Another Digimon story from me, I hope you like it. You maybe want to skip some of the first part since it's the same as episode 27 BUT I really recommend you to watch Japanese ver because in this episode some there is a scene that get cut. Next2 chap also the same since I watch my country and jap ver first, I am quite lucky my country didn't cut anything at all nor change their dialogue :)

ps: I use Japanese name except for Jyou since Joe is easier and it doesn't sounds different...

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Vamdemon's palace

From afar Tailmon can see how pathetically and epically PicoDevimon failed in simple task such as stopping a bunch of brats. She did say PicoDevimon's army would likely end up as second rated army but this? They are not an army but a bunch of useless weaklings that came because of gluttony temptation from PicoDevimon. From all things they had been through as Vamdemon's underlings he offered such thing to ally with someone? But then again considering he was pathetic and ally he got also just the same it wasn't that surprising it ended up like this. Beside, she never tried to get her paws on Digidestined and she was curious about them. Why don't try them now?


"Honestly, I can't stand watching this anymore!" Tailmon huffed as landed right in front of Digidestined.

"Another small one appeared," Joe commented lazily, Tailmon if anything was ticked off with his remark. How dare this four eyed boy compared her with PicoDevimon! She though. "Shoo…shoo…out of the way! You don't want to be hurt, do you?" He asked mockingly.

That definitely shot up her temper, "I see you are underestimating me…" She narrowed her eyes at them, "Watch this!" She jumped at their digimons, landing powerful kick to each of them, "NEKO KICK!"

Loud sounds echoed across the room as three adult digimon fell flat to the hard floor, Tailmon landed smoothly on her feet, smiling at the startled Digidestined. "She is much stronger than she looks!" Yamato exclaimed as looking back at their companion. Smug expression plastered on her face, too late for them to notice now.

The giant cactus digimon then tried to land a punch, which failed as she dodged, the massive glove crashed to the floor. The cat digimon then welcomed by another paws of giant wolf. Both of them tried to catch Tailmon with no luck because of her agility and tiny body, it as if trying to catch a very agile fly. When Digidestined saw this, they took their chance to run to massive gate when Garurumon and Togemon occupied Tailmon.

Unfortunately Tailmon noticed this, she landed softly on the ground as her eyes glaring dangerously at retreating Digidestined then yelled. "You are not getting away!" Her holy ring shone then massive statue DeviDramon came alive roaring, jumped down and blocking their way. In an instance they were surrounded by four massive virus type digimons.






Devidramons managed to dodge their attacks an after the veil of thick smoke disappear, their eyes were glowing red as their opponents realized what they had done. "I can't move…" Ikakumon muttered slowly as struggling to move. The evil digimons didn't waste their time and quickly launched their claws at the immobile Kabuterimon and Ikkakumon.

"That's it! That's it! Get'em!" PicoDevimon cheered happily,

"Keep attacking!!!" Togemon yelled to her friends. They violently attacked one Devidramon, turning it into dust in the process.

"Ah! I gonna be late!" He yelled as flying to the gate that began to close, but Patamon was blocking his way. "AIR SHOT!" PicoDevimon was send flying and dribbling to the floor like a basketball.

"Quick!!!" Patamon yelled.

"Damn it!" Taichi cursed, but two DeviDramon still on their way. Greymon jumped at one of DeviDramon knocking it to the ground.

"Now!" Taichi yelled as all Digidestined ran to the gate, but they stopped as another DeviDramon tried to block their way.

Greymon in the other hand was crushed by DeviDramon's long hand, gasping for his breath and calling his partner, "Tai…chi…"

Taichi's crest shone in response and digivolved Greymon to his next level, "Greymon chou-shinkaa… MetalGreymon!" Then the dinosaur digimon with metallic claw released two grinning missiles from his chest to DeviDramon, "GIGA DESTROYER!" But as soon the missiles hit, the perfect digimon turned back to his baby stage.

"Thanks Koromon!" Taichi yelled then began running again to the gate.

Patamon in the other hand was still busy holding the struggling Picodevimon, "Everyone hurry!!!"

The scene of two child level Digimon brawling right on her face annoyed Tailmon, her claws moved to knock Patamon off of Picodevimon. Much to her surprise Patamon noticed her claw was moving close to hit him, but he managed to dodge barely in time. PicoDevimon in the other hand knocked back to the ground and fainted if his swirling eyes were any indication.

