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"Demonic Entity"


It was a beautiful day in the city of Magnolia. The sun was shining and a slight breeze moved the few visible clouds across the sky. In other words, it was excellent weather for another party at "Fairy Tail", one of the biggest and without a doubt one of the strongest magic guilds of the country. And while celebrating parties was no rare occurrence for the fun loving guild members, this party was different. It was a party for the return of the chosen mages that had been selected to defeat the Dark Guild of Oración Seis, a guild of outlawed mages. Even though they had only possessed six members, their power had equalled that of an army. But even though these six members possessed incredible strength, they ultimately fell before the combined powers of Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Cait Shelter. But after the battle it had been revealed that the guild called Cait Shelter was nothing but the remains of a long lost civilization the strongest mage had kept alive for the sake of a single girl called Wendy. When they had vanished, the mages of Fairy Tail had offered the girl a place on their guild, an offer she happily accepted. But every party must come to an end sometime. And little did the members of Fairy Tail now that with the return of their strongest mage the news of an even greater threat would be revealed.

This is where our story starts…

Dark Guild Konoha

Chapter 1: The man called 'Maelstrom'

Lucy, a blond haired young woman and the resident stellar spirit mage of Fairy Tail had just entered the guild building when she saw Wendy sitting at one of the tables reading a book. She decided to talk with the young girl.

"How is it, Wendy? Did you get used to the guild?"

The young Sky Dragon Slayer looked up from her book and smiled at her friend. "Yes, it's nice here."

"I'm glad there's a girl's dorm." This came from Charle, a blue and talking female cat wearing a dress. She was Wendy's oldest friend and trusted companion, just like Happy was for Natsu, the Fire Dragon Slayer.

"Speaking of it, why doesn't Lucy stay at the dorm?" Wendy asked curiously.

"I only heard of its existence recently." Lucy admitted with a defeated voice. Plus the rent is so expensive; I wouldn't be able to afford it at the moment…" Lucy was silently shedding tears at this. Sometimes life really wasn't fair.

But just when the two of them wanted to continue their talk, they were interrupted by a shout of "Oh No!" and the sound of large bells ringing could be heard.

Lucy and Wendy looked around in confusion. They had no idea what this was all about until Natsu appeared from a corner of the guild along with some other mages. Apparently not everyone was completely clueless about the bells.

"When the bell is ringing this means - !" Natsu exclaimed excitedly. Even the normally stoic Grey was visibly excited, muttering a happy "Don't tell me" to himself. The people on the main street outside heard the bells as well, and they reacted immediately by retreating into their homes.

"Gildarts returned!" Natsu shouted, a wide grin spreading across his face. "Returned!" Happy added… well, happily.

"Gildarts?" Wendy asked, turning towards Lucy in the hope of answers.

The blond girl looked at Wendy with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. "I've never seen him before too… But they say he's the strongest wizard of Fairy Tail!"

"Whoa…" The young Dragon Slayer said. She was curious to see just what kind of person this Gildarts was. It was only now that the two of them noticed that everyone else in the guild had started celebrating like crazy.

"What's this about…? It's like it's a festival or something." Lucy muttered more to herself than anyone else. But Mirajane, a former S-Rank magician of the guild overheard her and answered her question.

"It can't be helped that they're excited Lucy. After all, it's been three years since Gildarts' return."

"THREE YEARS?! What has he been doing all that time?" Lucy shouted, unable to contain her surprise.

Mirajane only chuckled a little. "Because of work of course! You know that ther are SS-rank missions, which are even above the S-rank mission you went with Natsu, Grey and Erza a while back. And above that there are the so-called "10 Years Missions" which take at least a minimum of ten years to be completed if you're extremely talented."

At this Lucy's eyes were already as wide as saucers, and the big end had yet to come.

"What Gildarts does is even above those. Gildarts has just returned from a "100 Year Mission"."

"A "100 Years Mission"…? Do you mean that this mission has been going on for the last one hundred years?!"

A rumble interrupted the group, when suddenly walls started to rise from the ground of the city along the main street. The people had already evacuated, so there was now one very wide road with high walls at the side connecting the city entrance with Fairy Tail.

"No, no way! What the hell is this?" Whenever Lucy thought Fairy Tail couldn't get any crazier, something like this happened.

