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I couldn't do anything right. Nothing. I had a responsibility to protect my friends and I failed. I sat alone in a room where it felt like somebody was watching me. Somebody was watching me. That somebody, was me.

Yes, I was watching myself. How? The room I was sitting in was a room of mirrors. Nobody else was in the room. Just me and my reflections.

I should be thanking whoever put me in this room. I finally have the time to look at myself. I can finally see how much of a failure I am. My reflections show it clearly. I thought I was strong, but I'm just a weak little boy.


A voice? Where was it coming from? Was it inside my head? Was I going crazy from being in this solitary room too long?


There it was again. I figured it couldn't be in my head. No, I wasn't that crazy. The voice was coming from outside the room.

"Who's there!?" I shouted. Nobody answered. Instead, they just called my name again.


"WHAT!?" I screamed, "What do you want from me!?"

Again, they didn't answer. I didn't hear my name again. Maybe they left? No, I heard the voice again. However, it said something different this time.

He's in here! It said. Hurry up and bring that key!

I heard metal scraping. Then a click. Finally, as light slowly filled the dark, lonely room, there was creaking. A figure stood in the light.