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Home sweet Home

If there was one thing Digidestined agreed on the moment they reunited with mother earth was a headache that threatened their head to explode. Tai wondered if he had broken bone after he felt falling from the sky at least hundreds feet to the ground. The second battle in Vamdemon's palace was nothing big as only some spider looking digimon and Devidramon roamed to protect the gate, the only hard part was to solve the mystery of the card not to mention he was gambling the last part. He hoped once he opened his eyes they weren't in another twisted world, digital world was twisted enough for his taste, thank you very much!

"Aw, my head…" Somebody groaned, Tai recognized that as Joe's and he agreed with the blue haired's statement. The oldest digidestined's groan was familiar, as he almost never spent a day without groaning for so many reasons. "I feel sick…" Joe said as sat up wearily.

"Me too…" Mimi agreed as stood up shakily.

Sora snapped awake then shook her head, looking around nervously, "We made it?" She asked unsurely to no one. She looked around and recognized the scenery, mountain and small hut they used as shelter from sudden blizzard. "We really back to the real world!" She exclaimed as one by one stood up shakily and Yamato helped Takeru to stand.

Takeru blinked, "Where's our digimon?" He yelped as looking around in panic, "Angemon!" Takeru's digimon was the only one who jumped to the gate in his adult form; Takeru felt his blood rushing to his head as he can't spot any single feather of Angemon. Other digidestined began to panic as well when noticed none of them had their partner by their side.

"Hai?" Patamon answered as popped up from bush with Tailmon, soon followed by other digimon who brought berries on their hands. "I dedigivolved when we went through the dimension gate." He explained at odd look he got from Takeru then he noticed worried face they had, "Uhm… we only looking for food." He added when realized what they was thinking.

"Look Mimi!" Palmon said as showed berries she had on her hands, "You like these right?"She asked with glee.

All digidestined laughed, Mimi wiped away her tears. "Iee… from now on we can give you better food." She promised, no more wild berries!

Tailmon had a look of disgust on her face at drama that was going in front of them. Yamato was hugging Takeru complete with fake sobs, crying something about their peaceful family in the past. "Nii-chan!" "Takeru!" Not even a stupid digimon like PicoDevimon or Bakemon would buy that, she though. Much to her amusement, Joe who she was sure buying the blond brother's acting even tried to convince their teacher, it was simply ridiculous he could be deceived by his own friends. And the human they called teacher believed the soap opera and complied the digidestined's request. "What an idiot…" Tailmon grumbled in low tone.

As if adding to her long list of misery the bearer of hope was hugging both of her and Patamon on his arms, telling the teacher that they were dolls. She wanted to scream a protest for the lack of space but Takeru kept muttering plead for her to be patient, Tailmon didn't know why but it was hard to refuse Takeru's plead. It as if the boy had power, which made him simply impossible to refuse.

"At last Hikarigaoka!" Tai cheered as grinning widely, scanning his surrounding eagerly. "It's been a while since I was here…"

Yamato blinked repeatedly, "You lived here before?"

Taichi nodded, "Yep, I moved to Odaiba after that infamous terrorist's attack though."

"Me too!" They chorused then looked at each other weirdly.

Joe adjusted his glasses, "So… all of you ever lived in Hikarigaoka?" He asked incredulously.

At chorused nod Koshiro hummed, "Hm… that's an interesting coincidence!" Then they began to discuss what happened four years ago and also their life in Hikarigaoka that time and somehow that discussion went longer than intended.

Taichi rolled his eyes, "I don't see… WHOAAA!" They yelped when suddenly the ground they stood was shaking violently. "Earthquake?"

Tailmon scoffed, "No Idiot… Look below the bridge, its only Mammothmon in the middle of rampaging your pathetic civilization~" She sang-songed mockingly.

They gaped when they saw an elephant looking digimon was stomping through the road, running over everything on its path. Koushiro raised an eyebrow, "Uhm… if this digimon is looking for the eighth child why it go wild like that?" For the bearer of knowledge, rampaging the town simply was not a way to look for someone.

The cat digimon shrugged, "Nah… when Vamdemon ordered me to recruit strong digimon as many as I could, he only specified about brawn not brain…"

"If that old fossil elephant is your recruit tell it to stop!" Taichi yelled.

Tailmon rolled her eyes, "In case you forgot… it have too little brain to listen to anyone and I am… their ex-ally." She reminded the leader of Digidestined dryly.

"What should we do then?" Mimi yelped in panic.

Joe was looking around in panic, "Let's go down first! Before that digimon saw us! Go down!"

"Good idea!" Koushiro replied as ran down the stairs.

"Is it just me of you guys forgot how to fight?" Tailmon asked incredulously.

Taichi snapped, "Shut up! Now… who goes first for that Mammothmon?"