"It's for safety measures." Mirajane said with her ever present smile. "Gildarts uses a magic that reduces everything he touches to rubble, so he sometimes smashes private houses when he's not careful."

"Whoa, that's amazing, isn't it Charle?" Wendy asked with starts shining in her eyes.

"Yeah, amazingly stupid." The blue cat muttered. In her opinion most of Fairy Tail's mages were lunatics, a statement most people would tend to agree.

Slowly a figure could be seen approaching the guild. The form of a large man wrapped in a tattered black cloak and with a duffle bag slung over his shoulders came into view, and happy exclamations of "Here he is" and "He's really back" could be heard coming from the guild members.

Then they could finally see the strongest mage of Fairy Tail, Gildarts Crive. He was at least six feet tall, dwarfing most of the other guild members. His deep brown hair was spiked backwards and a short beard covered the lower half of his face. A face that currently held a heavy scowl.

The man walked into the guild and looked around, his scowl only deepening. "Welcome back." Mirajane cheerfully greeted, not disturbed the slightest by the expression on Gildart's face. The man approached Mirajane and looked at her with rather dismissing eyes.

"Miss, I'm pretty sure that there was a guild called Fairy Tail somewhere around here…"

"You're right there. This is Fairy Tail. And I am Mirajane."

The man only raised an eyebrow. "Mira…?"

Suddnely his whole personality did a completely 180. His eyes widened and a remarkably stupid grin spread across his face as he looked alternately at Mirajane and at the guild with the eyes of a child in a toy store.

"You look so different! Oh, and our guild has been renewed!"

Lucy only sweatdropped at that remark since she couldn't believe the supposedly strongest mage of Fairy Tail had missed the gigantic sign at the front of the building. The happy reunion was interrupted when suddenly Natsu charged at Gildarts while loudly shouting "Gildarts!"

The man looked up and immediately recognized the familiar patch of pink hair. "Oh! Natsu! Long time no see."

"Fight me Gildarts!!!"

The mage known as Salamander swung a fist at the cloak wearing new comer, but it never connected. With a grin Gildarts just swatted at Natsu and sent him straight into the ceiling while saying "Maybe later Natsu", much to the shock of a certain stellar spirit. It was rare to see Natsu so heavily outclassed. But Natsu wasn't offended the slightest. A look of pure admiration could be seen on the young man's face. "Y, you're so strong."

"You haven't changed old man." Grey greeted. Elfman, Mirajane's younger brother, also couldn't help but to welcome the long lost mage. "You're a real man!" And that meant something coming from Elfman.

"Well, there are some faces I have never seen before… This place has changed a lot." Gildarts said while looking at the present guild members and the new building alike. Nevertheless a true smile spread across his face.


The brown haired mage turned around and his eyes widened in surprise. "Master!"

Makarov, the guild master of Fairy Tail sat on his usual place on the counter. His normal fun loving self was replaced by the man who had earned his title as one of the strongest mages alive. With a serious expression he looked at Gildarts.

"How was the mission?" He simply asked.

Gildarts sheepishly scratched the back of his head with his right hand while laughing loudly.

"Nope, sorry. I'm not good enough for it."

Everyone in the guild besides the master was stunned. Just what was the "100 Years Mission" that even the strongest member of Fairy Tail could not successfully complete it?

"I see… so even you couldn't do it." Makarov said quietly while looking down, apparently in deep thought.

"Sorry for leaving a stain on your name." Gildarts apologized. He felt genuinely sorry for failing his guild.

But Makarov just shook his head. "Don't worry about that. It's good to see you came back unharmed. As far as I know you're the first person to come back from it."

Gildarts sighed, happy that he had been forgiven. But when he spoke up again, he became all serious again. "Master… While I'd like to go home and rest for now, there's something I need to tell you. Something of great importance."

Everyone in the guild perked up at this. What could the strongest mage of Fairy Tail be talking about that even he considered it important enough to wait no longer than necessary to tell the master?

"When I was on my way back to the guild, I found a battlefield. Apparently someone had been hired to exterminate a demon tribe that had settled in the area. When I reached the site, the whole tribe had already been wiped out by one person. A young boy, probably not even 16 years old had done it all by himself. And the magic I felt on the battlefield made even me feel weary of this person."

