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Chapter 25


One Week Later (Nikki's Apartment)

Nikki smiled as she stood at the kitchen door watching Josh and Aiden play on the living room floor, neither of them with a care in the world, both of them still in their pajamas.

"Don't forget that we are meeting the guys at the pub for lunch in 90 minutes," Nikki laughed, as Aiden jumped on Josh's back.

"Yes, I know. We will be ready on time," Josh laughed as he flipped Aiden so he was in front of him, and then proceeded to tickle him. "I'm meeting you there, right?" Josh asked. Nikki nodded.

"Yes, I'm going to Kate's, then we are heading to the Waterhole together," Nikki smiled, as Aiden continued to giggle. "Are you going to be ok with him?" Nikki asked, watching as Aiden jumped up and climbed onto Josh's shoulders again.

"Yes, stop worrying," Josh smiled as he stood up, holding Aiden in place. He walked over and kissed Nikki quickly. "I will meet you there," Josh smiled, kissing Nikki again before pulling away. Nikki smiled as she picked up her handbag. "Are you going to say goodbye to mommy, kiddo?" Josh asked, as he placed his laughing son back on his feet.

"Bye, mommy," Aiden giggled, kissing Nikki quickly, before running back over and bringing Josh down in a rugby tackle.

"Ok, I see where I'm not wanted!" Nikki pouted with a smile, as she looked at her two guys again, before walking towards the stairs.

"Love you, Nik!" "Love you, mommy!"

Nikki laughed, as she turned around to see Josh and Aiden both blowing kisses to her. A big smile spread across her face.

"I love you too," Nikki laughed. "I will see you both at the pub," Nikki smiled, as Josh and Aiden high fived each other.

"You have ordered a taxi, right?" Josh asked her. She smiled and nodded.

"Yes, worrywart," Nikki replied with a laugh. She closed the door after blowing Josh a kiss, making Aiden giggle.

"So you think that's funny, huh? Well, it's tickle time," Josh yelled, making Aiden

shriek, as he ran off with Josh hot on his tail.

Nikki laughed to herself as she walked away from her home. She could hear Josh and Aiden from half a mile away. As she reached the curb, she saw Swain putting out his rubbish.

"Hey, Swaino," Nikki called. Swain looked up at Nikki and smiled.

"Hey, Nikki," Swain answered, as he walked over to her. "How are you?" he asked her.

"Much better, thanks," Nikki answered, as Swain smiled at her. "I have my final checkup later this afternoon. Are you and Sally still ok to watch Aiden?" Nikki asked him.

"Yes, of course Sally and I wouldn't have offered if we minded," Swain replied with his usual smile, before looking at Nikki. "Where are you off to… we are not meeting at the pub until 12, right?" Swain asked, looking at his watch.

"Yes, that's right. I'm meeting Kate," Nikki told Swain, who nodded.

"Good, I thought for a moment there every clock in the house was wrong!" Swain joked, making Nikki laugh.

"What are the odds of that?" Nikki laughed, shaking her head.

"You have never seen my wife in a bad mood," Swain sighed. "Do you remember that time I was nearly an hour late for boarding?" Swain asked Nikki, who raised her eyebrows questioningly. "Well, I had made Sally angry the night before so, while I was asleep, she set all the clocks in the house an hour back," Swain explained to a laughing Nikki.

"Seriously," Nikki laughed, clutching her side. "That's classic!" she said, as a tear appeared in her eye. "Did you tell the CO and X that was the reason?" Nikki giggled, as Swain shook his head.

"No! As far as they know, I overslept," Swain replied. "Please don't tell X the truth!" Swain begged, making Nikki laugh harder.

"I promise not to tell X," Nikki answered with a smile, as her taxi pulled up. "I will see you later," she told Swain before waving goodbye to him and getting into the cab.

Swain sighed, as he watched the cab pull away. "The entire crew will know by the end of the week!" he mumbled to himself before walking back to his house.


Kate's House

Nikki smiled as she paid the cab driver. She got out of the cab, headed to Kate's

door and knocked.

