~Amu's House~

''?!?!? AN EGG WTF?'' Amu Shouted At The Top Of Her Lungs.

''Amu-chan...Your...Too...Loud'' Yawned Ran Coming Out Of Her Pink Egg.''Amu...Amu desu...Amu-chan???'' The Blue, Green And Yellow Charas Said Coming Out Of There Eggs.''But-but I MAKED A NEW EGG LOOOOOOK!?!'' Amu Shouted Again Glad Her Parents And Amu Were Away For The Week.

''Eh...WHATTT!!!???'' All The Charas Shouted At The Top Of Thee Lungs. The Egg Was Like The Others But Instead Of Being Pink And Black Or Blue And Black Or Green And Black Or Purple With Purple Paw Around It.

''See!!! I Told You III...Have A New Would-Be-Self!'' Amu Happlied Wispered.''Ooooohhh Theres Another Us YAY'' All The Charas Said.'' By The Way Amu-chan The Time'' Dia Spoke Consered About The Time.

''Oh Holy Shit...Its 8:39 I ONLY HAVE MINUTES TO GET CHANGE UURGG!'' Amu Screamed Hurrying To Get Ready For School. ''Bye'' Amu Said While Rushing To School With A Piece Of Toast In Her Mouth And With Here Pretty Purple Egg In Her Bag.

''Hurry Amu...Run un Faster, Hurry 10 Minutes Till Bell Go'' The 4 Chara Telling Panting Amu. ''Kay Ran'' Amu Shouted, Then Little Pink Wing Appeared On Amu's Hands And Ankles '' From A Girl Who Cant Run Fast To A Girl Who Can, Chara Change'' Ran Yelled. Then Amu Became Alot Faster But Then ~BANG~