"I know I heard a baby crying!" yelled the man, currently fighting his way through thick underbrush with a sword. He stopped for a moment to listen for the sounds once more before turning back to look at the main road. Looking back at him was a brown haired woman in a simple dress holding onto the hand of a four year old child. The man, Caleb Burgess, called back to his wife, "You can get back in the wagon, Lily. I am just going to go a bit farther in." A sudden cry pierced the air and Caleb turned quickly trying to identify the source of the noise. Determining that it came from his left he again began to cut through the scrub as the cries became faster and louder

Caleb felt the underbrush become easier to chop and he soon found himself in a hollow teeming with gold thorn and purple lotuses. The sudden burst of light filling the dark area quieted the crying and a heavy silence followed. "I'll be damned," he murmured softly to himself.

"Papa! Ma said you should neve' curse. It's bad for you!" came a high pitched voice behind him. Caleb quickly turned to look at his small daughter, Akillian, while simultaneously trying to use his body to shield her view. "Child you must stop sneaking away from your mother, get back to her right away," the child's father scolded. Akillian just grinned at her father while sidestepping to inspect what he was hiding. "A baby in a garden! Papa, Johnny told me babies were grown like cabbages and I told 'em he was lyin'. Is it our baby?" Akillian asked.

Now the man took a closer look at the baby who stared at him quietly. He examined the wispy white hair growing upon the child's head before turning his gaze to the light blue complexion of the skin. Finally he studied her face, taking in the amber color of the eyes and serious expression. "No, Akillian, this is not our child. It is the child of the bloodthirsty trolls who roam these woods. Come, we must go," Caleb answered as he began to walk back through the path he cut. "But Paaaa. We can't leave a baby here. What if one of those mean raptors hurt it? Maybe its pa and ma are gone. Like the pups we found," exclaimed Akillian as she rushed forward to grab the baby off the ground. Picking the child up as she would a puppy, she stumbled past her father with the bundle in her arms yelling in response to the rough handling.

Caleb sighed and brushed a hand through his hair, following his daughter out onto the road. Akillian had already managed to push the young child onto the back of the wagon and quickly pulled herself up behind. "Look Mama, we found a new baby. What are we gonna name it?" Akillian exclaimed. Lily took a glance at the baby Akillian was holding and looked away pale. She then admonished, "Caleb, what is Akill doing with…with that creature? It could hurt her! Do you not have any sense?" Caleb walked to the back of the wagon and pulled his wife away. Whispering he explained what had happened in the woods with his daughter and the young troll they had found. "Well it must have been abandoned by its parents, it is oddly pale for trolls in this area, perhaps it is sick?" Lily inquired. "I do not know, but I think we should bring the child back to our home. We can try and keep the child alive and perhaps find someone with an interest in caring for it. If we leave it here, what kind of example are we showing Akillian?" suggested Caleb as he pulled his wife to the seat of the wagon.

Lily pulled herself out of his grip and leaned her body into the wagon bed. Gathering the baby in her arms she took the shawl covering her shoulders and wrapped it around the baby's slightly chilled body. With the bundle in her arms, she pulled herself into the back of the wagon to sit beside Akillian for the rest of their journey home.

Two weeks after the discovery of the child and the Burgess family had yet to find anyone willing to take on the care of the troll. The baby, revealed to be a girl, had quickly adapted to the life given to her by her caretakers. Consuming milk provided by the family cow and beginning to eat some more solid food, she was the picture of health. Akillian took it upon herself to play with her new baby sister and to keep her entertained. Even her parents had caught themselves grinning at the antics of their daughter and her new playmate. Games of peek-a-boo soon became hide and seek when the troll child began to crawl along the floor of the small cottage the family resided.

While doing some household chores, Lily was surprised by the sudden squealing of Akillian. Running into the living room, she was nearly toppled when her daughter ran into her legs while carrying the baby in her arms. "Mama! Mama! She talked, Mama! The baby said my name. Listen," Akillian cried before setting the baby on the ground and laying on her belly across from the infant. "Say it again! Say it for Mama. You know can. Be a good baby," coaxed Akillian. The troll grinned at her playmate and leaned forward to grab hold of Akillian's hair. Another order filled the air, "No, baby you gotta say my name, do it for Mama." Pulling the baby's hand from her hair, Akillian looked at the child in anticipation. The baby suddenly clapped her hands and cried, "Akiwin! Akiwin!" to the delight of the owner of the name.

Lily who had until that point been watching with disinterest, looked at the infant in shock with her hand coming to rest upon her face. "Akillian," Lily uttered, "watch the baby. I am going to get your father. Stay here." Lily took her shawl down from beside the door and ran outside to find her husband in the fields. She came upon him inspecting the progress of their crop of grain. When Caleb saw his wife nearly running to him, he frowned and strode over to meet her.

"What's wrong did something happen to the children?" he inquired. "Yes something happened!" Lily snapped, "The baby...the baby spoke today. She said our daughters name. Caleb. We can't give her up now. Akillian would be heartbroken, she thinks of that child as her sister." Caleb looked up at the sky for a moment and heaved a heavy sigh. "I expected as much, especially since no one has came forward to claim the child. But what if she is a danger? I do not want anyone hurt," he pondered. Lily smiled reassuringly and took his hand. Together, they walked out of the field and back towards the house. Upon entering they found Akillian laying on the floor with the baby sitting on her chest and gurgling.

Caleb announced, "Akillian! It is time to name your baby sister. You get to help pick." Akillian pulled herself into a crouch while keeping a hold on her new baby sister in order to look at her father. "Really? I get to name the baby?" Akillian replied. Caleb nodded and Akillian began to squeal and clap with the baby soon copying. "Calm down now," Lily admonished, "Did you have names in mind?"

Thus after several hours of deliberation, arguing, and names, the troll child found herself with the name Janipur. The Burgess family decided to put a twist on Jenifer in an effort to pay homage to their newest child's roots. Their parents watched as Akillian twirled her newly named sister around the room yelling her name. Lily murmured to her husband, "Look at them. They are sisters now," Caleb just grinned and told her, "Those two were sisters the moment they laid eyes on each other."