"Hi," Kate said, as she opened the door and pulled Nikki into a tight embrace.

"Hey," Nikki answered her with a smile. Kate took her hand and led her to the kitchen where she had two cups of steaming coffee waiting. "You are prepared," Nikki laughed, as Kate pushed a cup towards her.

"I need your advice," Kate spoke quietly, as she sat down next to Nikki.

"What about?" Nikki asked. Kate sighed and put her head in her hands. "Kate, what's wrong?" Nikki asked, looking at her friend worriedly.

"Do you remember what happened last week after the meeting at NAVCOM?" Kate whispered, looking down at her coffee.

"Vaguely," Nikki replied, looking intently at Kate.

"Well, Mike and I shared a taxi. When we got to his place, he invited me in for a drink, and… I didn't leave until the next morning," Kate whispered, not looking up from her cup. Nikki looked at her in shock.

"What happened to taking things slow?" Nikki asked, trying not to grin.

"I don't know," Kate whispered, looking at Nikki sadly. "Well…"

"Is coffee ok?" Mike asked Kate from the kitchen.

"Yes," Kate smiled, as she walked into the kitchen to see Mike trying to grab two cups. "Hey, let me get them. You're not meant to be exerting yourself," she said, walking up to him.

"I'm capable of making coffee," Mike laughed, then winced as pain shot through his side.

"I'm not saying you are not, but you need to take it easy if you want to get better," Kate told him with a smile, as she got the milk out of the fridge and placed it next to the cups.

"I'm not going to sit around and do nothing!" Mike replied, looking at Kate, who rolled her eyes at him.

"Well, how are you going to recover then?" Kate asked Mike, with her arms on her hips and her eyebrows raised at him.

"I will be fine. I have had worse," Mike replied, rolling his eyes before passing Kate her drink. "How about we go and sit in the front room? Will that make you feel better?" Mike asked with a smile, moving ahead of Kate.

"Smart ass!" Kate muttered before following him to the front room. "So what do you plan to do until you get medical clearance?" Kate asked, looking at Mike as she sat down next to him on the couch.

"You know, keep up to date with all the info NAVCOM can give us on these Samaruans and contact James so we can work out a plan of action," Mike replied. Kate shook her head at him.

"We are on down time, you are injured, and you still plan on working!" Kate asked in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Yes, of course. What else do I have to do?" Mike asked, looking at her.

"Oh I don't know… maybe look after yourself to make sure you don't make your condition worse," Kate replied exasperatedly.

"I can't sit around and do nothing. It's not in my nature," Mike replied angrily, looking at Kate.

"Well, fine, do yourself more damage, but I'm not staying around to watch it!" Kate shouted, glaring at Mike, as she put down her drink on the table and got up.

"Where are you going?" Mike asked, following Kate, as she left the front room.

"Home! I'm not staying here and watching you injure yourself further," Kate replied, grabbing her bag.

"Why are you getting so worked up?" Mike asked, not understanding her anger.

"Because I love you! I hate seeing you in pain, but you just make it worse for yourself. I'm not staying around and watching it," Kate vented. She looked at Mike, who breathed in sharply, then turned to open the door.

"Kate, wait!" Mike shouted, grabbing Kate's arm before she could leave the house.

"What?" Kate yelled, turning around to find Mike standing right in front of her. Before she could say anything else, Mike pulled her into him and kissed her passionately.

"I love you too," Mike whispered, pulling his lips away from Kate's for a fraction of a second before kissing her again.

"The next thing I remember clearly is waking up the next morning in Mike's bed," Kate whispered, looking at Nikki, who was watching her in shock.

"Let me get this straight… you told him off for reaching for cups, but not for having a tumble in the sheets with you," Nikki asked with a smile, trying not to laugh.

"It's not funny!" Kate stated, glaring at Nikki when she saw the smile on her face.

"It kinda is," Nikki smiled. Her smile vanished when she noticed the sad look in Kate's eyes. "Sorry," Nikki sighed. "What happened in the morning?" she asked Kate.

