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and this story takes place AFTER Tim Burton's (the most awesmoe director ever!) sequel, Alice in Wonderland. This is 3 years after his movie. also i got the idea of the story's title from the All American Reject's song "The Poison" from the Almost Alice soundtrack. enjoy :)

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Chapter One


Alice Kingsley stepped off the boat onto the docks. Fog covered her feet as she waved to her family waiting at the other end of the dock.

It had been three years since Alice departed on that boat. Since she turned down the proposal of a lord. Since her adventure in Underland and her slaying of the Jabberwocky. Since she saw her friends in Underland.

Alice hugged her mother first, smiling happily.

"Welcome home, love." Her mother said to her happily. Alice nodded, "I'm very happy to be back. I've missed you all terribly." she said looking at her sister and her husband and their newly born baby boy.

"We'll have the driver get your luggage. For now, come with us to the carriage. We must talk and catch up!" her sister Margaret said happily. Alice smiled and nodded her head, happy to follow her family to the carriage.

As they stepped into the carriage, Alice sent a concerned look to her sister and then to her brother-in-law. 'I wonder if he's still seeing his "friend" behind my sisters back.' she thought to herself.

"So, what was it like in China, Alice? Did you meet any interesting people?" Lowell asked.

She nodded, "A few. None too important that I have the pleasure of meeting. I'm guessing being just a simple apprentice doesn't have the perks of meeting the high and mighty people of China." she explained.

Her mother pulled a fan out of her hand bag and started fanning herself as the carriage finally started moving. "I'm sorry darling. But you did expand the trading firm."

Alice nodded happily, noting that she finally accomplished what her father wish he could have done while he was still alive.

"Well, Alice dear, now that you're back in London what do you plan on doing? Do you think you'll find a husband?" Margaret asked.

Alice paused, feeling a small tug at the back of her mind at the mention of a husband. "I don't know." she stated, staring down at her hands.

She remembered that she was now twenty-two years of age. Her face still looked young and she never spotted a gray hair when she brushed it. Was their still any rush to get married? Did she even want to marry someone at all?

"You don't know? But you're nearly twenty-three. When I was your age I was already married and expecting Margaret." Her mother stated in a slightly worried voice.

Alice looked out the window, her eyes glazing over as she watched the ocean disappear and being replaced with green grass.

"Well, we can't all be the exact same. It is pointless to think that." Alice mumbled. The rest of the trip home was in silence.

Alice's thoughts drifted back and forth to the thoughts she had the night before, wondering not of seeing her family again, but if she would get another chance to visit Underland.

She wondered if Underland was now bright and happy. If the White Queen destroyed the Red Queen's castle or if it still sat there, looming over Underland and reminding the residents of Underland of the time the Red Queen ruled.

Soon she started wondering if the Mad Hatter was appointed his job to continue hatting the White Queen. If he was still as mad as she had left him, or if, because of the White Queen regaining power, he's become a little saner.

She tried best to hide her giggle. It was a funny thought; Hatter becoming saner. It didn't really make any sense. She knew she'd be sad if she'd ever return to Underland and see that the Hatter had become saner. He wouldn't be the same unless he was the Mad Hatter she knew and loved.

'loved? Where in the world did that come from?' she thought to herself.

The carriage came to a stop in front of the home of Margaret and Lowell and they all stepped out.

It appeared that her mother had moved into their home while Alice was away.

The house wasn't as big as the Ascot home Alice had be to three years prier, but it was better then a wooden boat Alice had stayed on during most of her journey.

As she walked behind her family up to the house, she stared into the bushes and the red roses. She cringed at the sight of them. Even the mere thought of red roses or hearts reminded her of the big headed Queen she met in Underland. She could still hear the ringing in her ears of the ex-queen shouting 'Off with her head!' at the top of her lungs.

"Alice, come along!" she heard her mother call from the top of the steps. She blinked out of her thoughts and ran up the stairs, finally meeting up with her family.

"Dear, are you still dizzy from the boat? You're mind seems to be elsewhere." Her mother asked, placing a hand on her daughter's forehead.

Alice shook her head, "I think you're right, mother. If you don't mind I'd like to take a nap before we have dinner."

"Not at all. I'll be happy to show you to your room." Lowell said, gently taking Alice's shoulder and leading her quickly inside.

Inside the home was dark, only small shades of the sun's light leaking into the rooms by the cracks in the curtains. Lowell was walking quicker and Alice tried her best to keep up without stumbling forward.

"Why the rush Lowell?" Alice asked. "Just want to make sure you find you way and I can get back to my family."

