"So what do you think of Maxine?" Candace asked Tyler, over lunch.

"I think she tries too hard," Tyler replied, honestly.

"Well, I guess she just wants to fit in, feel like one of the group," Candace stole a fry from Tyler's tray.

"Do I need to say that's impossible?" Tyler rolled his eyes. "She's just so weird. I mean we never just hang out as a team. We never randomly hug each other."

"Well hanging out is something as a team. You never know when someone's going to leave." Candace looked down sadly.

"If this is about Lindsey . . ." Tyler put a hand over hers.

"It is, partly." Candace admitted. "I thought we were friends but then she left and didn't mention it to anyone. Then Walter got shot, and I was scared something was going to go wrong."

"But Lindsey is your friend. You still e-mail, right?" Candace nodded. "And Walter's fine." Candace nodded again.

"But it might not always be that way!" Candace cried. "What if next time we don't keep in touch? What if next time he or she isn't fine? Maxine's different, and comes on really strong, but all she wants is to fit in and be a part of the team, is there something wrong with that?"

Tyler felt a little blown away by Candace's passion, but answered, "It's natural, I guess, to want to fit in. And that was pretty good pizza she bought."

"Exactly!" Candace exclaimed. "She's not my favourite person in the world, but she is a good person. I think I'll like working with her."

"Same, but I think she's too huggy."

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