Author's Note: Hello darlings! So, I have been in soooooooooooooooo much love with the "Phantom of the Opera" story ever since I saw the movie. So, I thought it would be cute to write a fic where one can see Christine's life at the opera house when she's still a child.

I know the phantom doesn't actually show himself to her until she's older, but I thought in this story, she gets to meet him when she cries for him one night. The phantom/ Erik takes it upon himself to become more of a father figure to her than ever before, until she's old enough for him to love. (I know, awkward right? But honestly, that's probably how he would've done it in real life lol).

Also, Christine doesn't realize that her "angel of music" and the feared "opera ghost" who haunts the opera house, are really the same people. So, that's why she'll show him disdain, without realizing she's hating her own angel. But don't worry…she'll figure it out soon enough.

So we have a "Daddy Erik" story here, it will be cute, and just to warn my reader, there will be "spanking of a minor" in some later chapters, but nothing too severe since Christine is a sweet, innocent little girl. But her curiosity and quick temper is what gets her in trouble in later chapters of the story. I hope you all enjoy!

If you don't like cp (corporal punishment) please do not read and kindly do not flame me.

Little Lotte's Angel of Music

The Manager of the 'Opera Populaire' dropped onto his desk chair with an exasperated sigh. The note from the phantom of the opera lay open before him. Yes, it was another demand from the feared 'Opera Ghost' (as to what all in the opera called him.) The usual salary was mentioned, as well as the changes to be made concerning the chorus girls.

Christine Daae, who was eight at the time, was apart of the chorus group as well as the ballet. The manager grudgingly admitted to himself that she, and maybe a few others were the only decent sounding voices in the whole bloody company!

The Phantom of course, knew who sounded good (Christine), but he also had a great ear for picking out the horrible voices.

That morning after breakfast, the manager, Monsieur LeFevere, had come into his office to start work. Alas, as soon as he had sat down, he saw a letter with the dreadful skeleton face seal on it. Sighing with more frustration than fear, the manager took up the letter and began reading what the 'opera ghost' could possibly want now.

The letter read this:

My dearest manager,

It has come to my attention that nothing is being done about the chorus girls that I have asked you to take care of. Some of them are ruining the operas on the very night of their performance! I advice you to do one of the following: first option, remove the chorus girls that are the cause of the horrible notes, which are being sung; or option two, find a suitable teacher that can teach them how to sing.

If these demands are not met, then I will take care of the situation myself. Only, I will not be merciful about it. I will also demand a raise in the salaries you pay me if these demands aren't obeyed.

The choice is up to you monsieur.

Your faithful and obedient servant,


After reading the letter, the manager noticed with shock that the phantom added another note at the end of the letter:

(P.S.) Christine Daae is never to be accounted as one of the distracting, screechy chorus girls. She is talented both in her dancing ad especially in her singing. Her vocal technique is progressing rapidly even as we speak, so leave her alone. If you, or anyone should remove her from the chorus, expect to find something more dreadful to occur to some of your employees in my opera house. Once again, heed my warning and accept my advice wisely monsieur.



The manager wandered with great shock and confusion, what this 'opera ghost' saw in Christine that made her so appealing to him. She was merely eight years old! Why would a fierce thing like him be so attached to a little girl like her? Did he and little Christine have some kind of connection between them?

The manager dismissed this idea with a laugh. Surely not! He didn't think that the 'opera ghost' would be interested in children.

Monsieur LeFevere, on the other hand, was quite taken up with sweet little Christine Daae. Despite her kind heart and charming attitude, he still couldn't seem to grasp the reason for the 'opera ghost's' fondness for her.

Yes, it was true. Christine Daae was a personal favorite of the manager's. She had captivated his hear with her beautiful smile, charm, and loving personality ever since the first day she'd arrived at the 'Opera Populaire.' She had only been seven at the time, and the manager had pitied the little girl because of the recent loss of her beloved father. Alas, Christine was very sweet.