"Nothing," Kate whispered, looking away from Nikki.

"What do you mean nothing? You guys didn't talk?" Nikki asked, looking at Kate, who shook her head slowly. "Why not?" Nikki pressed on. Kate looked up at her.

"I woke up and panicked. We said we were going to take it slow," Kate whispered, as Nikki shook her head.

"Tell me you didn't!" Nikki pleaded, looking at Kate, who was looking at her empty cup. "You left before he woke up, didn't you?"

"Yes," Kate whispered, as tears appeared in her eyes.

"Kate," Nikki sighed, shaking her head. "Have you spoken to him since?" she asked. Kate shook her head. "Let me get this straight. You guys slept together, then you walked out while he was sleeping and you haven't spoken to him since. Do I have that right?" Nikki asked, trying to fight the urge to hit Kate when she saw her nod.

"He called 40+ times since," Kate whispered, as Nikki shook her head disapprovingly.

"Why are you ignoring him?" Nikki asked Kate, who was playing with the handle of the cup in front of her.

"We said we would go slow. Sleeping together isn't going slow," Kate replied, looking at Nikki sadly.

"Well, I can't help you there," Nikki smiled at Kate. "The day I met Josh, I was out with friends. I had just gotten into the Navy. He asked me if he could buy me a drink. I said yes, and I woke up in bed with him the next morning," Nikki smiled, as Kate looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"Really?" Kate asked with shock in her voice.

"Yes. I woke up the next morning, and I panicked. I left while Josh was sleeping…" Nikki stopped when she noticed the look Kate was giving her. "No, that's completely different. You and Mike have history. Josh and I didn't, but Josh…" Nikki started, then shook her head with a smile on her face. "My first day on the 'Sampson', he was standing on the dock," Nikki smiled, remembering the shock she had felt when she had seen him. "I didn't know what ship I was assigned to when I met Josh, so I couldn't work out how he found out where I was," Nikki laughed, as she remembered Josh's reply. "He called NAVCOM just to find my posting so he could see me again," Nikki smiled, making Kate smile as well.

"I remember the day Josh was going to introduce you to the crew," Kate smiled, shaking her head. "He had this goofy smile on his face and nothing made it waver," Kate laughed, shaking her head. "I actually couldn't believe it, ET settling down with one person for the first time in his life," Kate said. Nikki laughed and smiled at Kate. Kate's smile vanished and a frown appeared on her face.

"Kate, talk to him," Nikki sighed. "Unless you want things to fall apart again, you guys need to talk," Nikki whispered, as Kate wiped away a stray tear that was threatening to fall. "I should know."

"I know, I'm just scared," Kate whispered, as Nikki hugged her.

"It will be fine!" Nikki smiled reassuringly at Kate, as she pulled away and rubbed her arm. "Come on, we are meant to be meeting the guys at the pub," Nikki smiled, as she pulled Kate up. "We are already running late," she told her. Kate laughed.

"Hey, at least we are the ones late this time. Usually, it is always one of the guys," Kate smiled, as she closed all her windows before grabbing her bag. "Let's go, are we picking Josh and Aiden up on the way?" Kate asked, looking at Nikki.

"No, they are meeting us there," Nikki told Kate, who nodded and locked up her door.

"Let's go," Kate smiled, as she led Nikki over to her car and Nikki texted Josh.

The Watering Hole

Buffer sighed as he looked around at the family pub where he was supposed to meet the others. A frown appeared on his face and he didn't notice Charge walk up behind him. He was too busy looking at a screaming kid, who was kicking his mom.

"Not our usual place, is it?" Charge smiled, as Buffer turned and frowned at him.

"No kidding!" Buffer muttered, turning to look at Charge and rolling his eyes at him. "Why are we in a family pub anyway?" Buffer asked, as the kid behind them started screaming again.

"We are sitting outside by the playground out back, and we are here because Chloe and Aiden are going to be here," Charge answered, smiling as Buffer frowned.