Biyomon raised her wing. "Let me! I have plenty of strength left… we have to save our energy as much as possible!" She suggested cheerfully.

Sora grinned as she gripped her digivice. "Then go for it, Biyomon!"

"Biyomon SHINKAAA Birdramon!"

The fight when quite awry especially because Birdramon was an adult digimon and Mammothmon was a perfect level, Sora yelped when she saw her digimon slammed to the nearest building by Mammothmon with his trunk. But as the fight went on Digidestined began to recall what happened four years ago, distant memory that buried deep within their mind that had been forgotten for years. Tailmon let the information sank in, wondering if the eighth child also the same. She wondered why they were chosen that way? Tailmon also found out that as what Taichi claimed before, other human couldn't see digimon that appeared in their world but now they could. Why was that? And how those digimon who appeared before in real world came without passing through any gate?

Sora couldn't take it anymore, her hand clenched on crest beneath her shirt and Birdramon digivolve to the next level. Tailmon could see the result already as digimon who could fly always had advantage against digimon that couldn't, added with that massive body of hers, Garudamon was more than a match for Mammothmon in term of brute strength.

They can't help but flinched when Mammothmon crashed against hard surface of road after Garudamon lifted it quite high, and before Mammothmon could get his footing Garudamon launched her special attack, "SHADOW WING!" And that was the end of Mammothmon.

"Pyocomon!" Sora cheered as she caught her baby digimon that fell from the sky like a parachute.

That feeling again, Tailmon always felt something squirming on her heart whenever she saw Digidestined and their digimon showed their adoration for each other. She couldn't understand it and she wanted nothing but this feeling to go away. The longer she felt it, it was like a knife that stabbed and twisted in the most painful way.

"She met you?" Patamon asked Koromon.

Tailmon snapped out of her thought when she heard Patamon was asking Koromon. She looked up to Patamon who was perching on Takeru's hat. Tailmon was in Takeru's arms, carried like other digimon did by their partner. She didn't want it but she simply couldn't refuse the bearer of hope, it brought her distant memory of longing for someone. Tailmon felt Takeru was somehow alike with the one she was waiting for, he was not the one but… his presence felt… the closest to the one she was longed for.

Koromon grumbled, "Must be another Koromon. But…" He trailed off, "When I met Taichi for the first time… I felt like I'd always known him."

Their conversation was cut short when Joe yelped when he heard police car sirens, "This is bad! If we get caught here, they will interrogate us!"

Taichi cringed at Joe's prediction, which in his book was a very unpleasant situation, "They won't let us go so easily…" Taichi agreed reluctantly, "Let's scram guys!" No one needed to be told twice.

Mimi panted lightly as she collapsed on the grass, "Ugh… I thought if we return to real world, there would be no running anymore!" She whined with annoyed face.

Koshiro cleared his throat, "Enough Mimi… so… at last I can see what connection we shared." Koshiro stated loftily as he began his explanation, "All of us linked by what we saw four years ago, that's why of all children in summer camp only us were chosen."

Joe adjusted his glasses, "You mean?"

Yamato scoffed, "That child have witnessed that event too…"

Koshiro nodded, "Yes… I mean the eighth child also saw that digimon… that's for sure."

"But maybe Vamdemon's already found this child!" Joe pointed out. "This child must be lived here… if four years ago… he or she also saw it."

Takeru looked up to Joe, "Eeh, isn't that too fast?" He pointed out suddenly.

Joe and the others blinked at Tekeru, "Too fast?"

"Uhm… Taichi-san said months we spend in digital world is only hours in real world." Takeru muttered with thoughtful face, "In digital world he went yesterday so time span between our arrival here with him would be just few minutes for sure!" Takeru said with a smile.

Koshiro nodded in agreement, "Takeru is right, Vamdemon can't possibly have found the eight child by now."

Yamato looked down, "Hey Tailmon, what's Vamdemon's plan once he arrived here?" He asked sternly.

"Plan?" She repeated dryly, "He planned to catch the eighth child at all cost, but for the time being the army have no plan to do anything extreme and would try to stay in low profile…" Tailmon muttered tiredly, which earned relieved sigh from digidestined, "However they have more member than you do, and planned to scatter armed with fake crest to detect this child's digivice." She pointed out.

All of them except Takeru groaned, "Great!" He muttered sarcastically, "Now what we should do?" Taichi paused, "We have to find this comrade of ours faster than Vamdemon! That's for sure!" He cheered with gusto.

Mimi looked down, "Would we run to Vamdemon when we are looking for our comrade?" She asked to no one, "I mean… like it or not we have to scatter to find him or her, if we run to Vamdemon alone or just two of us…"

All of them can't help but agreed, as last time Vamdemon could deal with them so easily even though their members were complete, running to him when they split up was the last thing they wanted. Tailmon sighed, "If you look for that child at day, you won't run to Vamdemon…" She whispered reluctantly which only heard by Takeru who was holding her.