She was warm, friendly, welcoming, loving, unselfish, encouraging, obedient, never bragged about her talents, never complained or argued; no, Christine was a little angel…a cherubim.

Over that past year, Monsieur LeFevere began to consider Christine as the granddaughter he never had. Christine would usually come and visit the manager during her free time. Whenever she came, she was always expected to refer to the manager as 'grandpapa' rather than 'monsieur' like everyone else called him.

The manager smiled at the thought of Christine. She was such a darling to be around!

He decided that he would ask the little girl if she had any connections with the 'opera ghost,' when she would come to visit him later that day. In the meantime, Monsieur LeFevere spent half of his morning thinking about a way to satisfy the 'opera ghosts' needs.


The clock struck 3:00 p.m. The manager was still in his office, and knew that Christine would be arriving at any moment for their daily visit.

The ballets for the younger girls were usually let out earlier than all the other ballerinas. Since they were so young, they did not have very large roles in the operas. Therefore, they little girls finished their rehearsals much earlier than any of the other members did.

There was a knock on the door; the manager slowly looked up from his desk and administered a pleasant, "come in."

The door opened slowly and a little girl entered, looking rosy and happy; it was little Christine Daae. "Bonjour Grandpapa!" She exclaimed while running over to the manager.

The manager stood up and caught the child in his arms, and gave her a little hug. "Bonjour ma' petite' cherubin." This was the manager's nickname for Christine, and it suited her perfectly.

"How were the rehearsals today my dear?" He asked while settling back down in his chair, and taking Christine on his knee.

"They were magnificent Grandpapa! Of course you know that the older ballerinas are still practicing, but we did such a great job up on the stage today! Oh, I wish you could have seen us grandpapa! We triumphed even over the older dancing girls." Christine exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Oh? And how is that so little pet?" The manager replied with a smile as he caressed the little girl's dark curls.

"I know because Madam Giry said so! She told us that we performed one of the best practices she's ever seen so far! She said this out loud so that the older ballerinas could hear."

"Oh really? And how did they respond to such a compliment. Did they become jealous?" Monsieur LeFevere asked, amused by Christine's story.

"Oh…they got jealous alright…" she replied, her voice turning dramatically serious. "One of the older ballerinas, Alice, got very offended at Madam Giry's approval of our performance over theirs. Do you know what that uncouth girl said to Madam? She said, 'it is not fair that they be praised so highly, when we practice in a more grueling way than they do. If you're looking for progress Madam, then may I suggest that you discontinue our grueling practices where our very own toes bleed! We will not be outdone by those little, minor ballet rats!"

The manager gasped in astonishment. "Oh my goodness. I bet that ballerina got into some serious trouble." The manager tried to picture Madam Giry's reaction.

"Oh, she certainly did!" Christine exclaimed, her eyes widening with excitement. "Madam Giry marched right up to the girl and slapped her hard across the face, and told her to hold her horrid tongue! Madam Giry then explained to the girl that she was praising our flawless performance only because she wanted the older ballerinas to add in their own approval and words of affirmation as an encouragement to us. That is why she said it so loudly for the older ballerinas to hear.

'Ah, I bet that ballerina felt guilty after her outburst then, eh?" The manager asked while smiling.

"Oh yes! She was too ashamed and embarrassed to say anything to Madam Giry at first, but later after we were dismissed, we all saw Alice go up and apologize to Madam Giry. Well, we could tell she accepted the apology as she graciously embraced the girl and gave her a kiss on the same cheek she had slapped."

"Oh…" The manager answered thoughtfully, "Well I am certainly glad that interesting event was dealt with so pleasantly."

"Yeah…" Christine hummed sweetly. "Now enough about me, tell me how your day ha been Grandpapa?"

The manager smiled lovingly down on the little girl before saying, "Oh, I have not done many exciting things today. My morning and afternoon have been rather dull I guess you could say. I have been trying to figure out replies to some letters I have received just this morning."