"Great," Buffer muttered as he grabbed his beer and walked out the same way Charge had come in. He saw RO already sitting out there with Chefo and his girlfriend Jennifer. "Hey, didn't realize you guys were already here," Buffer smiled, as he sat down next to Chefo.

"Yes, we were told that Chloe and Nikki's boy were coming, so we thought we would come out here. And the kids in there were giving us a killer headache," Chefo laughed, as Charge joined them.

"I have sent CO, X and Swaino a message to tell them where we are," Charge sighed, as he sat down.

"What about Nav?" Chefo asked Charge, who smiled at him.

"Nav is with X, Swain is passing the message to Josh and he is going to contact the Ramsgate crew members so they can come too," Charge said with a smile.

"Checking out group communications, are we, Charge?" Chefo laughed, making Charge smile.

"Yes, something like that," Charge laughed, taking a sip of his beer. "Hey mate, why the long face?" Charge asked, looking over at Buffer, who was staring at his beer.

"Nothing," Buffer muttered, not looking up.

"He's probably dreading the moment when Nikki arrives with Josh and their son…" RO said, not bothered by Charge and Chefo shaking their heads at him or Buffer's glare. "Seeing them together, it's kind of hard to cling to the fantasy he still has," RO continued.

"RO!" Chefo sighed, exasperated, as Buffer stood up, grabbed his beer and walked off.

"What?" RO asked, looking at Charge and Chefo and watching Buffer walk off. "I was just stating the facts," RO replied, shaking his head.

"We know the facts, mate. Buffer knows the facts. You don't need to voice them out loud," Charge sighed, shaking his head.

"Oh, and I am the bad guy because he has a thing for Nav?" RO asked. "It's time he got over it," he muttered, as he stood up. "I'm going to get another drink."

"He really doesn't think before he speaks, does he?" Jen asked, looking at Chefo and Charge.

"Hasn't yet, but we can hope that changes one day!" Charge smiled, making Jen and Chefo laugh.

"Uncle Charge!"

Chefo, Jen and Charge turned to see Chloe running straight over to them.

"Hey, Chloe," Charge smiled. He lifted her onto his lap as Sally and Swain walked over. "Hey, mate," Charge smiled at Swain before looking at Sally. "Hi, Sal."

"Hey, Charge," Sally smiled, as she sat down next to him. She turned to look at Chefo and Jen. "Hi, guys," Sally smiled.

"Hey, Sally, Swain," Jen answered before looking at Chloe. "Hi, Chloe," Jen smiled, waving at Chloe, who giggled and smiled at her.

"Hey, guys," Chefo told them.

"Are we the only ones here so far?" Swain asked.

"No mate. RO's at the bar and Buffer is around somewhere…. RO wound him up," Chefo sighed, as Swain shook his head.

"Great!" Swain sighed, shaking his head. "Just what we need: a touchy Buffer," he muttered, making Chefo and Charge laugh. "What do you want to drink, babe?" Swain asked Sally.

"Just an orange juice," Sally smiled at her husband before he walked into the pub. "Sorry about the family pub, guys," Sally smiled apologetically at Chefo, Jen and Charge. "We just thought it would be better for Aiden and Chloe," she said.

"No, it's fine. It's not that bad out here," Chefo laughed before pointing inside were you could hear the children screaming.

"That's enough to stop me from wanting kids just yet," Jen smiled, as she kissed Chefo's cheek.

"Not all kids are that bad!" Sally smiled, looking over at Jen. "You wait until you see Aiden and Chloe together. You may change your mind," Sally smiled. Chefo shook his head lightly, making Jen, Sally and Charge laugh.

"Hi, everyone."

They all turned to see Mike walking towards them with Swain and RO.

"Hi, sir," Chefo and Charge answered in unison, looking at their CO.

"Mike," Sally smiled, as Mike sat at the end of the table. Jen nodded at him, as Swain placed Sally's drink in front of her before handing Chloe a fruit juice.

"When is everyone else getting here?" RO asked Mike, who shrugged.

"Well, I messaged Josh. He said he was finishing getting Aiden ready and then heading straight here… Nav is with X," Swain replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"That's all I know," he said.

