My Shur' tugal part one

In the forgotten village
on the edge of the Spine
There lived a farm boy destined for flight
The hollow stone he found on his hunt
Would hatch into the proud dragon of sapphire

Oh my Shur' tugal of fate
Careful of those around you
Take care of your precious partner
Grow in this bond that will save
Oh my Shur' tugal

Home burnt down; family killed
Revenge was sworn; a journey begins
On the run with the wise old storyteller
You, my Rider, utter your first spell, brisingr

Oh my Shur' tugal of fire
Beware of the king's dark desire
Kindle our hopes; ignite our dreams
But be aware that not all is as it seems
Oh my Shur' tugal

Another death by Ra'zac hands
Sends you on a journey to rebel lands
Rescue the maiden; join your brother
Enter the fight for the empire's freedom

Oh my Shur' tugal of battle
Protect your new family
Of human, elf, dwarf and dragon
Their lives, their futures reast on you
Oh my Shur' tugal