"Such as this one?" Christine asked, pointing to the letter written in red ink, which lay open.

The child had seen letters like this one on the manager's desk before. When she would look for the manager in the past, she would sometimes come across his office as empty. Christine would then take the opportunity to look around his office. A couple of times, she would find one f the peculiar letters written in red ink, laying open on the manager' desk. Of course, Christine's curiosity would always get the better of her, and she would read the letter.

Even though she was very young, Christine was a wonderful reader thanks to her father's early teachings when he was still alive. After reading one of the letters, she would wonder of the 'Opera Ghost' was constantly threatening her surrogate grandfather. Alas, Christine would always pray for her 'grand papa's' protection from the dreadful phantom.

(Keep in mind Christine does not know that her 'angel of music' is also the phantom of the opera. She thinks they are both different spirits.)

The manager nodded at Christine's indication of the note. "Yes my dear, that was the first letter I received this morning. Since then, I have been trying my hardest to figure out a proper response."

"Is it from the 'phantom of the opera' grand papa?" Christine asked, already knowing the answer.

The manager glanced at Christine in surprise before asking, "My dear, how on earth did you know?"

"Well I can read grand papa, and his signature was left with the initials 'O.G.' I know that stands for 'opera ghost.' Besides, I have heard you talking to your assistant manager and patron about the 'opera ghost,' and I already know quite a bit about him." Christine would not add that she had read the phantom's letters in the past times she had snuck in the manager's office. She feared he would be angry with her if he found out.

The manager sighed while bringing his hand to his forehead. "Yes, little cherub…the letter is indeed from the phantom himself."

After a moment of silence, Christine timidly asked while holding out her hand, "May I read it, si'l vouz plaiz?"

The manager seemed reluctant, but hesitantly handed it over to the child for her to read.

He watched the little girl carefully, as her eyes read through every word and sentence contained within the threatening letter. When Christine had finished reading the letter, the manager thought he saw her face light up, but then it went right back to its solemn expression.

"Well child, what do you think?" The manager asked as Christine handed it back to him.

She frowned before saying, "I do think believe it is rather rude of him to threaten you about such things…he might be a little bit more polite this while thing, and ask your permission rather than force this burden upon you."

The manager thought he heard a faint chuckle in the room after Christine said this, but shook his head, convincing himself that it was only his imagination. "You are correct my dear. But what am I do? I cannot hire another voice tutor, as there are hardly any decent ones in Paris anymore."

Christine did not reply, but looked down at her hands, debating whether or not she should give the manager her answer.

The manager saw the expression on the little girls face, and knew that she might have some sort of answer for his problem. "Is something weighing on your mind Christine? Do you know of anyone who could possibly help me?"

Christine finally looked up, her face pale and her hands trembling slightly. "I do grandpa…" She finally replied hesitantly. "I may have the answer to your problem…but-but I don't know if he will do it…"

"Whp? Who is he little cherub?" The manager asked, his curiosity growing.

Christine looked nervously around the room, before turning back to the manager and saying in a low whisper, "the person of whom I speak, is an angel grandpapa. You must believe me when I tell you this, for if you don't, then he may not help you. I have an angel who comes to visit me every night…an angel of music…oh, I do hope he won't be angry at me for telling you this…"

The manager waited patiently, his interest now fully sparked at what Christine was telling him.

"You see…" she began again, "when I first came here, to the opera house, I would always go into the chapel and light a candle for my father. I would pray that he would send me the 'angel of music,' like he promised me when he was dying. Well, the first few nights, I got no answer. But then, on the fifth night, I heard a voice…a voice from above…he was talking to me; singing to me; and whispering the most soothing words to me I have ever heard in my life."

"He claimed that he was my angel of music. I was thrilled when he told me this, knowing that he was the promise my father had sent me. Well, from that night on, he has been visiting me at night; in my dreams; in my room…he is the voice inside of my head…he has been teaching me to sing, grandpapa. Oh, when he sings me to sleep, he has the most beautiful and soothing voice. It causes me to have pleasant dreams."

