November Rain by WhitlocksAngel

Summary: Bella and Edward have been friends since Kindergarten. They've dated for years, but secrets and un-kept promises threaten to destroy Bella. For she is in love with Edward's older brother. She wants to do the right thing, but will sacrificing her happiness be for the best? Everyone has their flaws but will they make the right decisions?

*Warning Character Death*

BxE and BxJ, if you don't like, no one is forcing you to read. Rated M for a reason.

A/N: Hey guys. This is my first story on here. Please try to be kind. I got the idea when I was in the car with my husband. Hope you enjoy


Today was the day, the day everything would change. The day I would become Mrs. Edward Cullen. I sat at the vanity while my mother and my two best friends primped over me and now I looked like this! My chestnut hair hung long in perfect ringlets, my brown eyes stood out against the contrast to the light makeup that had been applied. My long white veil hung with perfect intricate precision. Thanks to my mother.

My gown was sheer white with a V-neck of beaded glory. It was the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen. I knew it was the one…

The one…

This is where I was at an impasse.

I couldn't hide the sudden crushing pain that gripped my heart. Tears threatened to spill ruining all the hard work that had been done to me.

So I sat with a heavy heart knowing that I wasn't marrying for love. I was marrying Edward because it was the right thing to do. Edward had been my very best friend since Kindergarten. The one who would tell me it would all be alright. Although we didn't start dating until sophomore year… We'd been together ever since.

Why was this so hard? Why was I in love with his best man? It was so wrong, but usually in matters of the heart… Nothing is easy. Everything in my life had always been complicated.

"Lord let this be the right thing. I place my fate in your hands now." I whispered…