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Time seemed to have stopped at the exact moment they heard the gun shots, holding on tightly to Mac, Stella kept her head buried into his shoulder as she waited for news on her daughter, "Mac what is taking so long, why won't they tell us anything" Stella asked as she gently lifted her head to look at her husband, as their eyes met they could see the anguish and pain that each other felt, Mac was about to answer when a voice was heard over the radio.

"We have secured the area, we have one fatality" the male voice echoed over the radio and was heard by Mac and Stella, as Stella heard there was one fatality she gasped, closing her eyes she pulled Mac closer to her body, "No Mac please not our baby". Wrapping his arms tightly around Stella, Mac kept looking straight up the street where the incident took place, just then a figure came into view, a young swat officer was carrying something in his arms, as her brown curly hair blew in the wind Mac gasped "Katie", as Stella heard Katie's name she snapped her head up and looked in the direction that Mac was looking, "Katie" Stella cried when she saw the little girl, being carried by the swat officer

Spotting Mac and Stella at the end of the road, the young police man stopped and placed Katie on the ground speaking gently and pointing down the road he showed the little girl two people she longed to see, "Look Katie there is mommy and daddy" he smiled, as Katie turned her small body her face broke out into a huge smile, "Mommy Daddy" she cried and started to run towards Mac and Stella, ducking under the police tape Mac and Stella held hands and ran towards their daughter, falling to her knees Stella opened her arms, as Katie ran into them she held her close "Oh my baby, I have missed you so much, mommy and daddy loves you so much." Stella cried as she kissed her daughters head over and over, Mac wrapped his arms around both Stella and Katie and kissed his daughter, "Love you mommy, love you daddy" Katie smiled to her parents.

Lifting Katie up into his arms Mac carried her towards the waiting EMS truck, as they started walking down the road a huge applause erupted as the reporters, police and the local people all cheered, as Mac placed Katie on the gurney Stella sat beside her as Mac sat in front of her, soon the truck made its way to the local hospital, "Where are we going mommy" Katie asked as she looked up at her mommy with wide eyes, "We are going to see the doctor so they can see if you are Ok, and then you can come home with me and daddy" Stella replied as she kissed her daughters head, "Ok" Katie replied as she smiled back to her mommy.

Soon they had arrived at the hospital, Katie was soon taken to the children's ward, followed closely by her parents who didn't want to leave her side, standing in the small room Stella and Mac watched as the doctor examined Katie, when she was finished she stood up and smiled at the parents.

"Well mommy and daddy, Katie is fit and healthy and is free to go home" the nurse smiled before leaving the room.

"Oh thank you" sobbed Stella as she picked her daughter up pulling her close she kissed her face, "We go home now mommy" Katie asked, "Yes baby we go home now" replied Mac, when all the paper work was filled in Mac and Stella had the good news thay had long waited for, picking Katie up into his arms Mac carried her towards the door with Stella at his side.

Walking through the hospital doors Mac Stella and Katie where met by lots of reporters and news vans, "Mac how does it feel to have your daughter back, and to know that your tormenter is now dead" asked one reporter, turning to face the camera Mac smiled "Having our daughter back is the most amazing feeling, as for the other question, I have no comment" Mac replied, as lots of questions where asked Mac and Stella decided that Katie had been threw enough, smiling politly they asked the camera's to back off so they could go home.

Climbing into the waiting car the family where soon whisked away to the local airport ready to board the helicopter that would fly them home, Mac and Stella sat side by side, Katie was on her daddy's knee sound asleep, as she cuddled close to his chest she gripped her mommy's hand for comfort, as Stella watched her sleep she smiled at her small face, "She has changed" Stella said as she looked at Mac, "8 weeks is along time, but she is still our baby girl and she will be back to her normal self soon, she knows we love her and thats whats important, making sure she feels loved and cared for" Mac replied. Stella nodded in agreement as she smiled at Mac.

"That's us back in New York" spoke the pilot over the radio, as Mac and Stella both looked out they saw the statue and smiled, feeling the helicopter touch down on the tarmac, Mac and Stella both waited for the engine to stop before getting out, opening the door Mac climbed out first with Katie, followed by Stella, turning to face the car that would take them home they saw some familiar faces, the team had come out to meet them and welcome them home, hugs and kissed where shared all round along with tears of joy and happiness, Katie was so tired that she slept through the whole event.

Soon Mac and Stella arrived home, carrying Katie upstairs they decided to keep her in their bed for a few nights, "I can't believe that she is home" Stella smiled at her daughter who was sleeping soundly between her and Mac, "I know our little princess" Mac replied as he kissed her cubby cheek and then gave Stella a kiss,". Lying their heads down on the pillow, Mac and Stella soon joined their daughter in dream land, the perfect family was back together, Mac Taylor Stella Taylor and there beautiful little girl Katie Taylor...

The End...

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