If everyone was stunned from the "100 Year Mission", they were completely flabbergasted by this revelation. A boy strong enough to make Gildarts weary? That was indeed rare. The master, however, remained calm and merely raised an eyebrow.

"And? We both know that there are a handful of mages just as strong as you, perhaps even stronger. Who was it anyway? He should have been easy to identify if he was so young."

"That's the problem Master. I didn't recognize him. Nor was he on any of the wanted lists. I checked every possible resource I could find. No one has ever seen this mage before. And the damage he caused rivalled my own magic. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement. I tried talking to him, wanted to know what guild he was from. And this is the news I have for you."

Gildarts' voice was dead serious. "I have confirmed the existence of the Dark Guild "Konoha"."

At this revelation, even the master couldn't keep his cool. The eyes of the old man widened and the grip on his walking stick hardened so much that his knuckles turned white. With a tone that almost bordered on a light panic attack he asked Gildarts how sure he was of this.

"I am afraid it is true. The young man caled himself 'Maelstrom' and wore a headband with a leaf insignia engraved on it. His movements were those of an experienced warrior. As for his battle prowess…"

Gildarts reached into his duffle back and pulled out a roughly two foot long package out of it and tossed it to the master who immediately unravelled it. Inside were the remains of a human arm. The sight made some of the guild members with a weaker stomach want to throw up, and even Erza, the battle-hardened warrior visibly paled at the sight.

"I was too reckless. I had just returned from the failed mission and wanted to lessen my shame by capturing one of Konoha's mages. However, I severely underestimated the boy. When I challenged him we were on equal footing for a while, even though my wounds from the mission had not yet healed. Thus I realized he was holding back. He didn't want to hurt me, but when I started getting serious, so did he. He caught me off guard, and I paid for it with my arm. With a single attack… he made sure that my left arm would never be able to use magic again. I had to sever it before the infection spread, the attack was that dangerous."

When Makarov carefully investigated the arm, the silence in the room finally broke. Loud chatter erupted and everyone wanted to know just what this Dark Guild "Konoha" was.

"Master, what is this "Konoha" Guild you were talking about? I have never heard of them before." Mirajane asked and voiced everyone's opinion on this. Even Natsu, who had finally dislodged himself from the ceiling, was curious.

Makarov sighed heavily as he returned the arm to Gildarts after re-wrapping it. ""Konoha" is the name of a rumoured guild that is said to have appeared around a year ago. At first no one truly knew of their existence. It only became known to certain high ranking mages when scouts discovered a forest where no forest should have been. The scouts entered the forest but they were attacked by highly skilled combat mages. Only one of the scouts survived to tell the tale, the rest was mercilessly defeated and killed. While no one knew anything about the combat mages or why they had attacked the scouts, the survivor had managed to secure an object: a headband with a leaf insignia. Ever since this day the rumours of Konoha have become more and more frequent, but without any other true sightings, the rumours stayed rumours. No one ever managed to penetrate the forest since strong illusionary spells had been casted upon it by an unknown source, hiding the very location of the forest from even the eyes of our best mages. Thus the forest has been named as the "Forest of Haze", and no mage was allowed to approach it without permission from the council."

The old mage looked at the gathered mages of his guild. "But now that Gildarts has seen another member of them, we can only assume that Konoha does exist, and that they are on the move. I'll have to report this. And I wouldn't be surprised when soon another joined mission came up. That's why every member of Fairy Tail should remain alert! And by know means you are to attack those bearing the leaf insignia. Is this understood?"

"YES MASTER!!!" The gathered mages shouted in unison. But some of them weren't that uninterested in meeting one of these so-called "Konoha" mages. Especially Natsu, who was always eager to test his strength against new opponents couldn't wait to meet a mage who made even the master and Gildarts cautious. Erza was preparing herself for the inevitable. She knew that in the case of another joined mission she would be sent along. And if she had to fight a mage on the level of Gildarts… she had to be prepared.

The news Fairy Tail had received had spread like a wildfire. Soon the other guilds heard of it, and not even three days later the high council had gathered to discuss the matter. Little did they know that in a hazy forest things were also getting interesting.

