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Summary: About 6 months ago a beloved career tore a couple apart now 6 months down the line can the career that destroyed their relationship bring a couple and a family back together. And can two navy crews become 1 find out in 'collision'. ET/NAV slight Mike/Kate and Spider/Bomber. And ET will not be dieing, that's for sure.

Chapter 1

60 miles off cairns

2200 hours HMAS Hammersley

Nikki Caetano was sitting on the bridge, staring blankly at the radar screen. She was on night watch and in charge of the ship, and she thought about her life as she continued her tasks.

"It's all my fault. I was the one that made the choice." Nikki thought blinking back tears.

"Hey Nav, are you ok?" Buffer asked, seeing the tears in her eyes as he walked into the bridge.

"Huh, what?" Nikki asked, looking up at Buffer.

"I asked if you're ok, because you looked like you were going to cry." Buffer answered, looking concerned for the ships Navigator. Truth be told, he liked Nikki as more than just a friend. He love liked her. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met, but she was completely oblivious to his feelings. She never seemed to notice other guys or take an interest in another guys, and some of the male crew had little fantasies in their heads that Nikki was homosexual, while others just assumed that she had someone back home. Buffer didn't know what to think. All he knew was what everyone else knew: Nikki had a secret that she kept from everyone on the ship. The only person who actually knew Nikki's secret was Kate, the ships newly appointed XO. Although she had only been with them for 8 weeks, the new XO had clearly met Nikki before being posted on Hammersley, though both were very tight lipped about their personal relationship.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking." Nikki replied, seeing a flashing light from the corner of her eye. "We've got a contact." Nikki replied, pointing to the screen.

"What direction is the contact in?" Buffer asked, coming over to Nikki's chair and peering over her shoulder.

"North east, about 2 hours off." Nikki replied to Buffer, reaching for the intercom button. "Captain and XO to the bridge. Captain and XO to the bridge." Nikki said, keeping her eye on the flashing blip while trying to ignore how close Buffer was standing, and how uncomfortable it made her feel.

10 minutes later both Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn, captain of the ship, and his new second in command Lieutenant Kate McGregor had arrived on the bridge.

"What we got Nav?" Mike asked taking the spot that Buffer had vacated the minute Mike stepped onto the bridge.

"We got a contact that appeared out of nowhere about 10 minutes ago." Nikki said, keeping a track on the contact.

"Ok, Buffer take the helm and set course to intercept the radar contact. I don't like ships that appear out of nowhere." Mike said, picking up the intercom. "Call to hand, all personnel to stations. We are on an intercept course with a radar contact. We should have a visual in about 95 minutes." Mike spoke into the intercom. Within 15 minutes, the senior crew had all come into the bridge.

"RO, contact NAVCOM and let them know we are intercepting a radar contact that appeared out of nowhere. Swain, take over helm from Buffer. Buffer, get the RHIB's ready. Nav, you keep an eye on that contact and make sure it doesn't disappear. And Charge, take the E.O.D." Mike said, giving out the orders and getting conformation from his senior crew.

Kate walked over and stood by Nikki. She was about to strike up a conversation when the E.O.D. sparked and blew. Everyone turned and watched as Charge started fiddling with wires whilst muttering to himself.

"Argh, I hate this new technology! I'm no good with it!" Charge said, grumbling, "We need an Electrical Technician." Charge carried on ranting, making everyone except Nikki and Kate laugh. At the mention of an Electrical Technician, Nikki averted her eyes and got a misty far off look, which only Kate noticed.

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