Patamon was not pleased with Tailmon's interruption so he glared at her. Aside from the interruption there was something deep inside him that mad at her for some reason, he can't describe it but the anger was there. His blue eyes suddenly darted at her ring, somehow there was something that fascinating him about that golden ring.

"What? Do you want to fight? Little orange hamster…" She asked lazily with her hands on her hips, glaring back with narrowed eyes.

If not long ago Joe managed to piss Tailmon off; she just did the same thing with Patamon. Takeru's partner officially pissed with the cat like digimon, he rarely got mad but her arrogance was getting on his nerve. Wasn't she the one who get mad because underestimated by Joe? She did the same thing!

"Don't underestimate me! AIR SHOT!" He yelled as ball of air hit right beside the cat like Digimon, She was surprised that she had dodged Patamon's attack barely, and not less the child level digimon managed to make her away from the gate in the process of dodging. "AIR SHOT!!!" Patamon kept attacking her and not letting her to regain her breath as she jumping and landing just to jump again when his attack began again, Tailmon didn't see this coming but she was far away from the gate now. He fooled her!

In the corner of her eyes she saw the digidestined desperately ran to the gate,"I can't let you guys pass!" Even though she can't make it to the gate at least she wouldn't let the chosen children made it either! She activated her holy ring again, and two DeviDramon came alive blocking their way.

Devidramons attacked them but blocked by Garurumon and Togemon. Tailmon already anticipated this as another DeviDramon came alive from its statue state, as DeviDramon occupied all of their partners; digidestined ran to random direction to distract them and went to the gate. But it was useless since Tailmon looked like had endless stock of DeviDramon on her sleeve.

Suddenly Patamon attacked her again but she dodged, in the corner of his eyes Patamon caught sight of Takeru running away alone from their group and DeviDramon was about to jump at him! None of their friends were free to save Takeru but he was too far to fly back to Takeru.

Takeru gasped when suddenly around him became darker, he looked up and found a DeviDramon was flying right above him. He gasped in horror, "Brother!!! PATAMON!!!"

"You will not make it Patamon!" Tailmon said to the retreating Patamon.

Just see, and I will make it! Patamon though. "Takeru! No!!!" He has to save him no matter what the cost! He had done that by sacrificing himself before and he refused to fail even once! Bright light suddenly erupted from Patamon, and then he felt the nostalgic sensation of evolution.


The white clad angel decorated with blue fabric appeared in Patamon's place, golden staff on his right hand with helmet that covered half of his face. His six pure white wings quickly flew towards his partner, Angemon knew he can't snatch Takeru away in time so he attacked, "HEAVEN'S KNUCKLE!"

DeviDramon that about to attack Takeru turned to dust with just one attack of Angemon, everyone's attention quickly drawn to Angemon. They were gaping once again at him just like their first encounter, "An…ge…mon? Since when…?" Taichi asked for no reason, they just surprised the angel digimon appeared suddenly.

Tailmon was shocked. Where was that angel digimon come from? She already saw so many digimon types even some rare sacred beast type like her but not angel type. She was sweating cold sweat at his power, both Angemon and Devidramon were on the same level but he defeated DeviDramon with one attack. It was easy to draw conclusion that Angemon was the strongest digimon they had.

Angemon ignored all attention he got, as his gaze darted at gate that almost closed. Without a word he spun his staff then threw it to the gate, the golden staff was stuck between it preventing it to be closed. "Everyone quick!" He yelled as picked Takeru up on his arms then flew to the gate, much to his annoyance PicoDevimon awoke because of their commotion and flew to the gate first.

All of them desperately tried to run faster as Angemon's staff began to tremble, it couldn't hold the gate for a long time. Angemon's staff was manifestation of his sacred energy it would not break but the size of the gate was too much for his staff, it would not be able to maintain its place for long.

"Not so fast!" Tailmon yelled as three Devidramon called from its slumber, "You guys need to play with them first!" She said as landed right beside DeviDramons.

Angemon shifted his hold of Takeru to his left arm so his right was free, a golden orb of light appeared on his right hand then elongated to a staff. "Unfortunately, we have no time to play Tailmon!" Then Angemon flew to DeviDramon's side so three of them became in one line right in front of him.


In an instance orange pillar of light pierced through three DeviDramons, the scene reminded Digidestined of the first time they saw Angemon's devastating attack. But they snapped back from their musing and ran again; Tailmon did not give up as another Devidramons awoke from their slumber.