Unknown Location

Behind an imposing desk sat a lone man with silver-grey hair that seemed to defy gravity. The lower half of his face was covered by a black face mask. A black headband with a metal plate was wrapped around his head in a way that covered his left eye as well, leaving only his right eye visible. Said right eye was currently close in deep thought. The silver haired cyclops addressed the other man in the room. He stood on the other side of the desk and had short brown hair. His face was framed by a metallic construct that replaced that standard headband. Both the men were wearing a green flack jacket with a red swirl on the back, a clear sign that they belonged to the same military.

"So they finally found out, huh?"

"I am afraid so, Hokage-sama. But it was only a matter of time. We needed the income, and all our members can only hide for so long. We need the money since our economy is still adjusting to the recent… changes. But I am sure that as long as long as our barrier masters can uphold the illusion we will be safe." The young man answered.

The one addressed as "Hokage-sama" sighed heavily. He never should have accepted this job. But alas, it was better him than Danzo.

"But we should recall our forces for now we can't risk one of them getting captured. We do not know the full extents of the abilities our possible enemies possess. I'll trust you with this mission. You are to leave immediately." The one eyed man held up a file. "In this file is a list of the shinobi currently outside. Gather them all before you return and don't send them back one by one. It might be more dangerous to travel in a larger group, but I don't want to take any chances. Dismissed."

The brown haired man vanished and left the other man to sigh rather loudly once again. It was nothing short of a miracle the village hadn't collapsed by now, after all what had happened. The attack of the Akatsuki Leader Pain, and afterwards –

The Hokage interrupted this line of thought. Dwelling on the past would do him no good at this point. A knock could be heard from the door, and after a soft "Enter", it opened.

In came a beautiful young woman with short pink hair, dressed in a sleeveless red shirt and black formfitting pants. Striking green eyes looked at the man behind the desk.

"Hokage-sama, I've heard you are recalling the reconnaissance shinobi you sent out. Why is that? Has something happened?"

The silver haired man looked at the pink-haired girl with a slightly drooped eye. "How many times do I have to tell you Sakura? You don't have to call me "Hokage-sama", it makes me feel old."

The pink haired girl called Sakura just laughed. "Sorry Kakashi-sensei, but sometimes I just can't resist. But anyways, what's Yamato-san's mission about?"

"I'm afraid the existence of our village has been discovered after all. It was only a matter of time, really, but I had hoped Konoha would remain secret for just a while longer. We can't let the secrets of our village get revealed to the world. The Magic Council would either exploit us in any way they can or exterminate us. Unfortunately, the rumours of the Dark Guild "Konoha" as they call us have been proven as correct. As far as the reports say, a mage of Fairy Tail has spotted one of our shinobi exterminating a pack of demons. I just hope Yamato can gather them before they are attacked by those so called "Guilds". Some of their mages possess abilities that even Kage level shinobi cannot perform, although they are normally very specialized and physically weak. But the last thing we need is an all-out war with the mages of this country."

Sakura's mood instantly dropped when Kakashi spoke about the possibility of a war. It was only natural, the invasion of Pain was still fresh in her mind, and some of her closest friends where out there and far away from the safety of the village.

"Who sent you the message Kakashi-sensei? The one the mages spotted is in the most dangerous position of our shinobi, and if it's someone who isn't suited for fighting large groups – "

The famous eye-smile of Kakashi appeared. "Don't worry, Sakura. We had at least some luck considering just who they saw. They spotted the strongest of the shinobi we sent out, and the only person from the village who could best me in a battle."

Sakura looked up. "You mean - ?"

"Yes. It's time for Naruto to come home." In thoughts however Kakashi added something that just wouldn't disappear from his mind. 'I just hope Naruto doesn't do anything stupid until Yamato finds him… Knowing him he could directly march into the enemy's stronghold without even noticing it.'

With Naruto

The wind blew gently across the lands as a single person walked down the road. His crimson red cloak with black flames at the bottom occasionally flapped when a strong gust of wind came up. The black and orange overall under the cloak was slightly worn out from the long travelling. Spiky blond hair partially covered his black headband now since he hadn't gotten the time to cut his hair lately. His cerulean blue eyes observed everything around him, nothing escaping his gaze. But the most striking feature of this young man were the three whisker like scars he had on each of his cheeks.

This young man was the strongest shinobi of Konohgakure no Sato and the new Toad Sage of Mount Myobokuzan. His name? Uzumaki Naruto, the son of the Yondaime Hokage, student of the Rokudaime and apprentice of Jiraiya of the Sannin.