"Well, this may sound silly, but perhaps he can teach all of us chorus girls to sing better, I have never seen him before, for he will not show himself to me. But his voice could be our guide. He could help us all with his singing; all who hear his voice, will never forget it. I am sure that with his teaching, it will please the 'opera ghost' greatly. I have no idea why the 'opera ghost' seems so kind and familiar with me though; as I have never met him before."

Christine ended, confused.

The manager was awestruck by all he had just been told. It took him a minute to reply to the little girl's fascinating story. "Well, I think the 'opera ghost' has seen your kind heart, and has heard your voice and loves it above all others. Perhaps that's why he regards you warmly."

The manager finally said with a proud smile.

Chrstine returned the smile with her shy one. "Well, I am glad he is pleased with me…but I still want nothing to do with him! I have my angel of music, and he's the one I have to thank for my progress in singing at all. He has inspired me greatly."

"I am sure he does." The manager replied gravely, while stroking Christine's hair.

"You do believe me…don't you grandpapa?" Christine asked, her large, brown eyes gazing up at the manager with hope.

"Of course I do child." He replied smiling. "I know you are a very honest little girl, and I can easily trust you."

"Thank you my dear grandpapa, for saying that." Christine replied gratefully.

"But you must not…you cannot, tell any other living soul what you have just heard from me. Not only will angel be angry with me, but he might also get angry with you as well. I was not supposed to tell anyone about him grandpapa. You are the first and only other person who knows about him now…"

Christine said all this fearfully, while continuing to look around the room as if she expected him to appear any second.

"You have put yourself at great risk in telling me this little pet, and I thank you for your honesty. When you bring the idea up to your angel, tell him I will do anything to pay him in some way for what he has done. Also, tell him not to be angry with you, for I was the one who asked about him."

The manager finished, feeling a little guilty that he may have somehow put Christine in an unpleasant situation.

Christine smiled at what the manager had said, and kissed him on the cheek before replying, " I will tell him of your offer. But do I will not tell him of your last request,. It's not your fault that you now know about my angel. I chose to tell you myself, that was my own choice. If he does get angry with me, it will only be my own fault. But don't fear for me grandpapa, he will not harm me, for he is a very kind angel, and he loves me dearly. So do not worry all right? I will be just fine. I will talk to him about being our music instructor, and will give you his reply as soon as I can."

The manager was astonished at how loving and brave Christine was about this whole situation. He could not help but kiss her dear little face when she had finished speaking.

She truly had such a sweet and humble spirit, and the manager was very grateful to have her as a god-granddaughter.

"Thank you Christine, thank you my little cherub. I am indebted to you. I will be sure to make up for any misfortune that comes between you and your angel. I will not tell anyone about him, I promise."

Christine smiled softly, while waving her hand. "Think nothing of it grandpapa. And thank you for keeping your promise. Now, I must go. I promised Meg I would come play with her soon after rehearsals were over."

"All right then little pet." The manager answered lovingly, while lifting the little girl off his lap and setting her upon the floor.

"Again, thank you for your help sweetheart." He said while embracing the sweet child.

"It is my pleasure to help you in any way Grandpapa. I will see you later! Au revoir!" Christine replied pleasantly while walking out of the office.

"Au revoir…" the manager called softly after her.

As Christine made her way back to her little room, she thought out loud to herself, "Oh angel, forgive me if I have displeased you…but I needed to find a way to help my poor grandpapa. That dreadful 'opera ghost' is terrifying him with those threatening letters! You were the only answer to his problems angel. Please please please help us." It was a silent prayer.

Little did Chistine know, that she had been heard the whole time, by hidden ears.

Author's Note:All right, so I know that this first chapter may have been a bit boring, but I had to give the story a background so it would make sense. I hope you all enjoyed it nevertheless, I promise the next chapter gets more exciting. Review! Have a blessed day my dears!


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