"Aiden!" Chloe screamed, making everyone turn. They saw Josh walking towards

them with Aiden.

"Hi guys," Josh smiled, looking at everyone at the table.

"You remember Chefo, this is his girlfriend Jen," Swain smiled, introducing Jen.

"Jen, this is Josh, Nav's other half, and their little boy, Aiden," Swain smiled, doing the introductions.

"Hi," Jen smiled, looking at Josh, then Aiden.

"Hi, Josh," Mike said warmly, holding his hand out to him.

"Hey," Josh answered with a smile. "Nikki and Kate are on their way. Nikki texted me 10 minutes ago to say they had just left Kate's place. My CO, Craig, Spi and Bomb are on their way. They should all get here at roughly the same time," Josh informed the others.

"Are there the only members from your crew coming over?" Chefo asked. Josh nodded.

"Yes," Josh smiled, as Aiden pulled his arm.

"Daddy, can I go play?" Aiden asked with a pout, making Josh smile. He bent down so he was level with him.

"In a minute, we have to go get mommy and Auntie Kate's drink, and then you can play, ok?" Josh smiled, as Aiden's pout grew even bigger. Swain smile as he watched them both.

"Hey mate, why don't you leave him here?" Swain asked. "Chloe wants to go over there, so I can watch them both," Swain smiled when he saw Aiden smiling up at him.

"You sure you will be ok?" Josh asked, making Swain laugh.

"Yes, I'm sure. They are no trouble," he laughed again, slapping Josh on the back.

"Ok," Josh sighed, before turning back to his son. "Be good, I will be back in a minute," Josh smiled, and then stood up. "I won't be long," he promised, looking back at Swain, who shook his head.

"Take your time," Swain told him with a smile. He watched Josh head to the bar, as Chloe climbed down from Charge's lap and hugged Aiden. Swain smiled at them both. "Come on, let's go over to the playground," he told the kids, smiling as the two yelled and ran over to the slide. "Slow down!" Swain laughed, as he watched Aiden and Chloe chase each other before trying to climb the ladder to the big slide. "Whoa!" Swain yelled as he grabbed Aiden. "You guys are still too small to play on this slide. That's the one for you guys," he told them, pointing at the smaller play set.

"But that's small," Aiden pouted, looking up at Swain with a miserable expression on his face. Swain chuckled.

"I know, but so are you two," he told Aiden and Chloe, as he led them over to the smaller slide.

Chefo laughed as he watched Swain get Nikki's little boy off the big slide. "He has his hands full there."

"Who does?" Buffer asked, coming back over to the table.

"Swaino," Charge laughed, as Buffer noticed Sally.

"Hi, Sally," Buffer said, smiling at her.

"Hi, Pete," Sally replied, smiling slightly at him. "I'm going to help Chris with Chloe and Aiden," Sally smiled, as she got up and went to join Swain.

"Something I said?" Buffer asked, looking at everyone and seeing Charge shake his head sadly.

"Sally knows!" Charge told Buffer. "No matter how much she cares about you… the fact you almost hit a child, that's not ok with her," Charge told Buffer with a sigh, not seeing Josh come up to the table.

"You tried to hit a kid?" Josh asked, looking at Buffer with distaste as Charge and Mike shot each other a glance.

"I was drunk," Buffer glared, looking with dislike at Josh, who set four drinks on the table.

"That's no excuse," Josh growled. He looked at Charge and Mike and noticed the silent looks they were giving each other. "What?" Josh asked, looking at the two.

"Nothing," Charge smiled, jumping up from the table. "Let's go see Swain and Sally. They are watching the kids," Charge smiled forcedly.

"What is going on?" Josh asked, looking at everyone. He noticed they were all averting their eyes, except for Buffer who was looking at Aiden. "Why…" Josh started, but stopped as understanding dawned on him. He looked murderously at Buffer. "You went for my son!" Josh bellowed, glaring at Buffer. Sally and Swain turned around, as did Chloe and Aiden, as Charge grabbed Josh before he got to Buffer.