"Am I not considered family to you Lowell?" Alice asked, staring out the windows they past in the hallway.

Lowell stopped, but Alice was still walking and because of him holding onto her shoulder she was jerked back.

"I do consider you family Alice, but-" he paused. Alice gave him a look, "Are you scared of me?" she asked.

Lowell didn't look at her, "Why would I? you're just a young girl."

Alice gave him a strange look, "Is it because I know you've kissed other woman besides my sister?" she asked.

Lowell then looked at her, "Have you told?"

Alice shook her head, "No one. But I might if I find out you've still been doing that." in the distance, they could hear the baby's cry. "I would hate to have my sister and nephew be in a broken family."

Lowell gulped, then motioned to a set of mahogany double doors. "That is your room. You're bags will be delivered to your room shortly and we'll have one of the maids come for you when dinner is ready." he explained.

Alice nodded, walking over to the doors and entering the room, leaving Lowell in the hallway.

Her room had a mahogany four poster bed with a canopy and dark red comforter. A wardrobe was opposite of the bed and two twin windows were on the wall opposite of the door. Another door could be seen a few feet away from the wardrobe and Alice could only guess that it was her very own bathroom.

She removed her light blue jacket and laid it down on one of the chairs in her room. She made a bee line for her bed, wanting so much to fall asleep on something that wasn't rocking back and fourth.

She took off her boots and completely forgot she was still in her dress, crawled under the covers and slowly drifted to sleep.




The color had finally returned to Underland. The bright sun and cotton-candy like clouds hung in the sky gracefully and the moon and stars shined so bright the darkest parts of the forest were lit.

The flowers were singing and laughter could be heard from the children of near by villages.

At the white queens castle, it was as happy as could be. The Vorpal Sword sat on display next to the White Queen's throne, as well as Alice's armor that had stayed in Underland when she left.

In one particular room, in the east wing, the double doors at the end of the hallway, was a certain room. That room was designed for a certain someone in Underland. That room had multiple mirrors, figurines of heads, millions of different fabrics and shelves and doors leading to a balcony.

In the middle of this room, was a certain man with frizzy orange hair and bright green eyes.

The Hatter was busy at work making a brand new hat for the White Queen, to prepare for the Frabjous Day ball the Queen was having. The hat was a Sass hat, white with three feathers in the back and a silk ribbon around it. He was sure the Queen would be pleased.

The door opened and in walked Mallymkun. She scurried over to the Hatter and made her way up the table and watched as the Hatter worked.

She made her way over to the little designs the Hatter had drawn for some hats, and noticed a few she thought were odd. The model heads he'd drawn for the hats did not resemble the White Queen at all. But more like the normal heroine that saved their beloved Underland not so long ago.

"Hatter." Mallymkun called.

"Hm?" Hatter grunted, not taking his eyes off his current hat. "Are you designing hats for Alice?" she asked.

Hatter paused for a moment, his eyes moving over to look at Mallymkun then he went back to work on the hat, "Why yes I am."

"Why? Underland has been saved. Alice won't be back for a long time. She might not even come back at all."

The Hatter tightened his fist around the hat pin in his hand, his eyes flashed to an angry shade of yellow but quickly reverted back to green and he started laughing nervously, "She'll come back. She always does." he said while he laughed.

Mallymkun might be part of the mad tea party but she knew she was saner then the March Hare and the Hatter combined. She knew saying Alice might never come back hurt her friend. They had become so much closer the last time Alice came to Underland. She knew he probably never wanted to think he'd never see Alice again.

"Alright. You should retire soon. It is getting late." She said before scurrying down to the floor and back out the door.

He picked up the hat, finally finished, and smiled at his work. 'When Alice comes back…maybe she'll have an answer to why the raven is like a writing desk.' he thought happily, placing the hat on a shelf and walking out of the room.



It was dark, with a grey fog covering the floor. The full moon hidden by the trees and you could hear a clacking sound in the distance.

Leaning against a tree, a dark haired man tiredly hit a rock to the chain that bind him to another figure, sleeping against the tree.

The figure steered and sent the man a glare, "Shut up!" she shouted loudly. He ignored her, his grunts turning into sobs as he realized nothing could break their chains.

Both of them were sickly thin, dirty and one had an enormously big head, the other very tall.

He finally dropped the rock and curled into a ball in the dirt, wishing the world would for once be kind to him and let him die so he could leave his exile.

The angry figure pouted, "One of these days I will get my revenge. Alice. It is all her fault. She will lose her head. And my hand will do it."


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