Angemon clenched his fist. "Ignore them! Just run straight to the gate, you guys too!" Angemon shouted at his digimon friend, he landed near Garurumon then handed Takeru to Yamato. All of them were running non-stop even when talking.

"Angemon…" Takeru called his partner, he didn't want to let him go.

"Yamato, take care of Takeru. I will open the way…" He said as smiled at him.

Yamato just nodded; somehow he can tell Angemon was not a type you can argue with once he set his mind on it. Angemon was so alike with Takeru, both of them were stubborn, which was why they held the crest of hope. How ironic, every time they were completely hopeless like in final battle with Devimon they had to depend on Takeru and Angemon.

"But…Angemon…" Garurumon tried to argue, as digimon that blessed by friendship crest letting his friend to fight alone was the last thing to do on his list.

For him Patamon, Angemon was his little brother just like Yamato and Takeru. Even though Angemon was stronger than him doesn't mean he will let Angemon fight alone AGAIN, no! Memories of crying Takeru when saw Angemon slowly became thousands of light fragment still fresh on the wolf digimon's mind. Little Patamon who digivolve to an Angel was smiling in the brink of his death. From all digidestined who risking theirs and partner's life for this world, why Takeru is the first one who experienced such tragedy in their first meeting!"I know you are stronger than us but we will not let you fight alone! We can handle them in equal ground unlike Devimon, so let us fight with you!" Garurumon pleaded.

Angemon can read what was on their eyes; they scared of losing him again. He would not let them down,"I am counting on you as my backup then..." He said as smiled, Garurumon nodded as relieve passed through him. They will not lose their guardian angel again, he promised to himself. But first he had to deal with Tailmon and DeviDramons. One by one destroyed without much effort, much to Angemon's annoyance it seemed Tailmon did has endless stock of the four-eyed digimon.

Angemon though he had to target Tailmon, no alternative choice. She was the source of this endless problem. Aside from this there was one thing that had to be settled with her. "Oh, trying to get me now?" She said as dodged his staff. " As if you can catch me!"

Angemon was silent in response, the cat like digimon had nerve to run to his companion. Off course all adult digimon that left made themselves busy playing cat and mouse with Tailmon, even though she was a cat. She smiled smugly at their failed attempt; she was jumping from Garurumon's head to Kabuterimon's then Ikkakumon's. Angemon didn't do anything, she wondered why though. But her eyes widened when she saw empty spot of where Angemon was second ago.

Tailmon was in the mid-air and shocked as a shadow of three pairs of wing hovered above her, She dodged his hand then landed at Ikakumon's head. Before she can land to the ground again Angemon glided quickly and appeared right when she was on the mid-air. Angemon wasted no time to catch the immobile cat in the air. Tailmon cursed, she should know the reason of why he has six wings. She was experienced in fighting with flying Digimon but none of them as agile as he was, more wings means faster? Never mind the reason why he was so fast, she definitely despised this upside down position, hanging on her tail.

"Playtime is over…" He stated calmly.


Both of them quickly turned their face to the gate, Angemon's staff was on the ground clanking loudly. Digidestined was so close, they only three feet away from the gate when it closed. They failed to enter the gate in time; Taichi was banging his fist at the gate out of frustration.

"At this rate the eighth child…Vamdemon will… Argh! We are so close!" Taichi yelled.

"Damn it!" Yamato cursed as clenching his fist.

Both Angemon and Tailmon stared at the closed gate and frustrated Digidestined, now what?

Ha ha ha Tailmon is taken hostage by Angemon LOL... yeah I love to do PataGato/Tail but to get this plot I have to use Angemon ^^ and don't worry even though first chap looks like rewriting of episode 27 doesn't mean I will write entire series, off course it would be different!


"So we take her as a hostage?" Taichi asked lazily, "Doesn't sounds right for me as we are the hero here..."

"You will not get anything out from me... Vamdemon would likely throw me away once he knew you capture me..." Tailmon muttered wryly.

Angemon asked, "Is that mean you are not on his side anymore?"

"Not on your side either..." She replied as shrugged. "So I will not give you info, clue... nothing..."

"You are stubborn..."

"The same for you... damn angel..."

It's interesting to write their bickering... I find that Angemon and Angewomon's personality interesting to blend in together ha ha ha

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