Takeru beamed, "Hey guys! Tailmon said we will not run to Vamdemon at day!" He cheered with a smile. Tailmon scowled because she hoped Takeru wouldn't tell it was her who said it.

"Really?" Sora smiled at that.

Koshiro raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

Taichi laughed as tears began to pool on the corner of his eyes, "Don't tell me that he is like real vampire? He is scared sunlight? That's… priceless HA HA HA HA!"

Takeru looked down to Tailmon, "Thank you Tailmon! For telling us! It's great to have you around!" Tailmon looked away, annoyed at Takeru for his innocent gratitude.

All of them began to laugh, and their digimon were really confused because they could not understand what was so funny. "So he is nocturnal…" Koshiro muttered thoughtfully.

Taichi blinked, "What is nocturnal?"

"That's term for creature who active at night…" Koshiro explained then suddenly he blinked, "Hey… all of us moved from here right, so maybe…"

Sora clasped her hands together; "Maybe the eighth child is also the same?"

Their leader beamed, "Odaiba! All of us moved to Odaiba! That child probably live there now!"

Tailmon groaned, "You guys keep making wild guess!" She commented.

Koshiro shrugged, "It's not like we have any clue, so we assume since all of us lived here and moved to Odaiba… so… who knows?" He muttered, "At least we have a start…"

Taichi couldn't take their discussion anymore, "That's enough talk!" He growled, "Let's go take train and go home to Odaiba first!" And as usual… who could argue with him once he made a decision?

Train to Nakano-sakaue

The leader of digidestined rubbed his poor heart, which was beating loudly against his ribcage. "You moron…" He muttered grumpily as lightly hit Poromon on the head, "Don't do it again!"

Tailmon narrowed her eyes; she was bored more than ever staying like this. She was still hugged by Takeru like stuffed animal but now she had to share the already cramped space on Takeru's arms with Patamon. Sovereign above must be hated her guts for condemning her to this situation. Tailmon 's eyes felt so heavy as she began to doze off because of air conditioner the air felt so nice added Two bodies beside hers were warm. She also didn't get proper rest last night because sleeping beside her ex-enemies was simply not comfortable. Tailmon didn't want to admit it but Patamon beside her felt so fluffy, oh well… for digikitty a nap was a very important activity. So… good night…

Patamon blinked when he felt there was an extra weight leaned against him, he was startled when he saw Tailmos leaned to him as if he was a pillow then at a drop of a hat fell asleep soundly like a cat she was. Tailmon even didn't flinch when Pyocomon yelled at the baby, who had pulled her filament. Takeru was looking at Sora and Pyocomon who was trying to cover their slip-up in panic, hoping everyone would believe her. But much to her chagrin a father asked where she bought Pyocomon, which made Sora nervous and panic, wondering what she should say. Out of panic Sora answered him with the name of the next stop, which made the father wasted no time to alight after she thanked the red haired girl.

They sighed in relieve as crisis passed smoothly. Sora sat back beside Taichi as she relaxed, "Glad it's over…" She muttered tiredly.

Patamon noticed everyone began to doze off, it was understandable they were sleepy and tired. Takeru closed his eyes, asking Koshiro where they supposed to get off which answered by equally sleepy Koshiro. "Nakano-sakaue…" He grumbled sleepily. Then they fell asleep leaving Patamon as the only one who was awake, he was quite tired but who could sleep in his position? He sighed as his cheeks heat up because Tailmon snuggled closer to him.

Patamon's blue eyes narrowed at Tailmon, "At least she is not grumpy anymore, no wonder her mood is so bad this morning…" Patamon was feeling a bit guilty for Tailmon's lack of sleep, no one could blame her to feel uneasy when sleeping beside Angemon. No wonder if she stayed up the whole night.

"Next station… NAKANO_SAKAUE…"

Patamon looked around, startled when he found no one was awake and they will arrive at their destination soon. "Guys! Wake up!" He whispered carefully.

"We can't speak… Patamon…" Palmon grumbled on her sleep, which made Patamon clamped his mouth shut in horror, he just realized there were some passenger in the same cart as theirs even though they sat quite far away.

Tailmon's ears perked up, her eyes opened slightly. "What's up… you are so noisy Patamon." She asked in annoyed tone.

"We have to get off here!" He whispered in hushed voice, "But everyone fell asleep and we shouldn't speak too loud! There are other people here so…"

The cat digimon rolled her eyes, "We can't speak…" She grumbled incoherently then smirked at Koshiro who was sitting on Takeru's right, and also the closest one with her. "But no one said… Neko Punch!"

