Fourteen Years Later Godric's Hallow:

Harry sighed and flopped into a chair in the family room of the restored Potter home in Godric's hallow. It was called a cottage but it really a very comfortable five bedroom four bath house complete with library, potions lab, four car garage and large basement that was magically enlarged to hold a large swimming pool that looked like a lagoon and the dueling chambers. Though right now his lovely children were not using the dueling room for that but the house driving him and the elves, Dobby, Mipsy and Floppy spare. He heard a laugh and looked up at the portrait of his parents and saw his mother laughing in good humor.

"Mother it is not funny, the twins decided that it would be grand fun to 'accidently' turn their rolls into bread bats and play cricket in the house." Harry growled.

"Well that is a good sport, very good they are learning muggle sports." James replied.

"Robert decided that was not fun enough so he started to chase his dear sister Rose with the bat and she turned a roll to a shield."

"Good for her, he can be such a little terror." Lily said.

"The elves are repairing the damage and they did not use accidental magic, it was all on purpose. They are now writing an essay on why lying as they did is not wise." Harry replied, "I really could use a drink."

"What kind love?" Hermione said walking into the room, "I shutter when our children go to Hogwarts, will it still be standing?"

"It should be." James said, "just think, one more year and they are off to Hogwarts, a new generation of pranksters."

"Thanks dad, just what I need, Owls from both Minerva and Neville."

"You sure they will be Gryffindor?" Lily asked.

"Could you see them as Ravenclaw? Or in dear Severus's house, I don't want him ending up in St. Mungos."

Two years after the death of Voldemort, in the summer after their last year at Hogwarts Harry and Hermione wed. Two years after that they had twins, Robert James Potter and Rose Harriet Potter. They had their father's hair color, eyes and skin tone but they were all their mother after that. What was worse was the fact they had a twin bond, both were magical as most twins born were, it was rare to have a squib in twins. That was not the worst it seemed, they both were Shapeshifters like their parents, they had found out this when they were seven and they started to show magical talent. They kept their parents on their toes and though it could be exasperating and wonderful in as many minutes.

"Mum, dad we finished." Robert said walking into the room, his raven locks short and sticking out all over.

"Can we go out and play please?" Rose said, her long raven hair tied back from her face.

"Please?" Both said with identical wide-eyed innocent green eyes looking up at their parents.

"I do believe I invented that look." Harry said looking at his children sternly, "you lied when you said you used accidental magic so no you are still grounded the rest of the day. If you had said you had intended to use it you could, but not now."

"Not fair!" Robert said pouting and storming out in a way that reminded Harry of Severus, all his son needed was the billowing cloak.

"So not far!" Rose said copying her brother.

"And no conning the elves in getting you sweets!" Hermione called after them.

She sat back and allowed Dobby to serve tea. She smiled as she thought back to the last few years, she, along with Harry had opened a school for magical students under the age of eleven and over six. This school would teach the young witches and wizards until they got to whatever magical school they were to go to. No matter the blood magical children were allowed to go to the New Avalon schools which now numbered four in all of England. When a muggleborn child was found he or she was allowed to go to one of these schools where they would be in contact with other magical children. Of course they were too young to learn much in the way of magic so Hermione had the schools modeled after the ones in America, the students were taught in the muggle way and even the most pureblood could blend in nicely with the muggle world thereby helping in keeping the magical world a firm secret.

She thought to the heirs of Hogwarts and the sons who would start at Hogwarts in six years all four the same age at five years of age. Neville Longbottom had married Ginny Weasley and they had four children, their first Robert Arthur Longbottom. Their second son was the heir to Gryffindor as the first born son of the newly found heirs would retain the family name and the second son would be the heir. Added to this was the fact that the names of the heirs were already chosen, Godric Gryffindor, Robert Ravenclaw, Herbert Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin, the lords of Hogwarts. Stewart Ackerley had married Luna Lovegood and their elder son was named after his father, Stewart Ackerley Jr. Cedric had married Susan Bones and together their eldest son was named Charlus Robert Diggory. Then there was Severus Snape, he had the most children as he had married Charity Burbage, they had their eldest son Alexander Severus Snape, between him and his younger brother they had two girls, Lily and Lavender, twins, then came Salazar and finally Eileen and Eva the last. Remus had of course married too, Dora Tonks and they had Theodore "Teddy" Lupin, Rachael Lupin and little Verity Lupin, all metamorphmagus to the delight of their parents.

Life for the rest of the magical world was looking better and better, it was as if, as Draco Malfoy would say "the world is full of children and babies" and it was. Families that had only one or at the most two children before now had three or more on average. Draco and his lovely wife Astoria Greengrass had five children of their own, to their delight three were girls they had Regulus Draco Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Athena Malfoy, Minerva Malfoy and little Lucius Sirius Malfoy a "little devil of a boy and too charming and smart for his own good" Draco said fondly. He was good friends with Harry who had kept his promise and there was as statue in the main courtyard of Hogwarts of his parents, his father lay peacefully cradled in one arm of his mother who had her hand out where an eternal flame burned.

Harry smiled and looked up at his parents and thought back to the scared little boy he had been before he found the trunk and ended up meeting his parents. Because of them he was free and happily married to a wonderful witch and his aunt he had last heard was still in a mental hospital as she had gone completely insane. His cousin had turned out to be a decent fellow, he was in the Army and loved it, Vernon had, unfortunately had died of a brain hemorrhage and so never go to say he was sorry to Harry. Harry was not worried though, he had a good life, good friends and a wonderful family and all really was well as his life was as perfect as it could get.

The End.