The young sage had continued to travel across the lands after running into a mage from the famous gild Fairy Tail. Absentmindedly the blond shinobi flexed his left hand, which was tightly wrapped in bandages. The bandages were red at some spots and indicated that the wounds had been bleeding heavily when he had treated himself. The wizard had been strong, and considering just how hurt he had been…

'I guess I'm lucky I had the advantage. If we had both been fully healed, none of us would have walked away with so little injuries. In fact, I'm sure that I might have been forced to kill him if I wanted to survive… But then again, that's without calculating in the Kyuubi's powers.'

"Oi, Naruto!" A voice suddenly called out.

Naruto turned around. The person knew his name, and considering that Naruto had failed to sense the person's presence, it was probably a ninja. Thus he didn't have to take a fighting stance. The only ninja in the area where the shinobi from Konoha. Naruto sighed. Would they ever be able to return home? The red cloaked shinobi was forced to interrupt his musings when the unknown person was coming closer. A small cloud of dusk rose from the ground, and the newcomer waved at Naruto lazily.

The person in front of Naruto was a young man with black hair which was pulled backwards in a single short ponytail, a style that had earned him the nickname 'pineapple head'. A lazy expression seemed to be permanently etched onto his face, and the almost never smiling mouth currently held a still smoking cigarette between its lips.

"Hey Shikamaru, fancy meeting you here. What are you doing here, I thought you were sent further to the east?"

The young man named Shikamaru took a deep breath from his cigarette and calmly exhaled the smoke, but remained considerate enough not to blow the smoke into Naruto's face.

"I was, but once I had finished I decided to look for the others. I have some unpleasant news I'm afraid."

Naruto looked defeated. "Great, more bad news? Kakashi-sensei is going to have a heart attack if it goes on like that. It's bad enough the guilds discovered our existence because I ran into on of Fairy Tail's mages…"

Shikamaru groaned and covered his face with his left hand. Some days you really should stay in bed. "Mendokuse… Just what we need. I've found out that a group of selected mages recently defeated Oración Seis, one of the strongest Dark Guilds in the area… And with them gone, they are free to concentrate on us. Really, just great."

He took another calming breath of his tobacco stick and exhaled loudly. Naruto just looked at his comrade with sympathy. Naruto knew that Shikamaru had recently been promoted to the position of the second chief strategist in the ninja forces, and he was only on this mission because the paperwork hadn't been processed yet. Shikamaru was no frontline fighter, his family's special techniques were for support and delay tactics, not direct combat. Yet Shikamaru had an unrivalled analytical mind, a mind so great it allowed him to fight even S-rank criminals on equal grounds.

"So, what should we do? Should we try to find the other ones? The messenger toad I sent to Kakashi-sensei told me that he would send someone to gather us, but if we work together it should go faster."

Shikamaru thought about Naruto's suggestion for a minute. "No, we should remain at a fixed location for now. Yamato is no tracker, and even if he finds Neji first his chances of finding us will shrink if we are on the move. Besides, we have no idea just where exactly the others are. We were only told the quadrants we'd be operating in, remember Naruto?"

The blond shinobi grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. What could he say? He was no thinker. Sure, he could come up with amazing strategies in battle, but that were mostly spur of the moment things. He was glad Shikamaru was good in these things.

"I guess we should head to the next town then. Any idea how far it is?" Shikamaru asked.

"Eh, I'm not sure… I think the next town is only two to three hours away though."

Shikamaru rolled with his eyes. "Mendokuse… Have you still not memorized your area? Where is your map? Do you at least know what the city is called?"

Naruto's face crunched in concentration. "I lost the map in the battle… and I think it was called… Magagolia or something."

"… I guess that's at least better than nothing. Any known magic guilds there?"

"Uh… I don't… think so?" Naruto answered hesitantly. He really should have studied the map better beforehand. Every shinobi only had a small but accurate map of the areas they were assigned to. Thus Shikamaru had to trust Naruto for this.

"… Fine then. Lead the way."

Little did the two shinobi know that Naruto had just started leading them to the very town where the most notorious guild of Earthland resided: Magnolia. And neither did the mages of Fairy Tail know what kind of trouble was heading their way.

And Yamato was still far away. And back in Konoha, Kakashi felt a shiver run down his spine. He really hated having accepted this job sometimes.

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