this fic in ONE FINAL REVIEW! Thanks again especially to all those people who persistently checked this fic and wrote me emails expressing their desire to see another chapter. This fic is dedicated to you!