I do not own the characters of Harry Potter, these belong to that wonderful author JK Rowling and the various publishing companies used to publish her works. I am however borrowing them, no not to make money but for fun and fun only.


Adopted from MartinDeShade. Before Harry started Hogwarts he got a special trunk from both his parents. A super power Harry fic. H/Hr

The first three chapters will be mostly MartinDeShade's work with a few changes here and there (mostly expanding the story out a bit) but it is mostly her ideas! She gave me full permission to do what I wanted and so I shall. After the first three chapters is where I take over fully and where the adventure gets expanded. Yes this is Harry Hermione fiction, my first and probably only one. No Weasley, Dumbledore, Snape bashing. So with that, on with the show:


Chapter One: The Trunk:

The young boy stood in his bedroom looking down at the trunk with awe. He was small for an eleven year old boy thanks to his relations habit of only giving him the bare minimum for each meal just to keep him strong enough to do most of the chores. He was clad in oversized clothing that made him look even smaller but there was still a sparkle of life in his green eyes, he ran a pale hand over the lid of the trunk and another hand through his already messy black hair.

Harry Potter was amazed even shocked when he found out he was a wizard from Hagrid. But he was at first stunned that he got the trunk that his dad was having made before he died. Then he was so happy he was in tears to get something, anything of his parents.

After Hagrid dropped him off with the Dursleys, he hurried to put his trunk in his room and closed the door behind him and hoped his relatives would leave him alone. He opened his new trunk that had Potter written over the top and several pictures or emblems etched into the sides. Taking out all HIS new things out to look at it all. He still could only barely believe all this was his, when he has never owned anything in his life. That was when he noticed a small booklet at the bottom of the trunk. Slowly he reached in and took out the small booklet.

An instruction manual for a trunk? Harry thought why would there be a need? Well I better read it and see what is what.

Instruction manual for a seven compartment trunk.

Seven compartment trunk! Harry thought his eyes going wide that is cool! Just like the Tarus only mine!

First put a spot of blood on the lock and state your full name, only you will be able to open the trunk after this.

Whoa, weird, guess I better do that then. Harry thought and he put the drops of blood on the lock and stated his full name, there was a glow and Harry went back to the list.

You will see six plaques on the front of the trunk, three on one side of the lock three on the other, the plaques are engraved with the following images: wardrobe, stag, sun, moon, lily, grim.

Wicked, wonder how I open them? Harry thought.

To open press the emblem of the part of the trunk you wish to enter, the compartments are as follows:

Wardrobe plaque is a wardrobe.

Stag is a four bedroom home with two and half bathrooms complete with dining room, kitchen and lounge.

Sun is the Potter's magical library, we estimate 1,000 books.

Moon is the Evan's muggle library with 2,000 books.

Lily is a fully functional potions lab.

Grim is a heavily warded dueling room.

"Oh wow neat! All this is mine?" Harry thought a warm glow coming over him, he continued to read.

To shrink the trunk to the size of a large book touch the Potter plaque on the top of the trunk and say shrink, to enlarge say enlarge.

As for protection, no-one can portkey in or out of the trunk, but can Apparate in or out as long as the trunk is not located on top of an Anti-Apparation ward.

To hide the trunk with a modified Fidelius Charm (note this is not a full Fidelius as it can be broken by very powerful witches or wizards but as most do not look for those living in a trunk it should offer you plenty of protection) this is great to use in a muggle area. To hide simply state your full name and state hide, to unhide state your full name and state unhide.

Oh wow, wicked, neat, cool I can hide from the Dursleys here! No more Harry hunting by Dudley! Harry thought grinning. Well better go in and see what is what.

Harry put his hand on the lily emblem and thought loudly 'open'. The top of the trunk opened and a ladder poked out of it.

Here goes nothing he thought.

Gathering all his potion supplies he climbs down the ladder to a room with many worktables with cauldrons already setup. He put away his things in the supply room, and then with a quick look around climbed out of the room and closes the lid which automatically lowers the ladder.

He then opened the home compartment and grabs all he could carry then climbs down the ladder placing his stuff on the ground he goes back up for another trip to get everything else. When he got back down and looks around he realizes he is in a fully furnished good size living room with couch, 3 comfy looking chairs, couple end tables, and coffee table. With remarkably several sealed windows that overlook a small lake and when he gets by the window he feels the warmth of the sun on him. The most wondrous of all is a large portrait on the wall with 2 people in it with the man look surprising like Harry but with brown eyes and a beautiful woman by his side with dark red hair and green eyes.

Are these my parents? He thought tears in his eyes.

"Dad, Mum?"

Then the most remarkable thing that he thinks could ever happen to him happens. The portraits seem to come to life and the man in it says, "Son!" while the lady in cried out, "My baby!"