The Twins of Mirkwood

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"But your families, your homes are on Earthilia! Why would you leave them? Surely not just for me, you can't leave them just for me." Elian said his voice hoarse as he forced the words to come.

"You are family, Harry, you are our fearless leader and never have you asked us for anything. At home we are nothing but children. Our parents will never accept the fact that we are mature, they will forever think of us as children incapable of making our own choices. We decided that if ever you returned we would leave with you if you left again." Luna said with a sad smile.

"Get used to it mate, we're here to stay whether you like it or not." Ron said with an easy smile on his lips.

"If this is your wish, so be it. We ride to war come dawn. If you wish to leave than allow me to know and I shall endeavor to return you to Earthilia before we leave." Elian said briskly, a cold mask slipping over his face as his emotions warred within him. The four looked at their friend and nodded; they knew Harry/Elian, whatever name he went by, was trying to hide his emotions and they respected it but they also knew that they would not leave their brother to fight alone again.

Chapter 29

Elian walked into the feasting hall with his Earthilia friends behind him. Each stood proud in the face of the warriors.

"Heard you were back from the dead, laddie!" Gimli crowed from where he sat drinking a pint of ale. Aragon's cool, grey eyes locked on his smaller form before taking in his companions with an assessing look.

"Indeed, and how are you Gimli? I have missed your tales," Elian said warmly as he looked upon those he counted as friends.

"Who are your companions, master elf?" Boromir asked before Gimli could reply as he took in the forms of the humans behind the elf. The dwarf glowered at him but said nothing, wanting to know the answer to that as well.

"These were my friends in Earthilia: Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom," he introduced, motioning to each one as he named them. "They have come to help with the destruction of the dark lord." Elian said, his head high as he spoke, daring anyone to say anything negative. He noticed the calculating look in his twins' eyes as Draco leaned in to whisper something and Cissy smiled.

"Any friend of my nephew's is welcome. Come children and talk to Aunty Cissy." She declared with a beckoning wave of her hand.


"Hush Dragon, they are your cousin's friends and as such I desire to know them better." Cissy chided. The four had no choice but to walk over to the dark haired beauty who sat so regally in her chair.

Reluctantly they walked over to Cissy and sat down across from her while Elian was dragged to sit in between Legolas and Aragon. Both men watched him from the side of their eyes as Gimli roared on about the halls of his fathers.

"You look tired little brother, perhaps some sleep is in order? We have a long trip ahead of us at dawn." Legolas said softly, his eyes amused as Elian tried to stifle a yawn. Now that the adrenaline was wearing off, sleep deprivation was catching up to him.

"Indeed, you do look tired, dear. Aragon, be a dear and take my nephew to his tent to rest please." Cissy said as she looked over. Aragon nodded as he stood before picking up the light little elf.

"I can walk." Elian grumbled in embarrassment.

"Elian, be quiet and let the ranger carry you. We don't need you falling and getting hurt." Cissy scolded, her eyes shining with amusement and cunning.

Elian grumbled his protests even as his eyes drooped in exhaustion. He was asleep even before Aragon reached his tent. Gently he laid the elf in his bed, climbing in beside the still form and pulling the soft, warm body to fit perfectly under his chin before dropping off into a world of dreams.

Chapter 30

Elian awoke to the soft feel of a bed that was not his own. "Well look who's finally joined us." Draco drawled as he entered the tent, a smirk on his face.

"Draco, don't taunt your cousin." Cissy scolded as she followed her son in. "Aragon left through a different path to find help. He had very specific instructions for you," she said, folding her arms and leveling a glare at him. "Do. Not. Die." She said, biting out every word as if to hammer it into his head. Elian nodded obediently, a little scared of this side of his aunt. Seeing that the message had been received, Cissy went onto the next order of business. "Why didn't you tell me you had such an avid suitor, Elian?" She growled with annoyance in her eyes, making Elian stifle a laugh.

"I do not believe now is the time to get into suitors, aunt; we're heading to war."

"I am well aware of where we are heading, Elian Greenleaf, and I am your aunt! It is your job to inform me of such things as handsome suitors so I can properly interrogate them! Honestly, leaving that up to your father is pointless; elves are far too trusting and Gryffindorish to properly interrogate a suitor." She said and Elian could make out a childish pout on the stern face.

"I beg your humblest apologies, dear aunt, and promise to next time inform you of such things, but I would like to change." Elian drawled with a smile on his lips.

"Well then get on with it." She said as she began packing up the tent. Elian rolled his eyes at his aunt's lack of modesty. Some things would never change.

"Your friends are waiting on you Elian, so hurry up," Draco reminded as he poked his head back into the tent with no warning. "I have no wish to deal with the dimwits you associate with, although Granger's threats this morning were indeed funny to listen to. The poor ranger; I don't think he's used to girls being so vocal about his bitts and how they would come up missing if he so much as thought about doing anything inappropriate before he properly courted you. Legolas was also amused if his and the dwarfs' laughter was anything to go by."

"Yes, it does give me a bit of respect for the girl; very imaginative threats she came up with. I may have to use some for whoever courts Draco." Cissy said and got an indignant response from her son as Elian laughed and changed.

"I'll have you know mother that I am straight, and whoever I court will be perfect, just like me." He said vainly and Cissy nodded.

"Of course you are dear." Cissy said as if placating him and sharing a wicked smile with Elian as Draco growled and stomped out.

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