"Calm down, mate," Charge sighed. "Nikki dealt with him," Charge smiled, remembering the scene. "She broke his nose," Charge told Josh, before pulling him away from Buffer. He took him away, trying to calm him down.

"What's going on?" Kate asked, as she and Nikki walked over to the table and saw Jen looking at Buffer in shock and Chefo shaking his head. Mike looked at Kate before turning to Nikki, who had a worried expression on her face and kept looking around.

"Aiden's with Sally," Mike said, knowing Nikki was looking for Josh and Aiden.

"Josh is with Swain and Charge… they're trying to get him to calm down!" Mike told her.

"Why?" Nikki asked worriedly. "Is Aiden ok?"

"Aiden's fine!" Mike sighed, trying to calm Nikki down. She had a panicked look on her face. She probably thought something bad had happened to Aiden. "Josh knows about what happened at the hospital," Mike said, watching as the colour drained from Nikki's face.

"What?" Nikki whispered, as Kate looked at her questioningly. "I didn't tell him about Buffer going after Aiden," Nikki whispered. Nikki's declaration seemed to surprise Kate.

"Why not?" she asked Nikki, who shook her head.

"Because I thought the Hammersley needed Buffer alive," Nikki replied, staring at Buffer before looking back at Kate. "Buffer completely annoys Josh on a good day… what do you think would have happened if I told him earlier?" Nikki asked Kate, making her grimace.

"Ok, point taken. Buffer would have been in a coma!" Kate said, making Buffer glare at them.

"Like hell I would. I could take that pretty boy any day!" Buffer growled, making Mike stand up.

"That's enough!" Mike stated, staring Buffer down. "Nikki, go and find Swain and Charge and talk to Josh," Mike smiled, motioning Nikki away as she was glaring at Buffer. "And you," Mike stated, staring at Buffer. "Sit down and listen. Josh has every right to be angry. You went for his child, but this animosity ends now. We are starting a mission in a week, a mission where we are going to be together 24/7. This ends now," Mike repeated, shaking his head.

"Buffer, swallow your pride and apologize to both of them," Kate told Buffer.

"What about them?" Buffer asked, looking at Mike and Kate and seeing Kate look at him with eyebrows raised.

"What has Josh ever done to you? Except for saving your life! And Nikki acted in anger, but she has done nothing wrong!" Kate said, staring at Buffer.

"She broke my nose!" Buffer answered Kate, shocked by her reply.

"You tried hitting her son!" Kate shot back, making Buffer sink into the chair he was previously sitting on. "I saw your face when we were on the Ramsgate. You are starting to feel it…the isolation," Kate told Buffer, who bowed his head. "So fix it, Buffer!"

"I don't know how to fix it," Buffer answered.

"I think 'I'm sorry' is a great way to start," Kate told Buffer, looking at Mike intently while saying those words. Mike smiled sadly, understanding the message she was trying to convey. "It's not an automatic fix, but things will eventually work out," Kate continued, as Buffer nodded sadly.

Josh fumed as he paced back and forth in front of Charge, who had let him go after getting him away from Buffer.

"Mate, calm down," Charge sighed, as Josh rounded on him furiously.

"Do you have kids?" Josh asked, looking at Charge, who lowered his head.

"Yes. I have one, a boy," Charge replied, looking back at Josh. "And I would be fuming like you are if someone tried to hurt him, but, mate, don't do anything stupid," Charge sighed.

"He's been pushing me since the first boarding, and now this?" Josh raged, as Swain joined Charge.

"I know, mate," Swain sighed, shaking his head. "You just gave Aiden a bit of a fright," he told Josh, who raked his hands through his hair.

"I didn't mean to scare him," Josh sighed, holding his head in his hands as he leant on the fence behind him.

"He knows, mate," Swain smiled, looking at Josh. "That kid thinks you hung the moon," he told Josh.

"I thought that was Nav," Charge laughed, making Swain laugh too. Josh shook his head.

"Well ok, Nav does too," Swain smiled, as he came and sat next to Josh, and Charge sat on the other side.

