"Okay Bella," my father, Zeus, said, "we will give you three years as a mortal; just as you request, but after that you will return to be a demigod. In those three years none of us will contact you, and when we see you next you will know what that means."

"Thank you father," I said hugging him closely to me, "but the three years without any of you will be hard. You are all my family; I'll never forget that." With that he released me from the hug, and I walked over to my mother, Hera, and gave her a hug while I kissed her on the cheek. My other family nodded at me, none of them wanted to give me what I was asking for, but they knew that my father wouldn't say no to me, his 'angel' Isabella.

I had asked for three human years to spend with my adoptive parents, and my father reluctantly gave them to me. It was the hardest decision he had ever made with me. I still got my way though.

That was what I was remembering when I was walking out of school to see my half brother wonderful Hermes leaning against my truck. That's when I remembered all of it, watching Renee fall in love, moving here, even him, and his family, the wonderful memories that I had with them, but it all abruptly ending when he left me, but I had no connections with the gods; I had to live out the three years that I was given, but he hadn't left that long ago, but Jake had just left me. And then, right after that, a week after that Charlie died, that death was only about two weeks ago, and it still haunted me.

I was alone again in the world, but now was I going to be saved by my family? I ran over to Hermes, knowing that tears stung my eyes, but I wouldn't let them fall, not right now.

"Young Bella," he cried plenty loud, "how have you been? You look like you have been crying, what happened?"

"Everything. My time here is up, isn't it?"

He nodded yes and pulled me into a hug, "why don't we just go to your house and I'll call in Athena? She is much better at drama then I am."

With that he lead me over the passenger side door and opened it for me, watching me get in; when he was in the driver's seat I gave him the keys. He wasn't startled when the engine roared to life; instead he was out of the parking lot quiet fast. We stopped at my house, but only long enough for me to pack a few bags with things that I would need. Then when I was done Hermes took my hand, and with a little bit of a poof I opened my eyes to see that I was back at camp half blood.

Chiron was standing there waiting for us to arrive, and seeing that I wasn't in the best emotional stands he came over and shook my hand, welcoming me back to camp. I smiled, he had been one of my friends when I had come here the first time, and he had helped me control my powers after I got here.

"Hello Chiron," I said smiling at him, "I've missed you."

"Lord Hermes. We have missed you too Bella," he said starting to walk me toward the Zeus cabin, "we are happy that you are back now though. There are some new demigods, they are sixteen, but I think that you will get along well."

"I'm always excited to meet the talented, but right now, Hermes, you said that I was wanted up top?"

"Yeah little sister," he said kindly, "they wanted to talk to you before you moved back in." he motioned to the bags, suggesting that we get going.

"Leave the bags; I think that I could get someone to put those in your cabin for you," Chiron told me.

With that Hermes took my hand and before I knew it I was standing in front of the 12 Olympians. My parents were sitting in the middle, with everyone else lounging on thrones besides them, my brothers and sisters, along with my two uncles who sat on either side of my parents. When they all saw me they took turns hugging me and welcoming me back home.

"My little Bella," my father said after his hug; he was the last one to hug me out of everyone, "the goddess of demigods and gods." I kissed my father on the cheek; I really did love my father.

"I've missed you dad," I said happily. "It's been a long three years. What's new here?"

"My son," said Poseidon, "Percy, he likes to be called, has helped us a lot, doing carious deeds that have needed to be done. I hope that soon he proves himself well enough to join us here."

"He has also been helped by my daughter, Annabeth," said Athena. "The two both will most likely prove themselves soon."

I heard a gasp; I turned to find Aphrodite had gasped all of a sudden. "Bella," she shouted running and engulfing me in another hug, "I'm so sorry. You've had your heart broken! You still love him don't you," she said releasing me so that she could look at me. I nodded, "I'm so sorry! Your first love and I wasn't there." She started to cry because she wasn't there, but it wasn't her fault; I had shut them all out of my life.

"Aphrodite, I'm sorry. I'm still not over it, so could we please not talk about it?"

Artemis was the next to speak, "I say that we hunt him down and kill him! He had no right to break your heart!" She was now standing on top of the table with her bow in her hand, but I knew that it wouldn't do any good, he couldn't be hurt.

"Artemis," my father hollered, "you have a right to voice your opinion, but please, don't stand on the table."

"I think that it's time for Isabella to go back to camp dear," my mother said putting her hand on my father's shoulder. It's been enough for one day."

"Thank you mom," I said giving her a goodbye hug, "I'll visit soon." With that I was dismissed, I went back to the camp to find that it was dark, and there was a huge campfire in the middle of camp, everyone was there, so I went over and thought that I would introduce myself.

Everyone was there, I wondered if they knew that I was either their cousin or aunt, but I let it go easily. I put my hands in the pocket of my hoddie as I walked. It was my friend Heather, the daughter of Athena, who recognized me before anyone else. She was one of Demeter's children, she had almost hay colored hair and green eyes.

"Isabella," she almost screamed running to hug me. "Your back!"

"Yeah Heather, I think that Chiron wanted to make that announcement, but you beat him to the punch!"

"Yes," Chiron said clearing his thought, "I'm sure that you have all heard the rumors about the daughter of Zeus and Hera coming back to camp after three years, and I wanted to say that these rumors are true. Would you like to do your own introduction Isabella?"

"Yeah, sure," I said taking a step closer to the fire. "Well, first off hello." I got a few hellos back before I started again. "As you have all heard my name is Isabella; I came to camp here the first time when I was ten, due to my parents I was in more trouble than most demigods, so I had to come here earlier. I decided to leave for three years due to the fact that I was never a 'normal' teenager so I was able to let my parents give me three years to spend with my adoptive parents completely unaffected or untouched by this world. Now my three years are up and I'm back. I'm sure that some of you have heard a story or two about me, so if you want to know anything more about me or my adventures don't be afraid of asking me. I won't bite, promise. Oh yeah, and I don't really like to be called Isabella, I prefer Bella."

"So Bella," I heard someone say. I removed my eyes from the fire and looked up to see a boy about the age of 16, almost 17 standing up, "is it true that you had killed two Cyclopes outside of the capital when you were only twelve?"

"Yeah, I have done that, but I was thirteen, not twelve. When I was twelve I would only take on one Cyclopes. I'm sorry, but I think that I'll take time to meet you all later. I'm tired due to everything that has happened today, and tomorrow will be fun for all of us. Good night campers." I waved good bye and was followed by a chorus of goodbyes.

When I found myself at the Zeus/Hera cabin I found the door unlocked and found myself standing in a lounge like area with a TV, a mini fridge, around a dozen chairs, a Wii, a Play Station, and a shelf of movies; this was the counselor lounge area where those who lead classes could come during the day to get away from their siblings, or have the weekly counselors meeting. From this area there were two ways to go, to the left there was a hallway that lead to three bedrooms, each having two bunk beds in them as extra for those who need them. The other way was where my siblings would go; if you went up the staircase you would find a loft with three twin beds and one bunk bed, but the bunk bed was basically storage, and the other two beds were just for guests and were pushed up against the wall to give me more room. Off of this room were a bathroom, a closet, and a small office that I had asked for a year after being here to do paper work and what not.

My bags had been put onto the bottom bunk of the bed, my two duffle bags and the one with my bedding in it for easy access. I quickly made my bed, the purple bedding and pillows looked nice on the bed, so quickly changing into sweatpants and a loose t-shirt I slipped into bead and fell asleep.

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