Patamon gasped in horror when Koshiro was punched with a very mild version of Neko punch, which made his head clashed with the one who sat beside him, and continued to Sora who sat in the end. It was quite an amazing domino effect where the pieces were digidestined's heads. "AWW!" They chorused in pain.

"Nakano-Sakaue, please exit at your right."

Taichi snapped awake then sat up abruptly with two bumps on his head, "Everyone wake up! We gotta get off here!" He ordered in panic as ran to the nearest exit door followed by his friends who was still dazed.

Somewhere else

"YAY! You are so amazing Wizard-san!" They cheered at Wizardmon who turned his handkerchiefs to pigeons.

"Thank you!" Wizardmon knew this was just for finding the eighth digidestined, for Tailmon's sake. But no one said he couldn't have fun when looking for this child ne? Beside actually he liked children very much because they were so adorable. He hoped even if he was the one who found the chosen child, it was not him who would end his or her life. "Next trick is…"

By the way what Tailmon was doing by now in Digital world? He wondered as spinning his staff and many sparkles appeared. Children clapped happily, amazed at Wizardmon's trick. The purple skinned digimon was sure Tailmon must be sleeping in Vamdemon's castle by now, enjoying unoccupied palace all by herself. Wizardmon smiled at that, at least Tailmon was okay for sure. "So… who wants to be my assistant for the next trick?" He asked.



This was the best day since he met Tailmon! Wizardmon thought gleefully as he pointed at a child who raised her hand enthusiastically. "Little girl over there! You are the lucky girl today!" He exclaimed dramatically.

"Kyaa! Thank you Wizard-san!"

Really a good day for Wizardmon…

Taichi glared at Tailmon as rubbed his temples, "Thank you very much for the rude awakening…" He muttered in annoyed tone.

Sora laughed nervously, "Ha ha ha Taichi… it's thanks to her we get off right on time." She reminded him before he could blurt out another sarcastic remark.

"Yep! Thank you very much Tailmon!" Takeru thanked the cat digimon innocently.

Patamon nodded, "Err thank you…" He muttered nervously since he was sure Tailmon was still annoyed at him.

And he was right because Tailmon was still glaring murderously at him. "You are welcome…" She muttered grumpily.

Joe cleared his throat, "Okay everyone, thankfully we can get off just in time so let's continue our journey to another line okay?" He reminded them.

"Yes Joe-senpai!" Taichi answered dryly, "Let's go everyone…"

Digidestined couldn't be more than happy to see Odaiba once again after so long, "Home sweet home…" Mimi sighed dreamily, "So what are we waiting for? Let's go home now!" She whined.

Koshiro nodded in agreement, "Well Sun already set, and as we all know Vamdemon could roam freely at night so… it's unwise to look for the eighth child at this hour."

Yamato looked to the west, "I agree… we should look for our comrade tomorrow, at day when Vamdemon is immobile."

"Oh, and don't forget your old phone book when you lived in Hikarigaoka!" Joe reminded them, "That way we could try to contact candidates of our friend!"

Mimi rolled her eyes, "Yes mommy…" She replied jokingly.

Joe scoffed, "Very funny!"

Somewhere else…

Vamdemon was not pleased when he found Tailmon was not with them, he hated Tailmon but she was a very efficient underling unlike certain bat digimon. The vampiric digimon had a very bad feeling since he entered the gate, when the gate was still opened dimension between digital and real world was still connected therefore he could still feel what happened in that underground room faintly. At the spark of dark energy he knew Tailmon must be had summoned Devidramon to deal with Digidestined, he was almost sure maybe Tailmon could end their life but suddenly there was sudden power emerged from someone.

A holy power he hated with his very being, it disturbed him so much till even his day rest felt so restless. Vamdemon recalled none of digidestined's digimons he saw had that kind of power so where this power he felt came from? A new evolution? He hoped it was just his mistake for being too paranoid, but then again Tailmon didn't come along with them. What happened to her? Did that damned feline run away from digidestined? No… he knew Tailmon was a very proud digimon, she would prefer being deleted rather than run away like a scaredy-cat. But whatever happened to her, Vamdemon hoped he had her here instead of…

"So… you haven't found the eighth child yet?" He asked murderously, "Not even a clue?"

PicoDevimon gulped, "We are still looking! I am sure we will find this child soon!"

That was not a professional answer he hoped for, if Tailmon… she would gave him detail of how they would expand their perimeter. Picodevimon was cunning but nowhere near Tailmon's level and ever since he was defeated by Digidestined PicoDevimon showed his dumbness even more than ever. "How soon that you mean PicoDevimon?"

"Err… quite soon?" Was the smartest answer PicoDevimon could come out with.

Vamdemon growled, "Oh is that so? Glad to hear that and here is your reward, dumb bat!" And PicoDevimon yelped in pain as Vamdemon's bats attacked him furiously. "Say something dumb again and you will be eaten not bitten!"


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