"Nav loves you, mate. She must have had her reasons for not telling you," Charge smiled. "Just because she didn't tell you doesn't mean she has ignored it. She has hardly spoken to Buffer since," Charge informed Josh, who nodded.

"I don't know how I'm going to survive this mission without killing him," Josh said. Swain and Charge laughed, and then slapped his back.

"We will stop you," Swain laughed again.

Nikki showed up at that moment and seeing the three of them smile, she sighed in relief.

"Hey," Nikki smiled, looking at the three sadly before focusing her eyes on Josh.

"Hey," Swain smiled, as he stood up and hugged Nikki quickly before turning to look at Josh. "Talk to you later, mate," Swain told him, then left. Charge slapped Josh's shoulder and kissed Nikki's cheek.

"Talk in a bit," Charge smiled as he left the two alone.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," Nikki sighed, as she walked over to Josh. She did not notice he was laughing.

"Nik, it's fine," Josh sighed, wrapping Nikki in a hug and holding her tight. "I know I have a temper, and I will admit I probably would have hit him if I was told sooner," Josh sighed, inhaling the smell of Nikki's shampoo. "I'm glad you did hit him though," he laughed, making Nikki giggle.

"Stop, it's not funny," Nikki said, trying not to laugh. She looked up at Josh.

"It kind of is," Josh laughed, as he lowered his mouth and kissed Nikki. "Just promise me: no more secrets!"

"None, I promise," Nikki smiled, as Josh kissed her again. "Come on, let's head back," Nikki whispered, as she pulled away from Josh's lips slightly.

"Yeah, the Ram crew should be here by now," Josh said, laughing as Nikki grabbed his hand. When they got back to the pub, they saw that James, Spider, Bomber and Craig had arrived.

"You know that's a really bad nickname to use," Nikki laughed as she hugged Bomber, who was closest to her. "Hey!" Nikki told a laughing Bomber, before hugging Spider and blowing a kiss to Craig and James.

"What's wrong with our nickname?" Josh asked, feigning hurt.

"The Ram crew, really?" Nikki asked, raising her eyebrow at Josh and making the Ramsgate team laugh. "I know you personally like ramming things, babe, but the others?" Nikki smiled, shaking her head, making Josh glare at her as the others looked at her questioningly.

"What are you talking about, Nik?" Kate asked Nikki.

"Nothing! She meant nothing by that!" Josh answered quickly, making Nikki laugh. The others stared at them in confusion.

"When Josh was 15…" Nikki laughed.

"Nik!" Josh pleaded, looking desperately at Nikki, who just shook her head.

"Sorry babe, it has to be done! When he was 15, he took his dad's yacht out without permission and forgot how to dock. So he ended up wiping out the whole dock that's attached to his parents' garden," Nikki finished with a smile. She looked at Josh, who had closed his eyes as laughter erupted around him.

"Really?" James asked, looking at Josh in shock.

"I was 15, sir!" Josh answered, not liking the looks his crew mates were giving him.

"That's not an excuse," Kate laughed, holding on to Nikki's arm.

"That's it," Josh glared, looking at Nikki who had a big smile on her face. "You forget you have three older brothers who love nothing better than embarrassing their little sister," Josh stated, as Nikki paled. "How about the time your dad got a brand new car and you backed into the garage without opening the door first?" Josh grinned, as everyone laughed again.

"Ok, enough!" Kate laughed, placing her hands between the two. "You two could be here all day as you have years of dish on each other," Kate laughed, making Nikki and Josh laugh.

"Fine!" Nikki sighed, before looking around. "Where's my baby boy?" Nikki asked, looking at Kate.

"Over there with Swain, Sally and Chloe," Kate pointed to the play set where Aiden was just coming down the slide. Nobody noticed Josh walk up behind


"I'm not going to hit you but, if you touch my boy again, I will make you wish you were never born!" Josh growled down Buffer's ear. He put his hand on Buffer's shoulder and squeezed it hard before letting go and walking over to Spider and Craig. Buffer rolled his shoulder to get rid of the pain and gritted his teeth.


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